“This is Just Huge” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 11-30-21


Tuesday Evening Update 11/30/2021

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  Happy Tue….!!!! Come on RV !!!!! Come on RV !!!!

MZ:  in Iraq the election commission confirms the election results…..this is big .And Kuwait confirms they have received $1.47 billion in war compensation from Iraq. This is one of the last things that needed lifted.

MZ: I am being told that starting this evening or into tomorrow is when the dinar will start floating in-country. This means we should be exceptionally close to us going. I do not expect us to float. I expect us to have a fixed rate. But, this is enormous news coming out of Iraq. This is just huge.

MZ: So the big news tonight is Iraq is finishing dotting I’s and crossing Ts, finished paying Kuwait and finished pulling their government together.

MZ: I am being told they are about to start their float internally. Which is what Kuwait did . It was about 10 days of floating internally until it hit us. But, I don’t think we will be waiting that long.

Brent Johnson joins the stream about minute 15:00 or so……please listen to replay for entire conversation

MZ: Do you have anything juicy for us today Brent? I have heard phenomenal things out of Iraq today.

BJ: The word that I have gotten from Iraq is they have an international rate. However, while the dinar is tradable internationally- the banks screens do not yet have the rate. So it does not have any practical implications yet. So the dinar is international and although the banks do not have the rates yet….they are on the precipice to do it.

BJ: But the $1.47 billion paid to Kuwait from Iraq is very significant.

BJ The biggest word we have been getting is “Everything is done”. Every single faction is done.

BJ:  On the bond side of things the German bonds have pretty much been completed. They are now working on the Dragon bonds and the Super petchilli’s. That is what they are paying out now. So there has been a great deal of movement.

BJ: There has been a ton of high profile arrests that we are not going to hear about for awhile. They are not going to tell us who yet.

BJ: In terms of the notifications ….I did check it out. I am in tier 3. We have not gotten notifications yet. We are at the precipice and as close as we can get without it happening. The leader of my group is sitting in Reno on notice to not go anywhere .

BJ: Everything is funded and it will all go at once. The money is all there and just has to be released.

BJ: If there is going to be a blackout-that will happen, martial law, Nesara/Gesara is all going to go at once. We are going to be overwhelmed. We are extremely close to everything going.

BJ: I would not be surprised if by this time next week we are all on way and doing things.

MZ: But, not able to talk to each other….that would not surprise me either.

BJ: Especially if we are under strict NDA’s……

MZ: I have also heard we will have a shotgun start and everything has been staged like horses in the starting gate at a racetrack.

BJ: Every one of the major sources I have- without exception is absolutely silent right now …and we consider this to be a very positive sign. This doesn’t happen often and when it does happen, it seems to mean that things are impending. Like the doomsday clock right before midnight….That’s where I believe we are right now. There is stuff going on behind the scenes bringing us closer and closer. This silence from my sources says to me that “something is up” .

MZ: We are sure being leaned on to NOT share anything specific right now.

BJ: If we were to share some things we would lose all of our sources and might end up being excluded from the exchange.

Member: Is it true that if it all goes at once. That we didn’t need a NDA


Member: Hey Mark, do you know if the new debit cards will be able to be used at stores and businesses right away?

MZ: I am told yes….you will have instant access at ATMS and stores.

Member: UN Operational rates are updated tomorrow! 1st and 15th!

Member: Thank you Mark and Brent for sharing with us tonight.

Member: Mark, Thanks for streaming every day!

Brent Johnson’s Tuesday night call tonight at 8:00pm EST

BRENT JOHNSON = http://freedomradio.us/vof/

Please listen to replay for all the information

The next stream is tomorrow at 10Am est……..unless.

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