Dinarland Highlights for November 30, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 11.30.21


The global currency reset actually started in earnest on Sunday, November 21, when the GCR’s kingpin, the Iraqi dinar, went international By mon.  the dinar was officially listed on world markets.  On Tuesday, the rest of the world currencies in the first basket were changed to their new values in Zurich and Asia.  By Thursday, the GCR had arrived in the US, and Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico traded on Friday.  November 26.  The whales were in position over Thanksgiving weekend to prepare for Level 4b trades and trades (us, the Internet Group)…



Rv news is all is done we await the final release code.


Mountain Goat


Looks like to me they are going to announce the election results today.


Walkingstick (KTFA)

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What they educated the citizens about last week was that…Iraq, everything about them is internationally tradable.  You should not care…about the value right now.  They already know what’s going to happen…Iraq is tradable.  The currency of Iraq is now tradable.  The value will go up soon enough. [Iraq] is International and follows all the International laws, rules and regulations to trade and buy and sell with.  Your currency is internationally tradable now. 



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…I do not believe we are going to see a float.  At least not out of country. If you are in the country of Iraq You may see a float. I do not think you and I will see the float because we are covered by a contract…as explained to me by my bankers.  I know there is a serious push in Iraq to have the new rate before the sun rises in Iraq tomorrow.

…in Iraq the election commission confirms the election results…this is big…And Kuwait confirms they have received $1.47 billion in war compensation from Iraq. This is one of the last things that needed lifted…I am being told that starting this evening or into tomorrow is when the dinar will start floating in-country. This means we should be exceptionally close to us going. I do not expect us to float. I expect us to have a fixed rate. I am being told they are about to start their float internally.  Which is what Kuwait did.    It was about 10 days of floating internally until it hit us. But, I don’t think we will be waiting that long…this is enormous news coming out of Iraq…just huge.   



When the revaluation or the reinstatement happens it’ll be announced.  You’ll hear about it.  Before you can even do anything you have to wait until the restrictions are lifted off the banks for you to go ahead and go in there and exchange your currency.  There are some steps that have to be taken first and foremost.  I would imaging your biggest clue would be if a bank starts all of a sudden allowing you to purchase and sell Iraqi dinar – something must be getting ready to happen – because right now there’s a restriction on the dinar.  Most all banks will not buy it, will not sell it.  I do believe Chase Banks are an exception.  They will buy it at the current rate but that’s it.



In order for the Iraqi dinar to go up in value it will only happen when Iraq build an economy. They need a new government in place, pass laws and put people back to work…Only with the success of Iraq’s economy can the dinar go up in value. There is no overnight RV.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

This last Black Friday where all the markets turned blood red except for Basra light sweet crude.  It didn’t drop at all.  WTI oil dropped $8 or $9, Brent crude oil $8 or $9, Dow, NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, the dollar, everything crashed on Friday over this variant but yet Iraq’s Basra light sweet crude…didn’t change but 3 pennies.  It’s just incredible…this is a view of my own…the largest money in the world and the largest Central Banks in the world if they decide to take a market down they’re very instrumental in being able to do so…it was interesting that everything was down yet Iraq’s oil stayed the same within 3 pennies when the others were down $8 to $10 a barrel.  Big deal.


Brent Johnson

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The word that I have gotten from Iraq is they have an international rate. However, while the dinar is tradable internationally- the banks screens do not yet have the rate. So it does not have any practical implications yet. So the dinar is international and although the banks do not have the rates yet…they are on the precipice to do it.  But the $1.47 billion paid to Kuwait from Iraq is very significant. The biggest word we have been getting is “Everything is done”. Every single faction is done….We are at the precipice and as close as we can get without it happening… Every one of the major sources I have- without exception is absolutely silent right now…and we consider this to be a very positive sign.

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