Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of December 3, 2021



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Fri. 3 Dec. 2021

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

God Bless America & Patriotic Music – The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square – Bing video

Judy Note: The world was experiencing a financial crisis instigated by a bankruptcy of the Chinese Communist Party’s giant worldwide real estate company Evergrande and US Inc.’s bankruptcy in 2008 that resulted in a fiat dollar doing havoc to international trade.

That crisis was in the process of being solved through a Global Currency Reset that has been in the works for over twenty years. Completion of that GCR was under authority of the US and world Militaries and dependent upon certain worldwide Events happening.

Global Currency Reset: On Thurs. 2 Dec. 2021 and according to Simon Parkes, Nic Fleming, Bruce and/or MarkZ:

The Iraqi Dinar has a new rate of over $11.90 USD that went International on Mon. 29 Nov.

The US was withdrawing the remaining 3,630 troops out of Iraq the night of Thurs. 2 Dec. so that Iraq could announce their sovereignty to the world on Fri. 3 Dec.




Since before Thanksgiving Paymasters have be ordered and remained in place to pay out Bond Holders, Tier 3 and Tier 4 A, B (us, the Internet Group).

Sometime Fri, Sat or Sun 2,3,4 Dec. Bond Holders should receive access to their funds and at the same time Tier 4B should receive notification to start redemption/exchanges.

HSBC Bank (owned by the Chinese Elders) would lead the process through Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp. In the US, the redemption process would begin in Temple Texas, not Reno.

On the Restored Republic:

“The Global Currency Reset is imminent!”

Trump will send out the EBS from AF 1:

The US Inc. would be out of money by Fri. 3 Dec. Congress’s 15 Dec. extension to shut down the government would not change that fact. The Stock Market has been in freefall since last Fri:




South Africa which holds the Zim Bonds, has been given notice that the Emergency Broadcast System would be activated and they would be under Martial Law by Sat. 4 Dec. 2021.

During that activation Citizens of the world would receive seven Presidential Msgs to their phones before being cut off.

A Military takeover of Mass Media satellites with the new Starlink Satellite System would last for Ten Days of Darkness, where eight hour documentaries about the Fall of the Cabal would be shown 24/7 on all news outlets worldwide.

Thurs. 2 Dec. Nick Fleming: “The Iraqi Dinar has a new rate (over $11.90 USD) that went International on Mon.29 Nov. Tomorrow or whenever we exchange, we should be able to go to the bank or redemption center and exchange 1 million Iraqi dinars = $11,900,000 USD.

“Apparently the IMF stopped Iraq on Monday, from notifying the world of this new global rate. No reasons were given. Tonight Thurs. 2 Dec, the new Iraqi Dinar rate goes live on Forex, and there’s can be hidden no longer. HALLELUJAH! This now places Baghdad, Iraq as the premier trade hub for all of the Middle East. God Bless the Golden Dinar and the Sovereign People of Iraq. The time for rebuilding this war torn nation has arrived.”

Thurs. 2 Dec. 2021 The Big Call, Bruce: 667-770-1866 pin123456#

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange started today Thurs. 2 Dec.

Zimbabwe has new Zim currency in circulation.

The US is withdrawing the remaining 3,630 troops out of Iraq tonight so that Iraq can announce their sovereignty tomorrow Fri. 3 Dec.

That announcement would be made globally and would mention the new revalued Dinar (over $11.90).




Sometime Fri, Sat or Sun 2,3,4 Dec. Bond Holders should receive access to funds and Tier4B should receive notification to start redemption/ exchanges.

On the appointments:

Be to your appointment on time and it was suggested no sooner than around 10 min. prior.

They will check your identification (Drivers License, SS number, utility bill).

If you have projects you would then give your presentation in 5-8 min. to 3-6 people.

If you have Zim and do not have a project presentation you will get a lot lower rate for your Zim.

Your Zim will be counted, they give you a total and offer you a rate based on your presentation.

Your Dinar will then be counted, they give you a total and then offer you a rate. If you have Zim you will receive rate which is lower than the Contract Rate because your Zim is worth so much.

Your Dong will be counted, they give you a total and then offer you a rate.

The same with the 24 currencies being offered.




They take the total in US dollars and put it in your Master Account.

It’s up to you to move those funds out of the Master Account, which you can do the next day.

The appointment should take about 45 min.

You will get a debit/credit card tied to you or your Trust Account or your LLC.

You can ask for cash to take with you of up to $3-5,000.

You will be given a list of perks from the bank.

You will be escorted out of the Redemption Center.

News Headlines for Thurs. 2 Dec. 2021:

GESARA has been signed off by all countries at The Hague(International Court of Justice) 2019 & 2020 POTUS would be giving you numbers like border wall & other numbers telling you how many countries had signed off. Now they just have to play out a fake WW3 scenario to ring sirens in every National Military Command Center. This is to justify to the Whole Entire Planet many things that have been taking place already. The fact that Gesara Military Law has been in place. The Secret Military Tribunals, Confessions etc. The executions the lot. And like all militaries normally do they will help build new things. Remember POTUS saying all hospital equipment will be obsolote by the end of the year? No more Chemo, Radiation etc. Med beds, UV Light Therapies etc. Hospitals & Schools will be ripped apart. No need for medical research when you have 6000 cures handed to you that Tesla had. …Whiplash347

At a Nov. 26 2021 International Coordinators meeting of 63 Country Coordinators for the Global Currency Reset, Simon Parkes reported that there was a move afoot by the Cabal to lock down as many countries as possible over the Christmas holidays. To counteract that threat United States Marshalls were in South Africa as the country has been notified that the Military would take over via the Emergency Broadcast System sometime this week that ended Sat. 4 Dec.




Because of the US Inc. bankruptcy the Commonwealth doesn’t exist anymore.

Food, Goods, Fuel, Transportation Shortages:

Supply Chain Living Cost Explosion: 10 Most Expensive Cities of 2021 Revealed. The knock-on effect of the worldwide supply chain crisis is hitting residents hard according to an Economist Intelligence Unit survey. Petrol prices, for example, have shot up 21% on average.The EIU study report, which compares the cost of over 200 products and services, added volatile exchange rates, consumer demands and inflation – which shot up 3.5% in 2021 – have compounded the cost of living. Tel Aviv is now the most expensive city in the world to live in, according the to rankings, while New York remains the US’ most pricey.

London Underground lines may CLOSE due to lack of funding as Covid depletes coffers, mayor says. The city’s mayor has warned that an entire line on the London Tube may have to shut up operations as Coronavirus takes its tolls on the capital’s budget.

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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