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Entry Submitted by The Highlander at 8:33 AM EST on December 3, 2021


Words of wisdom. Are they really?

For some time now, I have read  the posts on these pages.

The use of certain words appear to be a fallacy in some respects. Perhaps it is time for the purveyors of this information to return to school and acquaint themselves with basic English.

The spelling and grammar leaves a lot to be desired as well. At one point I thought I was reading something that had been written by a five year old with learning difficulties.

Words that need to be understood, From the Cambridge English Dictionary.  


Coming or likely to happen very soon.

This word is used often when something terrible is about to happen, such as imminent danger. Imminent does not mean 3 weeks or 3 months from now. There is also a synonym often used. That word is impending. This word is usually followed by the word doom!


To give someone the most recent information.

This means new information. It does not mean a few lines or an irrelevant quote followed by a reprint of the same information from the last 10 days.

One additional word that I think should be highlighted.


The action of tricking or controlling someone by making them believe things that are not true, especially by suggesting that they may be mentally ill.

Now, I not suggesting that the people who read these posts are mentally ill. However, it appears that they are being led to believe things that are not true.

How can I come to this conclusion. Quite simply, because not a single date given for the currency reset to start has ever come to pass. You can go as far back as Thanks Giving 2020 and find that the reset was IMMINENT then. Yet, here we are, a year later, being fed the same old stories and excuses.

So the question is, who are these people who have contacts and high up sources?

If these sources are of any real substance then why would someone have to “hope and pray” that the information is correct?

“The earth is now under martial law” A ridiculous statement to make, when there is clearly no evidence to support it.

How much longer are people going to be dragged along in this never ending, low budget B movie, eating “nothing burgers” and stale popcorn?

I’m sure most people are now sick and tired of the broken record. Stories of the EBS being activated or a global market crash or some other “EVENT” that never actually comes to pass. If the QFS is this super quick system, then why is everything being dragged out for weeks on end? Has it actually been activated? Or is this just another part of the fantasy?

Is the great awakening really the awakening of the world population? Or is it the awakening of the people who believed this was ever going to happen?

Two final words.


One particular writer seems to think that by keeping the vibration high and keeping faith is going to make a difference. This clearly shows this person has no idea about the true meaning of the law of vibration.

In short, the fact is, that it takes a certain percentage of the population to hold the vibration for it to have any effect. Its a small percentage. However, it’s highly unlikely, that percentage would be met by the number of people reading these posts. Anyone who has understood the law of vibration and read the facts would know this. I suggest this person acquaints themselves with the works of Gregg Braden who has the research and evidence to support it.


The ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed.

They say that PATEINCE IS A VIRTUE. However, I believe that the good people who have followed these posts are running on empty. Fumes at best. As one person so aptly put it, “Our circling plane full of nothing burgers is running out of gas and is going to crash soon”.

Some might say that PATIENCE is like air in a sealed container. Eventually, it has to run out!

It’s time to stop with the nothing burgers, the stories and the excuses. It’s time to stop giving people “hope” with false dates and deadlines. I believe that if this drags on much longer, these intel providers will find themselves facing a very angry mob, who’ve been led by the nose for way to long. Their PATIENCE will run out.

A lot of questions. Yes. Will they be answered?

Trust in the light, and the love of GOD.

The Highlander


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