The Nomad Economist: Pull your Money out of the Banks, as we are Heading for a Global Financial Reset


The Nomad Economist
Premiered December 3, 2021

The New York Fed Adds another $115.14 Billion in Short-Term Liquidity to Markets. Additions include $80.14 billion in overnight repurchase agreement and $35 billion 14-day repo. The federal reserve is nothing but a loan shark for the deficit spending government. It’s the government’s fault for all this monetary mess, not the banksters.

They’re just profiting from the control of money creation and all assets traded in the stock, bond, and commodity markets. Get out of the casino and get into silver hoarding or use your dollars to buy real hard assets like farmland, real estate and gold. It’s the only safe plan in preparation for the coming dollar collapse. Period.

Expect a trigger event in the coming months for a global re-set. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. Trump tweets that the economy is excellent, but rail, trucking, autos, and credit burdens tell a very different story. Another Report says that the largest bank in the world, JP Morgan, has reconfigured its entire portfolio in order to take advantage of Federal Reserve liquidity injections (Repos); despite destabilizing the system by no longer participating in inter-bank lending that banks usually do among themselves without the Fed. And Deutsche Bank is rumored to be already declared bankrupt.

The banks don’t trust each other or are out for themselves like JP Morgan, or are failing like Deutsche Bank. But yet American public is not purchasing American Silver Eagles like years ago but are continuing to trust the banks. The public is asleep! The Federal Reserve cannot borrow or create the amount of currency needed to continue its operations fast enough.

What is going on? What are they afraid of? It appears that JP Morgan had the narcotic proceeds confiscated, and to cover their cash losses, they raided the REPO holdings and drained the pool. The actions of one bank have forced/excused the Federal Reserve’s attempts to bail. Watch closely as the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet balloons to at least $8 Trillion, while the Gross National Debt climbs above $33-35 Trillion over the next 12-18 months.

THE INCREASE IN DEBT IS MONEY THE BANKERS OWE TO AMERICAN CITIZENS. The bankers are all criminals. They get away with stealing wealth from the people. Those in charge of protecting the people are just as guilty. The only winners are those who convert FED debt notes into real money, silver, and gold. In the past two days, JP Morgan has lopped one dollar off the spot price of silver. Two massive episodes of naked shorting. I see it this way; it’s like a bookie who only takes eight bets on the team that they know is going to lose and two on the winning team, on a game that they see the outcome of.

They get to keep 60% of the take every time. The same way the algorithm is programmed to reap the profits from futures and options trading. Price fixing. All in the guise to keep the dollar worth something in world markets. Every country playing the dollar game gets robbed blind. When will they learn? Investors have nothing until they cash out and convert their FED debt notes, to pay in full tangible assets.


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