Dinarland Highlights for December 4, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 12.4.21


Just letting you all know that I have received incredible news that the RV is definitely going to be released and notifications will be coming out any day now. The meeting with HSBC went fantastic as we are definitely having an early Christmas this month…



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[Can the RV happen on a Friday or the weekend?]

Absolutely!!  Anytime…it could happen 2 am on a Tuesday or 1 pm on a Saturday…no time is sacred.  As I understand it, they have already done 2 different educational videos they shared with the Iraqi people and have a third one they want to get out…and as soon as they do that they are ready to release it…that’s what I was told.

I am still hearing they are pressing to move forward…maybe on the weekend...Redemption Center people were on call were on call but they did not get called to go into work today. My contacts were told they needed to be on call tomorrow. They said they did work some last week…learning some new protocols and new ways to handle a few things. They also did some “dry runs” for exchanges…counting some currency ect…and making sure everyone was up to speed. That is very positive news.

[If Iraq paid the Kuwait war reparations of 1.47B with 400K IQD, that means by math, that the IQD value is $3.67 to 1 USD. How is that not showing up on Forex? Because it has not gone fully international yet…when it does I believe the rates will be even higher than that.


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Firefly boots-on-the-ground Iraqi TV update]

FIREFLY:  We now see the special commercial.  It’s on TV. We’re watching it right now.  They’re saying that the currency of Iraq is tomorrow’s future…They say the special will run through the weekend.  It’s at 9pm Iraqi time.  It’s a 1 hour show…

FRANK:  IMO that means you are just a matter of moments away before they show you what they are talking to you about

FIREFLY:  This morning they said all was complete and expected Iraq to be fully compliant sometime in early 2022.  Then he said the time is now until we guide Iraq to the stage of the international acceptance of our country’s currency

[Firefly boots-on-the-ground Iraqi TV continued]

FRANK:  …IMO they have to show you what they’re going to give you first and then give you the exchange rate either simultaneously or just shortly after they show you.  They can’t just give these new currency note in your hands because you guys will not fully understand.  It must not fail with you.  Once that step has been accomplished they will show a new exchange rate.  IMO the new exchange rate will be more toward the end of the year closer to the beginning of next year or it will be given to you on the 1st



There’s one heck of a report that came out on behalf of Iraq.  A really positive step.  Report  “IMF Staff Concludes Virtual Visit to Iraq”  the write up is really good.  To start off you can see that Iraq is definitely on track…they’re expecting a 12% growth in GDP.  That’s good…that is a nice little write-up from the IMF staff.  Of course it just indicates Iraq is definitely heading in the right direction. Their economy is strengthening…looking good but we still need Iraq to get yanked off that so-called blacklist over there in the UK…we need this election to be finalized and we need peace and stability to remain…we need the troops to get out of there.  All these things seem to be happening… 



…A “program rate” for the Iraqi dinar. The exchange rate of dinar is the exchange rateThe term program rate is a term that was taken from the IMF in a Stand by Agreement and twisted to imply the exchange rate is fake.  All BS….there is no lottery ticket magical RV.


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Guru Frank26]

A dinar is a dinar in country…Iraqi citizens are not ‘cashing in’ any of their 3 zero notes.  Not like you are.  They’re simply exchanging their 3 zeros for the lower denominations for more purchasing power.

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