The Office of POOFness: Update from DJ 12-5-21


“The Office of Poofness”


Why is it that the holidays are deemed a “time of giving”? Shouldn’t giving be something that is a constant? Have you ever really bought into “it is better to give than receive”?

The problem seems to be based on expectations or receiving something for what you give. People get let down when the appreciation for their giving isn’t acknowledged or nothing is given in return. How wonderful it would be if people did all they could for one another without seeking anything in return. One should never remember a kindness done, and never forget a kindness received. Its called being human. Before you call yourself a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or any other theology, learn to be human first.

When you give to someone the act of kindness or compassion you exhibit is its own reward. They say that compassion is the basis for morality. About morals, I know that what is moral is what you feel good about after doing and what is immoral is what you feel bad about after doing.

When the gifts you bestow on others are not used in the fashion you expected it to be used for does not negate your intentions of your act of giving. It can be good advise, your time, your efforts, wisdom, money or a physical thing. It doesn’t matter what you give it is the act itself that has merit and should be self applauded.

To be clear, one should not be confused with the righteousness of being generous and being put together because of your morality to do the right thing. In other words be mindful your heart strings aren’t pulled to manipulate your sense of humanity. They call that being scammed.

It is a chaotic world we live in these days where human values are not perceived as a valuable commodity. Take time through these holidays and give what you can. Focus on what people need not what they want. If you have the capacity to give, give. Be mindful that giving can take many forms other than money, your time, kindness, your wisdom or just acknowledging someone who otherwise may be alone in the world. It always feels good to be thought of by another. Call a friend or a family member you haven’t talk to in awhile, play catch with your kids, and most of all always do the right thing even if there is no benefit to yourself.

“Even if your compass is broke you can still move in the right direction”



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