Greg Hunter: The US Dollar has Stage 4 Cancer (w/ Rob Kirby)


Dollar has Stage 4 Cancer – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s 

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby has long predicted Fed money printing would have to go “on a vertical curve where money has to be added to the system . . . to keep the system from crapping out and imploding.”  Kirby said this more than a year ago.  Massive money printing can no longer be hidden, and it has disastrous and dire implications for the dollar. Kirby explains, “They are not hiding it.  It’s too big.  If you have an elephant under your carpet in the living room, you can’t say ignore the bump.  Elephants are hard to hide.  It’s also hard to hide $150 billion in daily turnover in cryptos.  That translates into a $54 trillion annual run rate.  That means trade settlement.  This is admitting there is trade settlement in dollars, and that amount is growing.  The dollar is on this exponential growth curve.  More dollars are being pushed into the world market every year, and fewer of them are being used in trade settlement.  What happens when dollars are not used in trade settlement?  They return home.  The dollars are returning home, and that’s why the price for everything in America is going up.  That’s why the equity markets are higher when fundamentals say the equity markets should be down.  We have a huge swath of the economy in America that is still shuttered from this supposed pandemic.”

Kirby contends we are getting closer to a dollar crash.  Kirby says, “Until it gets so tall that it looks like the World Trade Center, and you know what happens when things get that tall?  They come down in a heap, and that’s what’s going to happen with the dollar.  It’s going to come down in a heap just like the World Trade Center.  It’s going to be fast, and it’s going to be brutal.  That’s where we are headed, and the powers that be know it.   That’s what they are keeping from us.  That’s why we have the censorship on social media.  That’s why people who talk authoritatively about reality are censored and cut off because we are in trouble.  They don’t want us to know, and I think they want a lot of us eliminated.”

Does that mean gold and silver have lost their shine to crypto currency?  No way, and Kirby predicts, “Metal prices are suppressed. . . .  There is going to come a day when metal prices will free itself from the shackles it is currently engaged with.  When that occurs, precious metals, in my view, will exceed what we have seen in the crypto universe.  What we have seen in crypto currency in the last year or two, I think we could see that in spades in precious metals. . . . The dollar has stage 4 cancer right now.  Best you have insurance to cover yourself when the dollar does what it is destined to do.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst Rob Kirby, founder of  (There is much more in the 33 min. interview.) 12.07.21 

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After the Interview: 

Kirby recently wrote for friends and subscribers, “There was a time it took Bernie Madoff a couple of decades to bilk $50 billion out of a bunch of chumps.  Then we got to the point that it took 17 years for officialdom to squeeze “a missing $21 Trillion” out of a lemon through dubious government accounting gimmickry.  Now, we have finally arrived at the point where we can make $400 billion go “poof” in 12 hours.  (As happened this past Saturday in the crypto markets.)

A dollar sure doesn’t buy what it used to, eh?   Isn’t that progress?”

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