Dinarland Highlights for December 8, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 12.8.21

Mountain Goat

…we have seen an enormous amount of recent coordination with the other Central banks first throughout the Middle East…and now throughout the other leading developed nations of the world…This is all VERY amazing…and I fully believe we can expect to see the IQD move to the global trading platforms VERY soon…we can clearly see the path to the early January 2022 timeframe is in the spotlight. WOW! There is just so much pointing to this period… you can see the speeded-up effort to put in place the final steps to the process to go international… I am…talking about finally bringing back the dinar to it’s “glory days” and reinstating it…



Where can I look to see it first? Forex?”

There is no RV. This is not a lottery ticket. If and when the dinar ever goes up in value it will go up gradually over time as the economy grows…A country’s currency is not a lottery ticket. It’s not managed by fools or its value is not random. There is no RV. Only with the success of Iraq’s economy can the dinar go up in value.



[via PDK]

[Been waiting for 8 years…afraid this is a scam.]

This is not a scam. Referring specifically to the Iraqi Dinar …Remember Warren Buffet bought it and said “This is going to be a great long term investment”. When Trump was president he said at one time that the US has $41,682,410,000,000.00 Trillion Iraqi Dinar in the US Treasury. Or about $35 Billion US dollar worth of dinar in the US Treasury. If this was a scam they would not be holding it. Also Trump had years ago invested about $34 million of his own money in the Iraqi Dinar.

One of my Iraqi contacts is expecting  something overnight tonight…I hope he is right. I would love to see a new rate and a new value by tomorrow morning.  Redemption folks have absolutely been told they are working this weekend. Nobody knows the exact timing…The Banking side and the Iraq side believes this is our week…and the DC Beltway folks think it will happen between the 12th and the 15th…Keep in mind the exact timing has been kept secret on purpose.

[If I am thinking on the right track…all we need is the rate to go live…am I correct?]

You are correct. At this point they are staged and prepared.…Things that we can track are there have been small changes…marginally on the VND and the IQD…   

Wednesday Evening Update… Everything is positive and looks great for the week… I am hearing different things from the currency exchange side…everywhere from starting tomorrow [Thursday], to over the weekend…but everyone feels “very soon”.  I am being told for sure that Redemption Center staff will be working this weekend. So I am feeling good. 


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground TV update]

They said time is now for Iraq to be on the stage of international acceptance of their country’s currency…and saying it will be a leader not only in the Arab region but global…they’re saying the banking sector is the key for the international acceptance and Iraq has been working hard on this behind he scenes…tonight’s part will talk on ‘Can the dinar exchange rate return to its previous value’   FRANK:  This is the final countdown …the next video they’re going to give to you is on the pros and cons – will probably show you the new small category notes as they talk to you why they have to change the exchange rate

Continued:   and why they have to give you the new small category notes to match this new exchange rate. Because the program rate is only a calculation for the 3-zero notes.  The 3-zero notes are now being removed permanently from inside of your countryDo you realize how close we are? …they will show you inside of the banks the bulletin boards – 4 feet by 2 feet – the currency sheets.  Once they do that IMO they will put those same pictures…on the electronic billboards in your streets.  Then I believe the exchange rate will be introduced to you after all of this has been presented to you...IMO they have to show you what they’re going to give you first and then they give you the exchange rate during or shortly after or at the beginning of the year…

What did they say that the dinar was going to be on par withThe American dollar.  Then it will be a rate of 1 to 1 when it leaves the country.  It’s not a genius thing here. This is not some kind of miracle that has been discovered.  They’ve already told us this years ago now.  You got to know when to hold them and when to fold them.  What’s it going to be when it goes out into the international world?



Mr. Kazemi looks like he has an outstanding chance of being the prime minister.  This is what we want.  There’s lots of articles being written about him at the moment talking about his chances…I think Al-Kazemi is a good guy.  I think he’s a good leader but again I’m not from Iraq.  Those people know better than I do…But from what we can see or at least read he seems to be the right candidate…He seems to be doing all the right things to get Iraq back on track…


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

What do you think is going on with the CBI and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq?

I think they’ve been very active.  Even today they had some wonderful article about meeting with the British Ambassador about opening banks, implementation of border crossings, customs and taxes...they were interlinking with government agencies too

Is it only London that you’ve seen that has done this?

No not at all.  It was Egypt, Jordan [30 others]

What do you think they know?”

I think they know…that they’re coming out to the world, that they’re getting ready to go international completely... Question:  “Is this a good thing for you and me as investors?”  Absolutely.  They’re part of the whole digital transformation.  United States, Great Britain, all kinds of countries, Europe, everybody.


Sandy Ingram

More than likely there will be a float rather than an out and out exchange rate increase.       


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Guru Frank26]

The time of the monetary reform season is now.  We told you there would be satellite banks…London is saying that we have many banks in Iraq now and Iraq has many of their banks and representatives of the satellites in London because we cannot do business with the CBI and its currency right now but its value is going to go up.  It is now worth it to us says the international world that’s pouring in.  We told you the CBI would establish many of their bank representatives worldwide and they are right now. 

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