Dinarland Highlights for December 9, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 12.9.21

Bruce (The Big Call)

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I’ll tell you we’re seeing this come to pass now… I know that redemption centers were staffed today…I believe we are in position to take advantage of this from this point on…We are in an any minute now time frame…I believe the plan is for this to go – and to not have to wait later – not after Christmas – not by the 15th but I believe we’re actually ready to go!! …We know it is already done in Iraq – we know they are declared a sovereign nation – we know they have a new rate in country and throughout the region of the Middle East…


Mountain Goat

The IMF has told us going way back to 2011 that their plan is to peg the IQD in a basket of 5 other currencies and float it on the international exchanges. This makes all the difference as to how the CBI can suddenly revalue it so much...This is real and going to happen. It has to happen.



Rumors, upon rumors, upon rumors, upon rumors…once again I got a round of people sending me links to videos and..articles…talking about the rate change has happened in country.  No it has not.  The other one was Iraq settled their debt with Kuwait with the new rate. No they didn’twhen it happens for one it happens for all at the same timehow often were the [rumors] ever right about the date and the rate change?  Zero.  It’s gonna happen.  I know a lot of these people were promising you by this time…by that time and it hasn’t happened…

no rate change has happened.  There is no in-country rate vs out-of-country rate.  It’s the same rate.  There is no government [Kuwait] getting paid off with a different rate.  No, it’s the same rate.  That doesn’t make any sense.  I hate to be the boogeyman all the time when it comes to news like this but you guys ask me what do you think so I’m telling you…there’s nothing there.  It’s just gibberish.  There’s no proof in there.  ‘Inside sources’ are starting to sound like CNN.



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[Is this a good weekend for it?]

Based on what I am hearing –chatter wise- Absolutely!!!   Redemption Center folks are still planning on working this weekend…As I understand it they are already done with the training, and education and the current change in plans…the expectation is they will be doing actual exchanges.  …I feel pretty good…

The regular payments to Kuwait have stopped. That is a very important piece.  “The Central Bank of Iraq has announced that it has terminated all necessary banking arrangements with the US Federal Reserve to stop the automated deduction of Kuwait’s compensation.”  This is huge news. This is one thing that was necessary for Iraq to join the international world. To ascend to the World Trade organization and to freely trade with an international currency. That this came out today is huge!!!  …This was the best news today.


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground TV update]

FIREFLY:  The CBI governor is on the news with the British Banking leader.  He’s saying Iraq has allowed the British banks to open inside of Iraq to help facilitate trade between the two countries.  Then the CBI governor said this new bank from Britain is just one example of many opening up across our border and the fact that we now have taxes that we collect and that we now have customs that we collect because all of this was needed for the white papers and the economic reform...the Finance Minister is on the news…he says that Iraq needs to review the exchange rate in early 2022 in order to make the white papers reach the maximum effectiveness.

FRANK26:  All of these things they’re telling is just to prepare you for your new exchange rate and your new small category notes…

IMO the education of the monetary reform to the Iraqi citizens is very close to completion…The completion of their education in 2021 is only for them to start in 2022 with a new value with purchasing power to their currency and with an explosion of their economic reform because their monetary reform was so successful


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

The [Central Bank of Iraq] satellite banks are getting geared here in the Untied States.  Obviously they’re not the only one – into the equation would be the World Trade Organization probably getting ready to be openly exposed.


Sandy Ingram

Central Bank of Iraq governor meets Turkish counterpart

The governors reported that aim of the meeting was to develop banking relations between the two countries including opening of branches of Iraqi banks in Turkey…This is very good news, however this is even better news!

Central Bank governor welcomes opening of branches of British banks inside Iraq



We are in an “any moment, any day” scenario. Most say before Christmas. A few say by the end of the month and if all not done we go into January.

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