The Nomad Economist: The Markets will Come Crashing Down in 2022


The Nomad Economist
Premiered Dec 9, 2021

This system has been tried many times. What is different this time is that most of the money is tied up in a casino where no one admits who the losers are.

So we wait until there are 50% losers, and then the unveiling will commence. The casino owners never lose. You might wanna invest your money in an undervalued asset, which is anything but the stock market and real estate.

From president to president, the fraud continues in the form of printing trillions of counterfeit dollars, but this fraud must come to an end.

And usually, when the stock market hit the stratosphere signal the end is near.

It would be wise to remember we are in uncharted waters, and this market could reverse on a dime.

We should not discount the idea that those in charge might reach a tipping point where they crash the financial system to make a great deal of money.

While this may seem outlandish, the possibility is real. This doesn’t mean that every rich guy and gal would sign on to this plan, just enough to push things over the edge.

When things have gone too far in one direction, history shows that a correction always takes place. There is an interconnections of Capital markets. Usually, when one segment of the market gets weak—say, local government budgets or consumer debt—that weakness can be propped up for a time from strength in other sectors. Like corporate financial strength or a debt-free federal government.

The different areas can provide some “give” to prop up that weakness for a while. But what happens when many sectors experience significant weakening at the same time? Where will the help come from next?

Mainly when the deep pockets like the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank have shot all their ”silver bullets.” That is the predicament we are in today. without recourse and with mountains of debt in all sectors.

This is a severe and scary time as the debt bubble implodes.

Both Rob Kirby and Ellen Brown are now warning that the USA cannot have negative rates because of $500 trillion of interest rate derivatives!

Global debt equals $250 trillion, with Global assets equals $360 trillion.

Global derivatives equal $1500 trillion, and they get paid out first.

These stupendous figures just glaze the eyes of even educated people, and they have no idea of the potential calamity at hand.

The lunatics are in charge of the asylum. We are already a socialist state supported by deficit spending, money printing, and the world’s reserve currency, and there is no way out of it now.

Until we have mortgaged America to the hilt and borrowed and spend every last penny, the game will not change ; but when it does ; cataclysmic suffering, US civil war and ultimately World war.

The 100 million that socialism has already killed will look like an average week in the future.


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