“Man, his Bills and the Exchange” by Stefan – 12.12.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 12:57 PM EST on December 12, 2021

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Exciting times, aren’t they? While worldwide more and more people are taking to the streets because they have realized which dictatorships the alliance is showing us, the fight between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated in Germany is slowly turning violent. It starts with property damage and also the first fisticuffs are reported. Stirred up by media and politicians, permitted by the alliance, in order to test simply times, which it can still organize everything with us Germans, until it is enough for all! About the damage to psyche and soon also physically I have written often enough. Viewed from the observer position, the whole thing seems grotesque and often I’ m torn between incomprehension and amusement. But testing what the German will endure is not the only reason. Allianz also wants the wheat to be separated from the chaff. It wants to know who is light and who is dark. And here, too, the first successes are crystallizing.

In the last few days, when it unfortunately doesn’t get very light during the day, I hear so many low-flying transport planes as never before in weeks. On Wednesday alone there were over twenty in a couple of hours. I hear low humming engines and they are definitely not civilian planes, they fly much higher, you can barely hear them. In addition, there are aerial bomb discoveries. So many in a few weeks, as otherwise in the whole decades before not together. Finds in cities, whose area has been dug up so often, “turned inside out” in the last decades. Were the workers blind then? What kind of show is going on?

Yes, and then, of course, all the news concerning the exchange, the RV, the currencies and also the ZIM. Here I think the Alliance is also pursuing a plan and that’s why it’s deliberately allowing all these forecasts, guesses, assessments. Here, too, it is being tested what and how long information can be given until the currency holders are put at rest. Here, the patience of all of us is being tested. And here, too, the alliance wants to separate the wheat from the chaff, namely the humanitarians from those who perhaps do have profit-making intentions, who perhaps think only of themselves, of their wealth, of their well-being. Too often in recent months we have been reminded of the important point of being humanitarian.

Those who now want to accuse me of a divisive intention can of course do so. Each as one likes. But first of all it is said “Don’t kill the messenger” and secondly, I consider every human being to be good and light first of all. Always, all my life. That’s why I could be cheated and fooled many times (sorry for the word “and”). So, let the one who is without sin cast the first stone, OK?
When we spend extended time with people, we get to know them better, whether that’s by phone, social media, or even live and in color. We can quickly size up a person if we spend longer with them. And often an image, an impression changes then. Especially in these times, one becomes more and more aware of this. Whether it’s longtime friends who turn away. Whether it’s family members who keep their distance or even turn away completely. Whether it’s colleagues, club mates, many are now showing their “true colors” in these strange times. Not only negatively, no, also positively. I get from some contacts that quite great communities are formed.

Staying in the observer position is difficult with closer contacts, staying calm with friends who turn away is an enormous feat. But that is the test we have been put to by the Alliance. All over the world, each individual is showing who is really a friend and who is not. What if we had formed new communities with people who were just playing at being friends? The foundation for everything we build anew is mutual trust and, as a result, love. Love your neighbor as yourself. This presupposes that I can love myself. As I am, with all my strengths and weaknesses. If I’ m strong in certain areas, I pass on this strength, where I’ m weak, I let others help me. That’s what I’m doing now, and folks, I’m rich! I am rich in friends and associates. I am rich in readers and in subscribers. I am rich in sources that give me information from which I can build a picture. I am rich in recognition. That is my present abundance! Whether this is due to a special gift, I can not judge, I just write and I’ m just Stefan.

I’m sure that soon we will all be rich in financial resources as well. The alliance wants to get us out of scarcity thinking and this is done with vast amounts of money. This will also make scarcity thinking disappear much faster. With what lies ahead of us, scarcity thinking is not wanted. Many of us still have to deal with this thinking, some already do not. And I observe with those a behavior that is certainly not humanitarian. Therefore also this article. I would like to urge you all once again to think about what you really want to do with all this new wealth, this financial wealth. If I have a lot, why do I need to have more? If I have knowledge, why do I need to sell it? My “knowledge”, my assessments, my articles I give away. Just like that! The publications of the books is not meant for the purpose of a wealth, I have already written. The time of the books still comes, they are, as a friend wrote, “thought museums”. In a phase where no one can say whether there will be publishers or books in the future, it was perhaps also an inappropriate time. But we decided to do it, as a team, and now it’s just the way it is. Again, everyone takes what he or she wants.

Those who have the opportunities now to stock up on bonds, bills of currencies, including cryptocurrencies, let them do that. Those who want to have more, let them do that. I myself know that I will share my exchange and everything I have acquired in potential assets. Period! I know that I will also put my knowledge, my skills (if any), my abilities at the service of a community. Ultimately, our new communities will thrive as a result and enrich ourselves as well. This has been my personal development during this waiting period, because I have realized that this is what the Alliance wants. So whether it is through the LWS programs or through my own concepts: No one will be turned away at my door who has a need! Period! Just check out if you can do the same. It should become conscious to you all that in the new world nobody becomes the one-eyed among the blind because he has MORE. All will have more than enough, there nobody will be able to stand out any more or to put a step higher. Neither with money, nor with knowledge or other means. Perhaps we should all already begin now, at least mentally, to rethink on a WE, instead of on a ME.

I have never wanted to act as a senior teacher. What I write is my personal development. I’ve been around the crypto scene for a few weeks. And here I have been getting signs, probably hints from the universe, the angels, the creator, who knows for sure. I have invested a little and so far I have not been able to achieve any success with it, on the contrary, there was also some teaching money. Today I suspect that these missing successes happened for a certain reason. The universe wants to tell me surely YOU HAVE ENOUGH!!! Just as it happened when I sold my VND. I really have enough for the exchange date. Also, it was felt that I have encountered temptations. If I buy this, I get bonuses, if I buy this, I get “interest”. And already greed for more is at play, the desire to have more or to invest in something that seems profitable. My realization and trust come at a good time, the right time. The universe knows what I need and I will get it. So I watch, so I wait, so I trust. Why? I can’t explain it. The time is simply ripe for trust and faith.

We have also decided to re-establish a PAYPAL account for donations. In my opinion, PAYPAL is also under control of the alliance, just like all other media groups. It’s part of the show when there are still restrictions against the customers, just like it still happens with Facebook or with Youtube. These are all little slaps in the face that are supposed to wake up even the last ones. And it is also allowed, so that the remaining dark can still show itself. So if you want to support me and my work, you can use PAYPAL again. Send your donations to reichardt.t@outlook.de at PAYPAL.

Oh yes, I almost forgot: “The brother of the wife of my gas station attendant knows someone who lives in Zurich and who knows how to spell PAYMASTER correctly. A neighbor of his, who knows how to sit on a bench, said it was going to be tomorrow.” (Big SORRY, but I’ve always wanted to write that!)

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

If you like, send me good thoughts, or pray for me. Those who can and want to, may also send me a donation. I thank you for your support in any case!

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Send donations to reichardt.t@outlook.de

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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