Parisse Deza: An In-Depth View of our Current Situation and a Call for Unified Action



An In-Depth View Of Our Current Situation and A Call For Unified Action

By Parisse Deza

This message is more necessary now than ever before. I take time to detail the situation, and so this piece is long and involved. To benefit from it, one must have attention span endurance. I trust it will be worth it, for those who do. -P

Frequently over the past month, I’ve received a powerful message I find confirmed by many other sources. 

As of the last couple of months, humanity is in an alchemical pressure-cooker, set at a spiritual heat of a degree we have not experienced before, and its forcing a process within us that will launch us into a new time, if we cooperate with it fully.

Increasing solar flares, photon rays, Source energy, and our own internal pressure to purge, heal, and be free are cooking us, refining us into worthy spiritual vessels for a new age. To cooperate with this divinely-orchestrated process, we have to choose to make a very specific shift in consciousness and behavior now that will alter life on Earth for the better. We have to surrender our old selves based on resistance to anything, and start to act like the highly evolved beings we’ll be when we get to the next level. I am writing this with the Holiday (Holy Day) Season in mind, so hold onto that thought as you read ahead.

Heavenly powers are bathing the planet in light and love, Oneness energy, pushing on a hypnotized and largely uncooperative humanity, and eliciting great resistance from the entrenched evil that wants humanity to stay asleep and imprisoned, those that use fear and lies to divide and conquer. It is understood now that our transition into a new time has been impeded by seemingly-external forces far more powerful then we previously realized, that cannot relinquish control and are bent on sabotaging our natural progression, more accurately referred to as remembering what we really are. “They” have done everything they can to keep us from the truth. “We” have allowed ourselves to submit to their lie and forget (or ignore) what we really are.

The reason we have been having so much trouble with this change-over is that we think we are people. Our solution is to remember we are spirits of divine consciousness, happy, free sparks of loving light, so that we stop acting like clueless, reactionary, powerless victims. The cosmic pressure-cooker is containing us, and there is no escape from this fact.




The Psycho-Spiritual Underpinnings Of Our Situation and Our Shift (Are Quite Cosmic)

As we are part of a living dream called Life emanating from the divine mind, the challenge we are facing is primarily an internal one, not to be misunderstood as a literal battle between good and evil in which we are warriors. It looks that way to the ego in fear and separation, forgetting its innate oneness with the Source. But this process is a healing, meaning, a unification, of the global psyche of humanity, who, in its delusion of feeling separated from its Source, had learned to believe it is the victim of external forces. The fact is, there are no external forces because the Universe is One thing; everything going on in the Universe is inside it, part of it.

…the common sense idea that [the universe] is expanding into empty space is wrong; the universe is all there is; there is no space beyond it to expand into. If there were extra space, it would be, by definition, part of the universe. –Edwin Hubble, astronomer

Life is the Divine experiencing itself as the Universe, including us. We are its tools of awareness and action. We are the flowers of Consciousness growing in the Universal Garden. And we have the power to create.

Right now though, the Universe is experiencing us thrashing around trying to get free of our own illusions, believing them to be real things at odds with us. When spell-bound by the ego mind, the drama looks very real, like a battle. It’s meant to. It is the reflection we need to show us what is going on inside, what we are creating. The external drama is here to force us to stop being divisive and reactive, to unify, and to become, instead, creative.

Instead of believing that the reflection is real and wasting enormous amounts of time and energy trying to fight off what we don’t want in order to have what we do want, we must realize that only by putting our energy into creating what we do want can we have it. Fighting neutralizes our ability to create, exactly the way our biological system funnels its energy away from producing new growth and into defense when under pressure. If the alternative media representatives such as Simon Parkes would spend half as much time reminding us of our divine heritage as powerful creators as they do in giving endless blow-by-blow descriptions of every scene in the drama, we would have reached critical mass years ago. But it is not their fault entirely; they are filling a need the human ego has to get immersed in drama, an addiction we need to drop immediately. Change your channel to a higher frequency, and see healthier results.

Our situation is often referred to as a war, but that is just the ego’s skewed viewpoint. Life is not war; it is Play. What we are experiencing is an inexorable movement forward into a more positive experience made possible by the Source; it is a creative project in which a new world is substituted for an old one. All fighting is completely unnecessary, and all referencing to life now as a battle is counterproductive, an obsolete, Piscean age, old paradigm, dominator mentality, self-defeating mechanism. Either we accept the mantle of responsible creators and imagine into being our new world or we stay frozen in time and at the effect of.




Life is composting the old forms while producing new, improved ones, but our group ego wants to believe that change is happening because it is successfully fighting off enemies and will eventually control the situation (“The Alliance is in total control!”, parrots one common meme). This is a delusion. Life is in control, and the reason change is happening now when it never could before is because: 1/ Life itself is making it happen, and 2/ enough of us are now saying Yes to it and have been willing to work on our inner material. Think about this. It is the only answer to why we have been unable for so long to effect positive change in our world.

Humanity is not yet in an age of peace, happiness, and freedom because it has not yet chosen and fully committed to have unity and to return to its original state of innocence; it has not surrendered its obsession with duality, judgment, blame, and conflict.

Dark and light are complimentary forces alternating in dominance, like day and night do, but in fact are just two sides of the same One thing playing a game of catch with itself. Humanity is now at the point where it must accept that the strategy of fighting against enemies is self-defeating. Only by dropping this egocentric viewpoint and falling into the natural mind of unity consciousness can we embrace the dark and light inside us, and in holding them together as one, transcend war to have peace.

This is so simple it sounds stupid: To have peace, we must stop fighting. To have a higher level world, we have to behave that way, because we are the world.

Learning this great lesson allows humanity to live in a state where there is respected individuality in community, independence in cooperation, and prosperity in sharing. This is the state of the Aquarian age, one of unity consciousness, not fear-driven, desperate, savior-seeking behavior, that accomplishes this transition. We simply cannot fight our way into the next highest dimension.

The key to doing this and resolving our global dilemma is to disengage from identifying with the ego in separation with all its fearful, negative imagery, and useless, self-centered, reactive behaviors, and to fall back into trust of our natural state, unity consciousness. This, in fact, is the ultimate premise and teaching of all true systems of spiritual cultivation, from the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Greece, which spawned the original and true cult of Christianity, Gnosticism, to Polynesian and Oriental mysticism which birthed Huna and Daoism, spiritual cultures based on loving relationship with all beings, the Earth, and the Heavens. These Oneness-based religions reflect our origins and our destiny. Their purpose is to make us remember that each one of is a “Christ”.

From an inner state of unity, which implies a deep and total trust of the divine, everything is handled perfectly, effortlessly, without interference, because there is alignment with the Divine Source, which really is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. In other words, the ego is no longer directing the action, the inner Christ is. This is the natural way, our natural way.

Enough of us right now are going to have to get effing tired enough of the suffering egocentrism has produced that we willingly surrender our gripes and addictions for a higher experience. This is a soul-maturing process. We are going through the personal ordeal of self-examination and self-purification, turning our lead into gold. Our old, rigid forms of isolated egos are being cooked down into a cosmic soup made of relaxed and unified ingredients, all of which are still recognizable for what they individually are. Our purified essences alone can enter the next level of human experience.

So, again, how this is not a battle? Understand that “the dark forces” (a manifestation of unresolved energies in our group psyche) control us as long as we fight with them, with each other, or within our own individual psyches, because they are our forces gone wayward, left unattended. Change your perspective from other-based to unity-based and this becomes clear. When we stop using fighting as a way to cope with life, an act that takes place in the dark of our soul, and turn to higher, brighter, love-based consciousness, we shift our frequency, and that higher rate of vibration, divine light consciousness, disappears the darkness. Our darkness. As we are not yet conscious that all is One, we have to learn now to bring Consciousness to our situation in order to change it:

The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains divided and does not become conscious of his inner opposite, the world must perforce act out the conflict and be torn into opposing halves. -Carl Jung




The individual soul (psyche) is a microcosm of the group soul of humanity, the macrocosm.

This Is How It Will Be Done

As many are now realizing when they ask why this is taking so long, the strength of the dark forces had been greatly underestimated. It’s taken so long because we haven’t spent enough time going through the inner ordeal of self-examination, owning up to what’s been inside us, and applying love and forgiveness so we can heal (unify). (Note: Forgiving does not mean condoning; it means letting something go so we can move on. This process entails correction, but not punishment.)

We have been too entertained by looking outside ourselves as a diversion to keep from realizing just how much pain and suffering has been inside. That’s why we are finding so much hidden dark behavior in our society now. The outer world comes from the inner world and is its reflection. We have been trying to take the easy way out through blame and distraction. Fortunately, we are now being forced to come clean by the incoming Light and Love of the Universe. It is this divine energy that is making it possible for any earthly forces like “white hats” to make progress in “cleaning up the cabal”. This Loving Light, not any external entity like “the Alliance,” is the real Cavalry, the true Messiah.

[Author’s rebuke: Sorry Christian friends, Jesus is not going to save you. That idea is the biggest piece of propaganda ever presented to humanity by its dark forces. One has to go through the personal ordeal of self-examination for oneself. Jesus’ primary mission was to show us what it’s like to be free so we could opt for that. When he said, “All the things I can do, you can do,” he wasn’t kidding, because his primary message was: Be like me! To get all excited and jump up and down doing a devotion dance where you proclaim how wonderful it was that Jesus died for your sins and now you don’t have to do a damn thing but “accept Jesus as your personal savior” and you’ll be fine is a total, irresponsible delusion, and it is holding back the evolution of humanity because of that.

So get up off your lazy, self-righteous butts and practice what he preached: truth and reconciliation for those nasty satanist buggers and acceptance of all others whose forms don’t meet your self-important standards (those of us who do love-based spiritual practices that you insist on misrepresenting as devil worship) instead of trying to show how “forgiven” and better you all are. It’s Christmas (which is really Solstice), so now’s a good time to drop this load and help the Cause. Amen.]

The Key Factor

Understanding all this reveals the key factor that clarifies why we haven’t reached our breakthrough point yet. That factor has been disunity – the lack of dynamic, cooperative group focus on a stated intent as powerful divine beings from a unified level of Consciousness among those of us who want a new Earth. I previously have believed that our delays were being caused mostly by the normies, the laggard population that refuses to look at anything, especially the truth. Recently, I have come to understand that it is more our responsibility because, while they have tremendous inertia, we are the ones with the power to change things because we who are more conscious of what’s really going on are the ones who can willing use our divinely-bestowed creative ability, if we just get organized and do it. Intention put forth with the proper feeling tone creates reality.

Though we may be a small percentage of the world population, our combined, resonant energies can shift the frequency here, because when we unify (stopping all negative, divisive or self-indulgent behavior) the radiant field we create will be more powerful than the one that has existed up to now. And just as a large tuning fork will change the frequency (note) emanating from a smaller one next to it, our unified, superior tone, in alignment with divine powers, will wash over the planet, and change its entire field. We actually have been doing this in increments, slowly over time, and we are close to a shift of great proportion. As we watch the old false narratives crumbling rapidly now, we need to boost our efforts to transcend our egos’ differing agendas and focus on what we have in common:

We want a free world aligned with SpiritWe want to live happily ever after.




The Holiday Power Of The Winter Solstice Is With Us

I have written articles in the past about the importance of the solstices and equinoxes as huge natural doorways where Spirit comes through to recreate life on Earth.

Here’s one:

Solstices and equinoxes are three day windows of pure primordial energy, the most spiritually powerful days of the year. Creation, which is the body of Spirit, is innately aligned with itself from top to bottom, and the love and light released from the purest levels of Spirit make their way down through the dimensions to us in especially powerful ways at these temporal markers. These times are more than just astrological transits; they are cosmic doorways to the infinite.

Winter solstice is the segue between the ending of one solar year and the beginning of a new one; the last molecules of one year’s energy breath are spent, and there is a pause of deepest profundity before the universe sends out a new breath of life, a new solar year. It is the emptiest of times, and emptiness is what we need now to make our shift. Willfully surrendering our old world and old personal selves with their painful memories into the spiritual void of the solstice allows us to recreate ourselves and our world by then in-putting our vision and excitement for a better world. The surrender of our past is our Yes! to our new future.

During this three-day transition period (the day before, the day of, and the day after) in between one year and the next, the universe vacuums out old energies and polishes everything in Creation. It cleans house for us. Because of all the momentum we’ve built thus far, banding together under our shared intention at this particular time, especially at the exact hour of the Solstice, will be extraordinarily powerful.

In Sedona, Arizona, MST, that is 9 a.m. on the 21st.

For the time and day of solstice where you are go here:

Our intention is to have a unified, free world. This is what we are creating to replace the suffering-filled one we created when we got confused a long, long time ago and forgot what we really are. Stop obsessing on what all the little players on the stage are doing and go within. Don’t listen when anyone tells you to “Stock up – there might be shortages!” Instead picture how you prefer it to be and put your faith in that image. See a fullness of life experience instead of the passe images of lack we were taught to believe in. Gather yourself in the quiet space and meditate and imagine (pray) with confident intent as a great being aligned with the infinite Source who owns his or her innate power. Do this as much as possible starting now, especially at the solstice, and continuing daily thereafter, and see the Magic of Life spring us forth into a new world of unity, peace, prosperity, freedom, and love. Imagine it real now. Forgive and forget everything else.

And So It Is.





Parisse Deza is a new age Renaissance man, a visionary with 48 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

You are always welcome and encouraged to share my writing, respecting my rights as an author. If you use excerpts, be sure to leave them in the form they came in, employing “…” between passages you want to shorten. This way the work keeps its integrity. Thanks.

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