Scott Mowry’s Miracles Call Highlights 12-12-21


Some Highlights from the Sunday Night Miracles Call:

Scott Mowry: There’s still an ongong effort to get RV done before Christmas.

People in Reno have an adamant mandate to get it done. We’ve been told the back wall is the 15th, but even if not, then by Christmas. Only 13 days left.

Big meeting in Reno this weekend, including the Chinese elders. There is an absolute feverish attempt to get this done as soon as possible. We hope and pray they are finally ready.

This has been delayed because it is such a complex all-encompassing. They are going back into everyone’s bank records to see what fraud has been committed. What people are owed. We all need to be compensated. This needs to be addressed.

You will receive money back from the illegal fraudulent charges that have been levied against you.

Every 100 years or so there is a changeover in the world reserve currency. The cabal had wanted to do the Great Reset instead of the Global Reset. Wanted to take us into the special drawing rights. Bretton Woods.

The cabal was supposed to do some things in response to managing this including addressing the bankruptcy of the U S including giving us free electricity for the …. to come out of bankruptcy. We are going to get free Tesla energy now !!

Now they are being constructing all over the U  S. In add, Starlink is coming on board. Internet service is about to be activated. Starlink quantum internet.

In Reno, intense effort to institute the global reset, the currency reset. In Iraq they just celebrated the 100th anniversary of their country. The fact that their currency is ready to exchange. ?? The end of the corporation and it’s funding and the possible beginning of the collapse of the U S corp and the politicians.

Maybe Biden will resign. Mandate to get this done because Zurich, Switzerland is the headquarters for the bankers. They have a holiday on the 14th and going on vacation.

This is where we are at right now.

We hope and pray they get this done if not this week, next week. Things are extremely close. We’ve never been in this position before. Things are really coming down to the wire right now.

The Federal Reserve in the year 2013, the U S Treasury and the …. put out a 100 dollar bill…a purple blue band…was all in gold, including the Declaration of Independence written in script on the right hand side. On the back there is a great big gold 100. Supposed to come out in 2009. Delayed.

That was the year the U S military got ahold of the U S corp ???  We were to switch from the Federal Reserve system to a gold-backed system. It took another 8 years to get us to this point.

We are about to see the quantum system. Patriots put out this bill. “Ths is our Declaration of Independence into a sovereign…” Dramatic events happening under the radar totally out of view of public.

We give you hope and faith that our military is saving our country and the world. It’s all about ready to come to fruition in Christmas 2021. That is our hope.

There’s purple and gold lights at the White House. St. Germain. On Christmas the St. Germain trust wlil open. Put together by St. Germain in the 1600s. Money set aside for humanity to be distrubuted at the right time.

I think the White House lit up in gold and purple is a sign that the St Germain trust is going to be opened on Christmas. — There is a mandate and nothing can stop what is coming now.

This is a mission of God and great awakening of a 1000 years of peace… The truth must be presented to the people. …there is so much more happening than what is being reported to you. … What we’ve been hearing about for 20 years is about to be presented ot the people. …

It really and truly is about to become true. 

Supposed to be a fantastic Christmas. That’s what I’ve been told by high level sources.

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