Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of December 14, 2021


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 14 Dec. 2021

Compiled Tues. 14 Dec. 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

“Battle Hymn of the Republic” w/ the Mormon Tabernacle Choir LIVE from West Point | West Point Band – YouTube

Judy Note: This is a sincere apology to those affected by the Kentucky Dec. 10 tornado and any distress caused by my re-post of an entry from Telegram by Trump + Great Awakening. World that read in part: “These tornados are fake, same footage used on every network. It comes from old Italian tornados footage.”

Although the footage shown on Mass Media may have been fake, the devastation certainly was not, nor were the many victims. I sincerely regret any problems I may have caused by publishing the post.

I received the below email from Daniel and Roberta Bonk of Mayfield, Kentucky, some of

many affected by the tornado:

“My husband and I have been reading your intel for a number of years, once we found it after purchasing IQD.  We appreciate the compilation of international news as well. Our home is in Mayfield, Ky.  Yes, Mayfield, Ky.  It is one of the many towns totally decimated by the 200 mile, one plus mile wide tornado that occurred December 10th.  To read several days in a row that the tornado was fake news and that it didn’t actually happen is probably as evil as any of the cabal/deep state evil that has and is affecting the stability of peace in our world.


“We respectfully request an apology to the many people who have to face each day with no house to live in, no post office to send and receive Christmas cards, no presents or food for their children, no court house, no police station or fire department facility or usable equipment, no drug store, no church, etc.  It is all decimated and strewn across fields.  If this is something told to you and you believe that it is fake, then I invite you to Mayfield or any of the decimated towns along that 200 mile stretch and put your hands on our wounds.”

It is my hope and prayer that we can all reach out to the victims of this and any disaster that affects our fellow human beings. WWG1WGA

With Love, Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:

Mon. 13 Dec. MarkZ: Redemption Center Personnel have been working all weekend and were told they would continue to work full days until we finished exchanges. Meetings were going on in Zurich, Reno and Miami discussing implementation. Tier 4A Whales would continue to be flown to appointments throughout this week. The Dong was said to be at least the rate prior to the Vietnam War ($2 plus) and was rapidly raising in value. 

Sat. Night 11 Dec. Texas Snake: His banker was expecting sometime midday to late afternoon Sun. or early Monday morning where we would start to get notifications, and hopefully start going into the banks for our appointments late this week (Thurs. or Friday). He is thinking we will have 10-20 days to exchange before the public knows about it.

Sat. Night 11 Dec. Ed of Ocala: The debt ceiling of the US has to be raised by Wed. Dec. 15th or they (US Inc.) default on all their obligations. They have no real means to get it done. The RV is a desperate and necessary thing to happen at least the day before that (Tues. Dec. 14th). The funds are ready, but are not yet able to be down streamed. They’ve been working on our rates, and will be locking them in soon. All the countries have finally gotten their acts together and have gotten the QFS ready.


This past weekend Iraqwas celebrating their 100th Anniversary. With the US Military withdrawn completely out of Iraq as of Mon. 13 Dec, Iraq was expected to soon announce their sovereignty. The kingpin of the Global Currency Reset – the Iraqi Dinar – had already revalued on Mon. 6 Dec.

To pay out the GCR, Bonds have been moving in Zurich and some in Tier 3 have been paid partial amounts. Since Wed. 9 Dec. a number of large Whale 4A groups (including Paymasters and Group leaders) have been making arrangements to fly on private jets to their appointments.

Highlights of Sun. 12 Dec. Miracles Call Scott Mowry: 712-770-5402 Access: 767664#: There’s still an ongoing effort to get RV done before Christmas. People in Reno have an adamant mandate to get it done. We’ve been told the back wall is the 15th, but even if not, then by Christmas. This weekend there was a big meeting in Reno that included the Chinese Elders. There is an absolute feverish attempt to get this done as soon as possible. This has been delayed because it is such a complex all-encompassing. They are going back into everyone’s bank records to see what fraud has been committed and what people are owed. You will receive money back from the illegal fraudulent charges that have been levied against you.

Every 100 years or so there is a changeover in the world reserve currency. The cabal had wanted to do the Great Reset instead of the Global Reset. We are going to get free Tesla energy now. They are being constructing all over the U S. Starlink is coming on board. Internet service is about to be activiated. Starlink quantum internet.

The Federal Reserve in the year 2013, the U S Treasury put out a 100 dollar bill. There’s purple and gold lights at the White House. St. Germain. On Christmas the St. Germain trust will open. Put together by St. Germain in the 1600s. Money set aside for humanity to be distributed at the right time. I think the White House lit up in gold and purple is a sign that the St Germain trust is going to be opened on Christmas. Supposed to be a fantastic Christmas. That’s what I’ve been told by high level sources.

News Highlights Mon. 13 Dec. 2021:

  • On Sun. 12 Dec. Trump + Great Awakening World reported, “Remember: You are watching a movie! The Storm is here already. The Event started.
  • Redemption Center personnel have worked all weekend and were told they would continue to work on a full schedule until redemption and exchanges were finished.
  • Since last Wed. Whales have been setting appointments and making arrangements to fly to them this week.
  • Texas Snake said his Banker expected appointments Thurs. or Fri. of this week.
  • The US Inc. bankruptcy’s final deadline was Wed. 15 Dec.
  • The St. Germaine Fund dedicated to Humanitarian Projects, would be opened at Christmas.
  • Tesla Free Energy stations were being constructing all over the U S.
  • The Starlink Quantum Internet was about to be activated.
  • Evergrande downgrade forces BlackRock and other institutions to write-off billions, causing an international financial crisis.
  • Amid warnings from Ottawa of a global online security issue, Quebec said Sunday that it has shut down almost 4,000 government websites as a preventative measure after receiving a Cyber Attack threat.


Sun. 12 Dec. Trump + Great Awakening World: “Remember: You are watching a movie! The Storm is here already. The Event started. These tornados are fake, same footage used on every network. It comes from old Italian tornados footage.The White Hats uses EMP drones to cut communications in these cities and they deploy National Guards to close the borders perimeters so nobody goes in or out. Prediction: Soon there will be a massive “fake Tsunami” coming on Florida coming from “fake La Palma Volcano Eruption”. They’ll cut communications here too. The Great Red Wave! Arrests are being made. Let’s gooo!!!”

Whiplash347: Yes the entire planet will blackout to change over to free Tesla Energy. See Texas Tesla Tower. Can power the Entire World for Free. Many cities have installed Tesla Batteries.



Q64 Should the lights go out please know we are in control.

Do not panic. We are prepared and assets are in place. TRUMP CARD COMING. [REMEMBER ALWAYS 1 BETTER]

Nikola Tesla Birthday on Saturday.

Christmas in July Sunday.

Orange Men’s Day Monday.

Mon. 13 Dec.: US Holiday Green Monday.

Tues. 14 Dec.: “Rushing waters”….. 3 Gorges? 12/14 is Tuesday Chongqing? 12/14 also 11/11 on the Lunar Calendar. …Danon555

Wed. 15 Dec.: Yellen extends U.S. Default deadline to Dec. 15 after highway payment. Now you know what the 15th is. I just posted about US Default. Israel Is Last. Mossad Formed December 13. [347] We are all tired. I understand. It was all about the Default. C before D. …Whiplash347

DEADLINE DAY for US Default December 15. Look at the DELTA on Q364. Sunshine Act Sec day is the same day.  This relates to XRP/Ripple. This is why I said follow the Ripple Case. [Watch the Water] Research Sunshine Act – XRP SEC When will it be Analyzed? Dark [10]

13-17 last week of December to remember make sense to me now. Army and Navy football game score 13-17 LFG IS GO TIME. …Riders of the Storm


The Real News for Mon. 13 Dec.

Wars and Rumors of Wars:

  • North & South Korea reach historic peace pact “in principle.” The Koreas, US and China have formally agreed to end the war which has been simmering away since the 1953 armistice. (Independent) President Moon of South Korea said the four countries had made a pact “in principle” to announce the official end of the war.

Global Financial Crisis:

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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