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Despite Paying Off Debts, America Plays The Role Of Guardianship To Deprive Iraq’s Wealth

Economic expert Dia Mohsen stressed, on Tuesday, the necessity of issuing a Security Council resolution to remove Iraq from international trusteeship after paying its foreign debts to Kuwait, indicating that the resolution provides for the protection of Iraq from any other compensatory claims.

Mohsen said in a statement to the “Information” agency, that “Iraq exited from Chapter VII and moved to the Sixth for an important reason, which is to ensure that the influence of the UN Security Council remains on the country,” noting that “Iraq’s survival under international tutelage is to maintain American influence inside Iraq.”

He pointed out that “Iraq paid the last war debts to Kuwait, which amounted to 54 million dollars, and thus Iraq is outside the control of the UN Security Council,” explaining that “the Iraqi government broadcasts propaganda for the survival and influence of US forces inside Iraq.”

He added that “the Iraqi government is pushing for the survival of American influence in Iraq by keeping the country under Chapter VII, which makes Iraq under the tutelage of the UN Security Council.”

He pointed out that “after Iraq has ended all its financial obligations towards Kuwait, the Security Council must issue a decision to completely remove Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII and end the work of all committees and financial and banking institutions that exercise the role of guardianship over oil revenues, freedom of import, and conducting financial and monetary transactions.   link

The 2023 budget is free of deficit with a comfortable fiscal surplus

Fears that the country’s economy will be damaged by the Federal Reserve’s readiness to end cheap financing and raise interest rates on the dollar in the first half of next year have dissipated.

These concerns are real, for countries that import oil and have short-term debt in dollars such as Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and some poor African countries, which will suffer from a shortage of dollar liquidity.

On the other hand, economic analyzes published by international newspapers expected that countries such as Iraq will witness an increase in imports as a result of the high interest rate of the dollar, due to its selling oil and natural gas at a higher price in the US currency, as well as paying the import bill in high dollars and buying from low-currency markets, such as China and other countries. South Asia.

This optimism was justified by the economist Bassem Antoine, explaining that the Iraqi funds deposited in the US Federal Bank are invested with interest that increases annually, and not “frozen money”, noting that Iraq has banking agreements with the United States and its balances will attract international investment. Antoine expressed his optimism about the future of the Iraqi economy, in conjunction with the rise in the price of a barrel of oil and the increase in revenues, noting that this rise exceeded the media intimidation about the Corona virus and the new mutated Omicron, and the 2023 budget will be free of deficit due to a surplus of funds.

Economist Osama Al-Tamimi agreed with this optimism, noting that Iraq has agreements to protect its money in the US Federal Bank, pointing out that if the United States feels any danger to its interests from Iraq, it is natural to take steps to protect these interests. Al-Tamimi explained that the existence of a strong, solid and balanced economy that works on self-sufficiency is difficult to achieve today, because the whole world is working jointly and integratively to paint a complete picture of the economy, calling for the success of the Iraqi economy by reducing the percentage of importers and increasing export rates.

Al-Tamimi pointed out that Iraq is characterized by many different economic capabilities due to its geographical location and its high capabilities at the level of metallic ores and oil.

Iraq is ranked ninth in the world in natural resources, not to mention the agricultural and tourism potentials of all kinds, and geography as an important corridor linking the continent of Asia to northern Europe.

Al-Tamimi called for the establishment of an economic council, similar to the Judicial Council, away from politics, run by specialists with modern thinking capable of drawing future plans for the development of the Iraqi economy  link

Kurdistan Democratic Party: The party closest to us is committed to implementing Article 140 and the Oil and Gas Law

The Kurdistan Democratic Party announced the closest to negotiating with it, which is committed to implementing Article 140 and the Oil and Gas Law.

Former party MP Abdus Salam Berrai said; For the (Unannounced) program broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel tonight, “The Federal Court will reconsider the decisions of the electoral judiciary and cannot be discussed before the appeals period, and Qubad Talabani’s statement confirmed that we must go with a unified delegation to negotiate with Baghdad, and this means that the balance is not in their interest as It was in 2018.

He added, “We refuse to accept the imposition of a fait accompli by the Kurdistan National Assembly, and there is no constitutional and legal text that guarantees his right to head the republic. As for the position of the President of the Kurdistan Region, it is determined by a vote in Parliament, and any person has the right to nominate himself.”

Berwari said, “The Kurdistan Democratic Party called on the leaders of the winning Kurdish parties to hold a meeting at the level of the first leaders to come up with a unified vision for negotiations with Baghdad.” 

The Islamic Party said, “We are not interested, and the new generation desires the opposition and the democracy aspires to the participation of the PUK in the negotiations, and Qubad’s statement gives hope for that.

”He added, “All these meetings fall within the framework of presenting the general vision and listening to the response, but Hoshyar Zebari’s statements were that he sensed more understanding with the Sadrists. This reflects the possibility of forming an alliance of Democrats, al-Sadr and determination.” 

Barwari called on the federal government to “protect the regions and borders of the region, which is the duty of the state and not the duty of Mr. al-Sadr. the provisions of the constitution regarding Article 140, the oil and gas law, and others.  link

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