“God will Send you an Angel” by Ron Giles – 12.16.21


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 9:23 PM EST on December 16, 2021


A person who wants to become an RSS Managing Director will have a burning desire to do Humanitarian work. This is the Major Qualification.

Yet there are many levels of commitment that cover the full gamut of how involved a person might want to be. This degree is manifested by the currencies you are inspired to purchase to exchange or redeem.

If you travel around your neighborhood and see things you want to do for projects to upgrade the neighborhood, then the revaluation of Dong or Dinar will give you enough money to accomplish these things. Exchanging these currencies will give you millions to do those projects. This is a good thing and if this is your level of Humanitarian thought then you get to be fulfilled with this level of work.

The Zim Bonds are a different story. Because of the hugeness of the real work the humanitarians need to do. The Alliance, by Divine Decree, has instituted the Zim Bonds as a tool to get the funds necessary for the heavy lifting of mankind out of poverty.

The Face Value of the bonds in the Trillions or more provides the funds that will be needed to fulfill the work of a Humanitarian. When you position yourself to do your humanitarian work with the Dong and Dinar then you are responding to your calling in the neighborhood. There is no need for Trillions when Millions will do. But if you are responding to the greater calling of changing the world economy to a more pure functioning financial system designed to bring in the Golden Age of mankind, then even Quadrillions may not be enough. If the greater funds were not needed we would not have been given the Zim Bonds to redeem. But where much is given, much is expected. Zim redemption is only for Humanitarians to do humanitarian projects. We have been given the Zim Bonds so that we as Humanitarians can receive the greater funds we will need for the greater work that is required of us. If you have been inspired to purchase Zim Bonds your Soul is positioning you for the greater work. The rate of redemption you ask for is your key to the greater work needed. If you fail to ask for the higher rates, you may have failed in your higher calling. Contemplate this in your quiet moments and tune into your calling as a Humanitarian to where you will fit into the overall Humanitarian work that is needed to be done. Every Humanitarian will have their own comfort level and need not compare to others. Integrity not popularity is your ticket to being happy in your Humanitarian work.

As a result of following the Deep State Shills, which would limit us from receiving our rightful funds, many of the Humanitarians have forsaken their responsibility for the greater work. Many Humanitarians have fallen back into the clutches of the slave mentality that restricts them from their Sovereignty. They are still inclined to let others rule over them and tell them what to do. Therefore, do your own thinking and use discernment to position yourself for the true work you were meant to do in this life’s endeavors.


How many Humanitarians are still wearing the mask of slavery, of capitulating to the slave bosses over them? Though not bad people they have not awakened to their callings as Humanitarians. They will not be the ones chosen to get the higher rates that are available. However, these Humanitarians will, at the appropriate time, find those who did respond to the greater calling and did receive sufficient funds. 

So Humanitarians who missed their opportunity for the greater funds will at least be part of the Humanitarian process. So not all is lost for these people. Though not the point of the spear, they may become the ones who take the torch of Liberty across the finish line. It will take all of us to accomplish this Victory over death.

The Revenue Sharing Solutions Action Plan is the beginning of the Love Won Society process. The RSS platform will be housed in the Divine Consciousness many refer to as the Quantum Computer. This Divine Consciousness is the gatekeeper of the entire financial system. Its presence has been around since the beginning of time as we now know it. Though we were not aware of this during this lifetime, we did participate in the planning phase before we came here. If you sense a familiarity with what I am saying then your heart is prompting you to go in this, the right direction.

The nature of the Alliance with its many Ascended Masters has taken full advantage of all that the Divine has created and has inserted it into this Third Dimension realm for our use. With this Divine Knowledge as our functioning belief system, it is now calling us as a Species to move into the Fifth Dimensional realm to usher in the Golden Age of Mankind.

Those who have a hard time living in the full light of day because they want to hide their activities in their darkness, will not be able to abide by the light spectrum and will seek their own levels of living in locations or timelines more suited for their way of life. It is not a punishment, it’s a matter of living where they choose to have their Being. It is a soul decision. We say goodbye to them and wish them well on their soul journey through the Karmic realms of birth and rebirth back to the light. It is really difficult when they are our loved ones, but it is a soul choice for the greater good of the individual.

The Alliance Plan

I am now going to discuss my thoughts and comprehension of the Alliance Plan for the Earth. The Love Won Society Action Plans are a collaboration between the Alliance and LWS. They have been created in harmony with the Alliance plan for mankind on this earth.


The Earth is the Crown Jewel of the Divine Creator’s energy. It has been meticulously created as the Crown Jewel for a reason. When the true history of the Earth in this timeline is known, we will comprehend why it has been oppressed by off-worlders and kept from its original purpose. 

The dark entities know of the Earth’s greatness and want it for their own selfish agenda. Humans are creators and if left alone, they will meet the full measure of their creation. But if taken over and controlled, the Humans can be tricked into using their creative energies to fulfill the desires of those who control them. 

This has been our lot during the eons of time the earth and its people have been controlled. It is why we Humans have forsaken our Love Quotient, and have turned on each other to create the pain and suffering that feeds these dark Satanists. They couldn’t have done this without our creative energies being used for their purposes. We are that powerful, we just don’t remember it yet, but we will. And in that Natural way of living, we will turn back to the Love that is who we are.

If left alone we Humans would have created the experience of a fully functioning Galactic Community that functions as The Kingdom of God, the Garden of Eden. If we as Children of God respond to our Spiritual Guidance and act in harmony with the Alliance, we will fulfill our destiny as Galactic Citizens and indeed create the fullness that God has intended for us as a Human race with our Galactic brothers and sisters. We are the only ones who can fulfill this calling. This is why the many Star Nations of the Galaxy are here cheering us on. They know that the winning of this war is not just for the earth but for the whole Galaxy. This is the Alliance perspective and the reason why we are Cherished and Loved beyond what we can imagine by our Galactic brothers and sisters. We are the answers to their prayers. They know of our creative powers and that we will use them for the betterment of all creation. That’s who we are.

There are no holds barred within the Universal Laws as the war is being waged for our victory. If we could only gain this perspective of what is taking place, we could begin to know how valuable we Humanitarians are and how much the Galaxy is cheering for us to win. It is indeed hard to believe this to be true, especially by the way we have been treated by our dark overlords but is it true? We are of extreme value and that goes for each individual Humanitarian, whether awakened or not. The HuMan species is the only species that is created in the image and likeness of God or the Source that is our Creator.

There are huge amounts of funds available for us to do our work. These funds are not to be given to the masses, they could not handle it, it would destroy civilization as we know it. If given to the people, governments would tax us and eventually return us to the corruption that now exists.

Instead, the Alliance is using Humanitarians to receive these vast amounts of money with a charge to serve mankind and not seek to make money on the funds we are given. Our job is to put the funds to use within our communities. We will build the roads. We will build the Bridges, the structures, the recreational facilities, etc., and do so without making a profit. This avoids the government taxing us and building the things that we can build without their interference or corruption.

Are you aware that there are Zim Bonds printed in the many Centillions? (303 zeros) We cannot imagine that amount of money but it doesn’t end there. There are Zim Bonds with face values that represent 2100 zeros. Is there enough Gold in the QFS to back 2100 zeros? The answer is yes. The QFS does indeed have the gold to gold-back those kinds of figures. That is why the Galaxy is waiting for us. The QFS will be the reserve currency to support all Galactic commerce using the Quantum Consciousness that many call a computer. Galactic Garden of Eden, here we come.

With that said, although it may be a stretch for many, this is never-the-less, the Alliance Plan.

When you go into the Redemption Appointment, the Alliance Agent (Angel) knows more than us, that they are in the presence of those who have been chosen to bring mankind out of slavery and into the Galactic Community. Can you imagine them offering you a pittance of a few million for a 100 Trillion Zim Bond when they know the task requires you to have far greater than that? These angels should not be labeled as people who do not want us to have the funds we ask for. It is a travesty to the nth degree. These angels will respond to our request for the higher that are available if we would just ask. We are the ones for whom they have been fighting this war. Don’t make them fight us to give us more funds in line with our projects. You may be asking for $500,000 per Zim when they want you to have a Million to one per Zim. This Alliance Angel will welcome you as a full member of the Alliance team when you first meet. 


We are the ones they have been praying for. They love us beyond measure and certainly know our value to the Alliance.

So the RSS Action Plan is the basis for all the other Action Plans. Although it was designed for the local community, it has the ability to support all commerce from the local community to the City, to the State, to the nation, to all nations of the world, and to every Star nation that is part of the Galactic Federation of Star Nations.

When you take into consideration that every person on the earth is entitled to an Employment contract, as well as the individual Beneficiary who owns an account on the RSS platform. It will be massive in its ability to be of service to Zim Benefactors as well as each individual who participates in commerce.

It is time we get on with being who we are? It’s time we let our small thinking expand to at least an international level of thought? We are that valuable to the Alliance who is our representative from the Divine Source.

Can you accept who you are? Can you accept that God has chosen you for a reason? Can you accept that this calling is far greater than you could have ever imagined? Can you gather yourself together and accept all that God has in store for you to help you accomplish your purpose for being on the earth at this time? 

It’s yours if you will only ask for it and then accept it as your stewardship responsibility. 

Decree your Acceptance in your private times with God as your Father. Allow His Divine Power to settle down around your shoulders as you accept your sacred calling. You are the Sovereign Humanitarian showing up for the healing process for this earth and beyond.

So, if you choose, let this be true for you, then decree that it be so. 

God will send you an Angel to be your new friend.

In-Service to the light

Ron Giles



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