Dinarland Highlights for December 16, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 12.16.21


How do you feel about the articles where they say they’re almost done paying Kuwait and The IMF giving them another good report. How do you feel about that?”

It gets us very very close.


Frank26 (KTFA)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they showed them the new small category notes But first they have to explain to them the new small category notes.  They have to explain to the exchange rate changing.  Think about it.  You barely have an education of maybe 1st grade/2nd grade and they hand you something brand new.  A new currency and you’re supposed to understand and go about your business Of course not silly rabbit. That’s why the education is so important.  Why?  Because it must not fail with the citizens of Iraq.

We’ve got the education at a different level now. It’s faster.  It’s also more revealing…It’s getting louder and deeper on an international scale... They’re showing in the last two weeks or so the citizens of Iraq how Iraq is becoming International with their currency.  They told them about the new exchange rate.  They told them about the new small category notes…



…I can tell you the test groups were successful and we are moving to getting ready for the final release. No one knows the time or the day. We are in the window. Be ready.



The Central Bank announces the preparations of a study of the currency structure project and warns against changing the exchange rate

I think the exchange rate is going to go up in increments.  That’s just my own personal opinion but they seem to be doing a lot more than just preparing for small increments.  There’s something definitely bigger going on.



[via PDK]

Many more people in place…Every single person who is “key” to this process is exactly where they need to be…At this point we are just waiting for somebody to flip that switch.  I know it’s painful…like watching paint dry…but, we appear to be right on top of it.


Nader From The Mid East

United States is still in Iraq.  That means the war is still going. Your President didn’t declare the end of war…Once the end of war declared is good.  Once Kuwait has been paid totally – it’s a good thing.  Once we are out of Chapter 7 – Right now me I cannot sell anything as a salesman because that’s the instruction.  We can’t.  We’re trying to do business with South Africa, through Turkey, through Kuwait, through Bahrain, through Saudis.  We wanna sell to the world…We want to sell a lot of things but we can’t because we’re in chapter 7.  Chapter 7 is stopping us…Me as a business guy I have to buy form Turkey and sell it and it’s costing me a lot.  I’m making a little but not a lot.  Not like my dad used to do or my uncle…



Here’s something to think about. Iraq is being expedited through the World Trade Organization.  Iraq has started infrastructure and rebuilding. Their economy is recovering. Remember this year we saw an article in which Iraq led all Arab nations as far as GDP was concernedThe growth is there…we know there’s other oil fields out there that they just found.  We know the country is stable…we also know that [Sadr] is the man who said before the elections that he wants the Iraqi dinar rate change to go back.  Now he didn’t say where to but he said it was too low and it was effecting the poor people.  So we know we have…a holy man and a leader, very influential that at least is going to be campaigning about increasing the value of the dinar.



Though many are anticipating…Iraq being released from UN Chapter 7 soon, history tells is nothing happens fast in Iraq.  My expectations are if Iraq does fulfill its financial obligations to Kuwait the soonest a UN official release would come would be sometime 1st quarter 2022…I am looking at March or April at the soonest to officially be removed…gurus are making more out of it than it is (as if it’s a key to a mythical RV).

It simply reinstates Iraq to its natural status in the world and without oversight or restrictions.  If and when Iraq begins to raise the value of the dinar it won’t be because of some status or charter it will be based on the success of Iraq’s economy and the pressure created as a result of significant investment through the capital account of the Central Bank of Iraq.



…Just received a telephone call from a very high contact and said “It’s coming it’s coming it’s coming”  Very excited…I’m also very excited…

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