The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 12-16-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 12-16-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday December 16th and you’re tuned in and listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in wherever you are all over the globe

Ok let’s talk a little bit about where we are from an intel point of view – I will try to remember as much as I can that I can bring you tonight –

First of all – let me say from a redemption point of view – they are staffed – and they are staffed heavy duty – from morning to night every day – from now on – to receive the emails – notifications to start us – They have been on an any day now or any minute now status for the last 2-3 days –

Now they have been on audio conference calls – yesterday and today – and I’m going to give you an example – these were 2 hr calls – in the afternoon – and giving you an example of who might have been on this call :

All tier 1 banks – all redemption center staff – and associates – major bank executives – also the treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin – also we had Dr Shabibi – representing the Central Bank of Iraq – on  yesterday and today’s call – also the head of the Bank of Zimbabwe on today’s call – and other countries – many other countries were participants –

Now what I find very fascinating is – they did discuss some things that not everybody had access to or were supposed to hear – and it had to do with our actual start dates for our exchanges – and so the information I am giving you did not come from those calls –

However – from other sources – very high up – I was able to determine that we do have some timing – will tell you about – but before I get to that – while Dr Shabibi was speaking – today – the new Iraqi Dinar and the new USN – which is our new dollar –  the Unites States Note – our new dollar were on par 1 to 1 –

Now – when all of our exchanges are done and I don’t know exactly when but over a period of time we will see a true level playing field internationally with rates coming to become on par – which is a 1 to 1 relationship – meaning 1 USN dollar equals 1 of another currency – like the Iraqi dinar – you can pick all of the other currencies that we know of and eventually – not immediately – they will be on par – 1 to 1

That levels the playing field for trade – for anything else we are going to do globally – and no longer will you have third world countries with a currency that’s virtually worthless – that’s why some of these countries that we would maybe think of second world or third world countries like Zimbabwe – is going to be worth so much –It is just amazing –

So I wanted to bring that – while he was speaking – Dr Shabibi today during that conference call – the Dinar – the new Iraqi Dinar and the USN our new digital gold backed currency came on par – 1 to 1

So let’s go beyond that – we were able to get information about the timing that you and I are looking forward to – and we believe from our sources – that this is going to go for us with notifications in the next couple of days and exchanges to start on the same day –

Now – I want to say it this way without “quote” “unquote” calling it – My understanding is we should get this Saturday morning and by that I mean – talking numbers – emails – should have them Saturday morning – if everything is going according to plan  – have it by Saturday morning and start Saturday afternoon on our exchanges – this Saturday –  in 2 days –

I was told this – if that it does not occur and we do not get notified Saturday –  I am going to paraphrase this –  “we dang well should go on Monday”  or “we dang well better have this Monday morning and start Monday”

Now if we do start Saturday we know the redemption centers will be open on Saturday – and power all the way through the week – all the way through it including at least a partial day on Christmas Eve – could be 6 hrs – or 8 hrs – some places if their region is complete – they have all the zim in before then –  they will probably close at a normal time on Christmas Eve and then be closed for Christmas  –

They are prepared if they need to – some may be open on Christmas Day – I hope they aren’t – I hope they are closed Christmas Day and then resume afterwards – but they are prepared to take us all the way through the end of the year with exchanges and they are prepared to start tier 5 the public – on January 2 I believe it was – or the 3rd

So we have a great opportunity – we do believe and I’ve been told this will be the best Christmas that we’ve ever had – we know the St Germaine Trust opens up twice a year – it can open up either on Easter or Christmas Day but we know many many funds have been put in place

Let’s talk about the bond holders a moment – this is what makes Saturday very interesting – we know of bond holders that have been told on a conference call with them today – individually – not a big one – just individual – that they would get a call at noon on Saturday – these are bond holders which are tier 3 – and that they would be able to get access to funds at 1 PM afternoon – on Saturday –

Don’t you find that a little bit coincidental – which by the way we don’t believe in coincidents – don’t you find that a little bit coincidental that they would have access to the funds when we are theoretically starting our exchanges – because I see us getting notified “if this happens” IF this happens – on Saturday morning – we should be notified set our appointments and start Saturday afternoon –

That would be the true version of the shot gun start ok – with tier 3 bondholders getting access to their funds we got access to our exchanges and our funds starting at virtually on the same day –

Now that’s what I – the main part of what I wanted to bring as far as the timing for this – we will see –how it transpires – this is giving you the best and latest information that I could on this call tonight – that’s why I believe that this will be our final public Big Call – because if this works out whether it’s Saturday or Monday we are golden – that’s it – game over –

It’s been a long ride and I am excited for all of us with everything that we plan to do – and so I wanted to being that to you and let you know there have been other things that have been going on behind the scenes – it’s like there is a huge curtain – that we cannot see behind – but every once in a while we get a glimpse of what is really happening – really happening and one of those things is another sting operation and that was able to bring almost 200 people in  on the so called cleanup  – this was in a very remote location – and mission accomplished –

So if you are out there reading stuff about the rest of the world is going to go but we are not – I am going to call NOT TRUE – I have heard that from a few people – my sources are saying that is not the case  that “yes” we do believe this is starting in the East – and moving West = we heard that 00 years ago that was the way it would start – start in the East and come to the West – and so where the rest of the world may start on exchanges a little before us – it’s not designed for us to not go –

The design is very much – why do we have Dr Shabibi – the guy from Zimbabwe – sorry do not know his name –  and the rest of these other representatives – Mnuchin – on these calls yesterday and today – in various locations –  it’s amazing –

So – part of the reason they were on the call today was to discuss the two start dates – 2 possible start dates –  those happen to be from our view point the same that I just talked to you about –  the two dates that I just talked about –

S0 —- let’s say this – remember one number is for zim holders and any other currency they may have –  the other number – as I understand it –  and I do not have them yet – but the other number is supposed to be for currency holders that are NON ZIM – dinar – dong – rial – rupiah – etc –  not zim –  that’s the number you will call to set your appointment –

Bu t if you are a zim holder PLUS other currency there is the separate number for that – ok  that is what we should see in these 1.42  million  emails that Wells Fargo Servers have –

So what will we do afterwards? Besides celebrate very quietly – remember you are going to be under NDA for at least 30 days probably more like 90 days to 6 months probably – you can exclude your people that you are doing projects with – possible family members – type up a list of those people  you would like to exclude from y our NDA  – realize that is anybody messes up and starts spouting off  or bragging about all of this or talking about the rates – (you do not talk about any of that – even your appointment – NONE of it) it will get your money pulled back – brought back where you lose – Game Over –

I do not want that to happen to anybody – I don’t want them clawing your money back because you violated the NDA – ok – so be aware of that – let’s make sure we do the right thing on that –   

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:07:07

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