Dinarland Highlights for December 19, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 12.19.21


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based on what I am hearing I anticipate exchanges happening very early in the week. I am very hopeful this is actually it. People at exchange centers had been hoping to be exchanging folks this weekend... I spoke with 3 different contacts at Redemption Centers…and they are fully staffed. They said its very festive today…they are not anticipating any redemptions today [Saturday] and tomorrow but are staffed making preparations.  They anticipate our release before the holidays…Whales are still sitting where they need to be…everyone is very festive. Everyone seems to be in a long-stretched out holiday party waiting to exchange.


Mountain Goat

can we still expect the reinstatement of the IQD on Forex soon?

Just remember that Iraq can not do what they are telling us they want to do in the White Paper without a currency with a true value… the White Paper and Financial Minister whole-heartedly support its purpose and implementation. We have read in many prior articles that the CBI and Financial Committee wants Iraq to go back to the “glory days” and we surely know what this means for us and our investment…the Iraq dinar was valued at $4+. Wow! Is this really possible nowYes, and it is coming since we already can see the new rate in the Quantum Financial System (QFS) just sitting there waiting to be pushed down stream into implementation …The White Paper clearly addresses the implementation of the IQD to go international…They actually say “FOREX”.



Here’s the key thing about the CRUT [Charitable Remainder Unitrust] it can provide you a lifetime of income and it defers the income.  Remember when you exchange your IQD under the umbrella of the CRUT it is a non-taxable event.  It’s a tax-free environment.  So picture this…you’ve got the paperwork, you’ve got the EIN [Federal number], you go to the bank, they open up the bank account in the name of the CRUT, you give them your IQD and they exchange it but instead of it going into your hands it went directly into the CRUT so it’s a tax-free environment.  You were not exposed through a taxable event…



You still see them coming in at least 50 cents?”

Upper .50 cents – .60 cents around there.
Do you feel they have the ability to hit a dollar?”

Yeah, they can go $1.25 no problems. “Possibility of an RV at $2.50 for the IQD?”  No.  Not even close.  It will be below a buck.

Can it go higher than that?

Yes.  But they want a ceiling where the can grow…$2.50 that’s a completely different plan.  That would start after they add value to the currency.  That’s way on down the road if that was to happen.



Nader From The Mid East

We cannot change the rate that quick because we worried about the economy to crash if oil goes down…we have to take it easy.  I’m not telling you the rate is not gonna change.  The rate is gonna change before February.  I give you the news is good news.  The plan is before February but we have to make sure everything is solid and everything is standing on two legs and everything is running correctly before we change the rate.  Everyday we have good news coming up…


Vital Brad

Iraq as a whole is preparing for its international status and they’re ready.  The requirements have been met.  It’s time for them to move forward.  It’s just a matter of when is it going to happen…when will it revalue.  No one knows the answer to that…Until I see it I’m not going to believe it…eventually it’s going to happen.



I think we’re way closer to having the real rate of the Iraqi dinar come out than we ever been before.  I don’t know what that rate is and I have no idea when it’s going to happen and anybody that tells you different is full of crap. Nobody knows the rate.  Nobody knows the date.  Nobody.  Except for those in the need-to-know and you and I ain’t them. It’s exciting to see.  Yes it makes me happy…it certainly looks like they’re trying to line themselves up with some type of plan to be reinstated…



Frank26 (KTFA)

The Central Bank signs a memorandum of understanding with the Emirates Bank”

They’re signing with every bank in the world. Why?  Because the Iraqi currency is about to go international. United Arab Emirates is just one of many countries that are so excited to be working with the Central Bank of Iraq because they know that they’re Article VIII.

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