“They are Setting the Stage” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 12-20-21


Monday Evening News with MarkZ 12/20/2021

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: I really hope this is happening and not another replay of Thanksgiving

Member: Mark in all your years doing research, have you ever felt like it’s this close before”?

MZ: No, I have never felt like it was this close before.

MZ: Bond folks…..I am hearing we are in an “any moment “ for release here in the US. A number of folks were asked to sign some last minute paperwork today. It could well be in the next hour or two we move forward on bonds.

MZ: We have not seen any dollars on bonds yet, But, all afternoon I was getting minute by minute updates from 3 different cities…..on the historic bonds. Hopefully we will have the news overnight for tomorrow’s stream. Keep an eye on your twitter. If I get information on money for the bonds I will share it.

MZ: We are not talking about partial payments…but full payments. This tells me how close we are to the release of the RV.

MZ: I don’t know what to expect on currencies yet. I can tell you that the chatter right now is overwhelming.

MZ: The bonds I am talking about are “Historic Bonds”

Member: IF “BONDS” happen… then foreign monies will also happen soon thereafter…

Member: Jim Willie just did a youtube with Jean-Claud on Beyond Mystic 3

MZ: I had a chance to check out the Jim Willie video on Dinar rates and other currencies…very exciting stuff.

Mod: JIM WILLIE LINK https://youtu.be/E3087aM-qTM  (Dinar info at about minute 15:00)

MZ: also out of Turkey today. From the administration there- They are going to try to quickly peg their currency to an asset like gold. This is big guys. They are setting the stage.

MZ: Article: “It’s a free for all-As Chinese cities are taking possession of Evergrande Properties after giant debtor fails to pay its debts”

MZ: That collapse has started in earnest at this point in China…you have cities trying to recover some of that debt by confiscating land and properties..….

Member: Remember only 1% of the population know about this….we’ve been chosen

Member: MARK, once bonds are released, what is timeframe for RV?

Member: how long will it take once bonds are completed?

MZ: Moments. Once they start completing bonds…This thing is a shotgun and we can start seeing announcements and deliveries within literally an hour of it…..

Member: Anything on CMKX?

MZ: I did touch base with a DHS contact …they are prepared for deliveries but no “go” signal given yet.

Member: CMKX PEOPLE saying they have APPTS with their PRIVATE BANKERS at WELLS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know 3 people who use MY PRIVATE BANKER who got the CALL!!! CMKX

MZ: I have heard these rumors to but been unable to confirm them yet from someone I know.

Member: Looks like the Dow ended at -433 hoping in the morning it goes off the rails!

Member: Who should we be expecting a call from?

MZ: No calls unless you are in a private group. You should be looking for an email from Dinar recaps or Dinar Chronicles…..

Member: They will all be posting the RV happened and the exchange info on their sites….it will be big…you will not miss it. Also if you are in WF private group you should get an email

Member: Mark do you think we should wait to exchange until January due to the possibility of tax changes?

MZ: I don’t think so. I believe as soon as this happens we are expecting the Emergency Broadcast system to start broadcasting and telling us about all kinds of changes. I do not think we will have long to wait until we see all the rules are changing.

Member: What does it mean the Fed is now in the Treasury?

MZ: The Federal Reserve is actually a private bank run by a private group of London Bankers and owned by some royal families and the Vatican. The Federal Reserve is not Federal and not a part of the US Government. The US Treasury was always supposed to manage our monetary supply. When someone says the Fed is now in the treasury…..I believe it means the if the US treasury has absorbed it and will now be handling the US money supply. Like if Mcdonalds would buy Burger king….then they would be in charge of Burger king.

Member: Remember “Patience would not be a virtue if it was easy.”

MZ: Unless it is urgent please do not email me overnight…..I do not want to miss something very important…like emails from my intel people.

Member: thank you for all you do markz!!

Member: Really looking forward to big news tomorrow!!

Member: Mark, thank you for coming on here everyday and spending your time with us! it is very much appreciated!!

Please listen to replay for all the information

The next stream is tomorrow at 10Am est……..

Source: Dinar Recaps


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