Dinarland Highlights for December 20, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 12.20.21


Redemption Centre personnel are in their positions since Thursday 16 December 2021…All are fully staffed and are getting fully trained with administrative knowledge. Whales in RENO have been told not to move…We are nearly close to the finish line…this baby is about to land…


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Saleh: The Central Bank Has A Comfortable Reserve That Helps It Impose Stability In Exchange Rates

the monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq has today, a strong foreign reserve tool that can maintain the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar and face inflationary expectations with a high capacity due to the surplus in the current account of the balance of payments.”

What Salih is telling us/them is that they have enough hard currency and foreign currencies to support and defend their exchange rate through open market operations with ease and flexibility. Key word is “OPEN”!!!. Meaning global markets… imo…


Nader From The Mid East

Three things have to have before the revalue.  1. The occupation has to leave. The Untied States, France, England, all the armies…Russia, everybody has to leave.  I think they’re going to leave this week… 2.  We have to get out of Chapter 7.  We have to.  3.  We have to buy more gold and more dollars.  I think if we reach the $100 billion…our money will come back very strong.  That’s what we’re waiting for.  I think by next month we will reach it…



I still think it’s going to go up in increments but…I showed you articles from the United Nations council directly from them that says there’s no reason why Iraq cannot be reinstated to the original rate.  Now having said that – it doesn’t mean they’re going to be reinstated.  I’m just saying if it does that is the rate it appears to be – $3.22…



[via PDK]

My redemption center folks did work over the weekend. Half days. They are expecting to work all week. My folks have been told that no matter what happens they will be off on Dec. 25th…Christmas day. And may be expected to go back to work on the 26th. News is all positive. Still hearing around $2.30 for the dong and close to $5 on the dinar.

[Mark in all your years doing research, have you ever felt like it’s this close before”?]

No, I have never felt like it was this close before.

…I can tell you that the chatter right now is overwhelming.



I had very good news yesterday and it was confirmed by three sources, we should see this before Christmas…The release means all should begin and notifications should come out…At this point having the release and setting up our appointments is huge.   

…I just had a call. And there is massive misinformation floating around. They said it would be very crazy at the end with all kinds of misinformation. Please do not focus on the misinformation or anything negative that you hear….The call said there is a massive push to get this done before Christmas…


Frank26 (KTFA)

A lot has happened and the interesting thing is that the articles that are released from Iraq…I don’t believe they’re complete.  I believe that the monetary reform education is happening so fast that they don’t even have time to really put it in an article.  It’s not important to be put into articles.  What is important is that it be put into the minds, the psyche, the education, the understanding of the Iraqi citizens and that’s exactly what’s going on.  And it’s happening fast



[aka Guru Kaperoni]

The 2% rule is based off the official CBI rate (including fees) not street rate. Take the 1460 x .02 and you have the max street rate within the IMF rules. So 1489 is the rate. They must maintain this for 90 days or more in order for the IMF to accept their request to move to Article VIII.  The point being price stability. Cost of goods should not vary throughout the country (this is what MCP is) many gurus don’t understand and think MCP is different currencies (like dinar and dollar). Iraq will always have dollars in Iraq as long as they sell oil. For example. A new washing machine should cost 430,000 dinar in Baghdad +- 2% and same goes for Kurdistan. Iraq needs to prove they can maintain this stability before they can engage with the global financial system.

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