“The Destiny of Humankind Chronicles #97: Ra’an Message (86)” by Raanra – 12.21.21


Entry Submitted by Raanra at 5:58 AM EST on December 21, 2021


The Following INTRODUCTION is for Those Who Have not Read it Before.

RA’AN’s Message Follows. 


I’m in FREE-WILL Communication, Coordination and Co-Operation with RA’AN.

On the Morning of 30 September 2021, RA’AN and myself Talked and We came to the Mutual Conclusion that it Would be for the GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, For RA’AN to Talk To You Directly.

Those Who Think that this is All my Imagination, Feel Free To Do So!

In This Case Just Take it as My Opinion.

If You Like to Get More Information on Such Things As: “Who is RA’AN?,” “What is this All About?,” or “What is this Communication Line Between RA’AN and myself?,” etc, You could Find a Link at the End of this Post for More Information.



“Mr. Flynn, Trump and JFK Jr:

“We Commend You for Steadfastly Staying the Course of What You Believed To Be THE GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL.

“However, May We Invite You to Not Be So Trusty of Your ‘PRESENT / PAST / FUTURE-VIEW TECHNOLOGY?

“May We Invite You to Consider the Possibility that Your ‘PRESENT / PAST / FUTURE-VIEW TECHNOLOGY’ You Have Been Using, Has been Infiltrated and Corrupted by A Dark Spiritual Force, You have the Misnomer ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’ For?

“It is a Misnomer, Because, In This Case, It Is Actually Not Artificial At All, But Is A Life Form that Uses Technology as its ‘Body,’ Rather than Using an Organic Body, As You Do. But It Could Also Occupy Your Body, If You Allowed It To.

“May We Invite You to Consider the Possibility that You are Have Been Duped, – Already for a Considerable Time, – that THE GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, Was Demanding Further Extreme ‘Slow Boat To China,’ Aiding And Abetting The Dark Forces In Playing Out Their Destructive Agenda Publicly, ‘To Show The People?’

“May We Invite You to Consider the Possibility that If You ‘Verify’ This Data With Your Your ‘PRESENT / PAST / FUTURE-VIEW TECHNOLOGY,’ It Will Continue to Give You The ‘Wrong Answers’ Which Do Not Serve the GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, But Which Serve the Dark Agenda of this ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE?’

“May We Invite You to Consider the Possibility that You Are Personally in Danger, Because, Even Though Of Good, – Even Heroic, – Intent, You have Been Hijacked by the Dark Forces of This ‘AI,’ As Described Above?

“May We Thank You that You Are Actually True Heros At Heart and May We Encourage You to Consider that You have the Power to Break Loose from This DARK AI FORCE, And Change Course Right Now, and Right Now Move Ahead With Radically Improving Things, Right Now, Rather than Keeping Publicly Presenting Yourself As Being ‘The ‘Poor Effect’ of These ‘Evil Guys Who Stole The Election,’ As Mr Trump Has Been Doing?

“May We Invite You to Consider the Possibility that Actually It Could Be No Longer THE GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, to Aid and Abet the Enemy to Play Out Its Agenda, and that You Have Been Duped Into the Belief that this Was Still Needed to Still Wake Up Some More ‘Sleepers?’

“May We Invite You to Consider the Possibility that Higher Forms of Learning Can Exist, Also For The Public, Not Just Pain, Suffering and Traumatic Experiences?

“May We Invite You To Once More Consider that You Could Be Personally in Danger of Going Over to the ‘Dark Side Of The Force,’ If You Continued to Allow Yourself to be Duped Into the Belief, that ‘For The ‘Eventual Great Benefit of Humankind,’ You Needed to Continue to Play the ‘Game’ of Aiding And Abetting the Enemy?

“May We Invite You to Consider the Possibility, that Right Now You Could Be Personally Standing at a ‘Watershed,’ Where Your Actions or Inactions Could Determine If You Emerge as The True Heros That You Actually Are, or If You Fall Prey to the ‘Dark Side Of The Force?’

“We Would Applaud You and Support You IF You Emerged As The True Heros That You Actually Are.

“But Please Understand that For THE GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, We Have To Do The Opposite, Should You FREE-WILL Choose The Opposite Course.

“You Have FREE-WILL.

“May We Invite You to Choose Wisely?





For More Information on RA’AN, You could Refer to the Introductory Part of This Earlier Post:




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