Dinarland Highlights for December 22, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 12.22.21

Mountain Goat

We know that the CBI reserves is about 100 billion USD even though recent fake news told us it was only 64 billion (figures from the summer). I am hearing from my CBI contact that leaving the dinar at 1450 or even bringing it back to 1200 is NOT an option.

The new economy and investors now flocking into Iraq will simply not work with the dinar undervalued. Of course by now we all should realize this and that the dinar has been “artificially” held back now since 2012-2013...we can expect to watch for an early January 2022 reinstatement. All the information I have points in this direction…We, as investors, are just a small part of this event and will share in the wealth since we helped Iraq through hard times by investing in the currency.



…We are days away from Christmas and yes there is still a strong push to get this out before this holiday. All we need is this to start and most of us will set our appointments up after Christmas, but to have this started would be the Christmas miracle…


Frank26 (KTFA)

Completing the payment of compensation for the State of Kuwait

the last remaining installment of the State of Kuwait’s compensation amounting to 44 million US dollars has been completed

What did I say over and over?  Kuwait was paid…this is big.  This is why we have the monetary reform coming.  Chapter 7 = Float.  You better memorize that.

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground TV report]

FIREFLY:  The CBI governor is on television right now he just said that the reserves for the CBI are high enough now to produce stability in the exchange rate.

FRANK26: BINGO! The program rate has nothing to do with stability…Stop and think about this…those reserves are not based on the program rate those reserves are based on the education they’ve been telling them – the new small category notes, the new denominations, the new exchange rate.      



[via PDK]

There has been a development that is pretty exciting…  Today is definitely fair game… there was a big occurrence yesterday that tells us just how close we are…and you can verify this in Iraqi and CBI news as well. Iraq officially paid off their debt to Kuwait…the 52.4 billion dollar debt has been finished being paid to Kuwait yesterday. Iraq is now “Paid in Full!!!” This is the last thing to happen before the RV is released. The CBI officially announced this on Dec 21, 2021.  This is absolutely ground-breaking, breath taking HUGE!!!  I also heard the election results were expected today…And we still have Redemption Center folks scheduled to work throughout the holidays with Christmas day off and only a half day on Christmas Eve. I am expecting our notifications to happen at any moment now…I have been wrong in the past but this all feels awfully good. Exceptionally good.

[What are you taking to your exchange Mark?]

What I would take If I were you guys is what you would normally take to open a bank account at a bank. Maybe throw in a utility bill…..but I am told you will only need one valid photo ID.    



We don’t know the rate. We don’t know the date. And there’s a lot of people out there blowing smoke up your butt…if I tell you every single day that today is the day that the Iraqi dinar is going to revalue, eventually one day I’m going to get it right…Let’s be excited about this news and be happy about it but don’t get overboard.  Stay grounded.  This is all great information. At least now you know what happens when they lift Chapter 7.  There’s gonna be some huge changes for Iraq...



gurus constantly talk as if the Iraqi dinar is a lottery ticket and a RV is some random act that’s going to happen. That is not the case. Only with the success of Iraq ‘s economy can the dinar go up in value. And that is going to take time.  



“I’ve heard chatter/seen articles but I don’t understand the significance in regards to them advancing to the WTO and them going ahead and making a move  with adding value?”

It means everything.  Remember China was a third world #$%#-hole and then how did they get out of that third-world @#$%-hole status?  We brought them into the WTO and let them use the World Bank that we created…that means they’re part of our market system.  That means they have access to the biggest customer base on the planet and that’s how you make money…


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

So what we’re hearing is that they are going to try to release this to us before Christmas – we’re getting awfully close…a lot of redemption centers will be open on Christmas Eve – the 24th  and some have been given extended hours to be able to be open on that day – and do exchanges on that day…

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