The Nomad Economist: Will 2022 be the Year of the Economic Collapse?


The Nomad Economist
Premiered Dec 26, 2021

The Founding Fathers considered the national debt to be theft from future generations. Disaster is a virtual certainty unless we reign it in! For the first two months of the Fiscal Year 2020, the US Government is on a path for a $2 trillion deficit, a new record. This path is unsustainable! Not to mention that if the price of oil gets out of control, we are in trouble. If job cuts keep happening, we are in trouble. The stock market will have its wings clipped this year.

The Fed won’t be able to fund a war and pump the market at the same time. Too many plates are spinning. Lipstick on a pig. Yeah, we got this. Underfunded liabilities are going to give all of us a huge wake-up call. Can’t fix the economy? Start a war. How many times have we seen this play out? It’s getting too predictable.

The Fed has pumped $3 trillion into the markets since September 17 ; and plans to pump another $2.8 trillion through January 18. The Fed is also buying $60 billion in treasuries a month. The collapse already started. Generally, when a collapse is about to accelerate, the elites use crisis events as cover to distract the public and produce scapegoats. Wagging the dog, so to speak. In this case, a war with Iran.

Welcome to The Atlantis Report.

The collapse is a process, but people won’t notice it until they wake up one day, and the dollar has been devalued by 50%. Or major exporting countries no longer accept the dollar as payment. The igniter could be the debt bubble, which is The Nuke. A booming economy can no longer cure it. Too big now for Trump to defuse without it detonating. That was tried in the Second half of 2018.

Great job by Obama in keeping interest rates near zero for way too long, building a debt-fueled market bubble that is truly biblical. The igniter is margin debt in the markets. And the market can be tipped by the elites through several mechanisms to panic margin holders. Market crashes due to margin call panic and then nuclear chain reaction; recession hits. 100’s of Russell 2000 zombie companies who are leveraged up to their eyeballs in debt, from leveraged stock buyback money grabs, can no longer service it and go belly up.

The Fed can do nothing about that but will print more money; unemployment skyrockets; government tax revenues plummet; new taxes are created to service pensions; and so on and so on. Then progressive Socialism rises as a lifeboat for the millions taking their last gasps as the US Debt financial juggernaut slips below the surface. The water recedes, and we are left with a country that is now a dried-up swamp upon which to build “Utopia.”

The mother of all financial crisis will start this year. The financial crisis will be outside the USA. It is a politically caused crisis. Politicians never act before a crisis. And they never accept responsibility for what they have done. Here in the USA, The Societal thinking is changing from “if you don’t think like me, you are wrong” to “if you don’t think like me, I hate you.”

The 2020 Presidential election will be the most violent election since 1968. The losers of the election will not accept the result even more strongly that the 2016 election. There will be a major political event in the US in 2022. This will set the stage for the 2024 Presidential elections. There will be unprecedented violent during this election cycle as people start to splinter into like thinking groups for acceptance and safety. Then there is the 2028 Presidential election cycle. This is where societal thinking will change from “if you don’t think like me, I hate you” to “if you don’t think like me, I will kill you.”

This election cycle, you will see people killing each other over their political beliefs. Once this happens, civilization, as we know, will end in 5-10 years. Then the civilization will segment into like thinking tribes for safety. And eventually, the world will start a new civilization cycle again. Hopefully, learning from the mistakes of the previous civilization cycle. Let’s hope we don’t end up in another 600 years dark age like what happened at the end of the Roman Civilization.


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