Dinarland Highlights for December 26, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 12.26.21

Mountain Goat


…We know for a FACT that Chapter VII has EVERYTHING to do with this final payment. If not then why have they not applied to exit from it before? Why now at the same time they are making the last payment to Kuwait? How do I know this? Because they told us in an article from the Finance Committee a couple weeks ago that this is tied directly to the exit from Chapter VII


Frank26 (KTFA)

For the sake of the banking system..Kuwait: Iraq handed over the last batch of compensation before it was due

Told you!

It’s no secret.  The monetary reform, adding value, new exchange rate, new currency – it’s no secret anymore!  It’s everywhere!

…and that is an extraordinary thing to say.  An important thing to say…it hasn’t been a secret all year…it’s no longer a secret that the Iraqi dinar 3-zero notes are no longer in the streets.  They are being removed from their banks, the citizens hands – it cannot be a secret anymore…



…Hard to believe that we’re still pushing for this RV to start, but so much had to happen to make this possible to exchange/redeem safely.

…the details we can hold on to throughout the next week…for now we are sitting tight in our knowledge of all of the momentous events unfolding. Joy, joy, joy in abundance is here!



I think what you’re going to see is being removed out of chapter 7 and chapter 6 allows Iraq to really start investing a lot of money into the private sector and start rebuilding infrastructure. The economy is going to start booming and as the economy gets stronger of course you’re going to know the dinar is going to go up…



The ROTH…for people who invested in the IQD…it is the one and only way for us to be able to have a tax-free return on this investment.  It does have caps…on how you put it in…married above $208,000 income you can’t do it…currently your IRA can be rolled over into your ROTH. You just have to pay taxes on the rotation itself…you don’t have these caps on an IRA…It’s a really cool way you can backdoor with an IRA for now.  It requires a five-year aging period for the Roth and you have to be 59 and a half in order to pull it out…so it can be tax-free for you and tax-free for your airs.


Sandy Ingram

“Iraq pays final Kuwait war reparations”

Please note this article is dated December 24, 2021       



The news has been overwhelming that we finally have crossed the threshold for completion...All is on track for completion by the end of this month...We are on our last lap and I see it as a victory lap soon!    

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