The Nomad Economist: What to Expect in 2022, Debt, Inflation, Wealth Inequality, and a Decaying America


The Nomad Economist
Premiered Dec 27, 2021

2022 will herald the most significant changes in the history of man. Many more that are unpredictable and profound than anyone is forecasting. The world will never recover from what is coming because what we have built is a road to nowhere. The global economy will continue to be lethargic as long as the citizens of the world accept the failed central bank systems. Can’t they see how Poised Disciplined Jubilant Talkative is using their debt ruse against them?

The Central Banks also are being defeated with bilateral trade agreements. People of the world need to take back control of their governments and end the graft and corruption. Criminals commit theft and lie. What do we see every day in America? Our country is decaying and is bankrupt. What is $738 Billion for defense when the Fed can pump trillions into the repo market?

This shows their ability to create dollars unlimitedly. More “kick the can down the road.” This nonsense cannot go on forever. A REPO is a short term loan. Debt is debt and must either be paid back (impossible) or forgiven. The FED has been captured by Wall Street and is doing everything possible to avoid a debt spiral. This is a disgrace, PsyOp.

It is the National Democrat and Republican Socialist Party(s) Government, Old World Order, Debt Fiat Deficit Devaluation, Monetary Theory fraud. This repo is the only folly of the bankers who created the system to enrich themselves. Repo itself is BS as bankers lend to other bankers continually trading fake fiat to make some usury on the fake fiat they got for free anyway.

The real problems are that the masses have no work, most manufacturing has been exported. No jobs associated with it. Then retail taken away by online internet companies that are propped up by fake QE to eliminate any retail. With people starving and no way to pay mortgages. So this repo is just that. They are in a frenzy just to keep the rigged BS system afloat that they created to enrich themselves! What Economy to expect for 2020. the unknown unknown ahead; black swan event coming.

Welcome to The Atlantis Report.


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