“The QFS vs. the Gold Standard” by Ron Giles – 12.26.21


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 8:36 PM EST on December 26, 2021

There is a lot of speculation going on right now about the USN (UST) becoming “gold-backed” as in the Gold Standard. In my opinion, declaring that the USN is now on the Gold Standard is a step in the right direction but it is not the Gold-Backed USN in the QFS. Getting rid of the USD as we move toward NESARA/GESARA and “Sound money” is terrific. It is great that so much faith is being put in the USN as being on the Gold Standard. But is the Gold Standard the final step as a secure financial system is created worldwide? Absolutely not; Read on.

The problem I have with the Gold Standard is that there is no proof-of-gold given for any of us to see that backs any currency in any nation of the world. Which one of the world’s countries has a non-DS Government? Who really knows? Who has the gold and if so how much? That information is kept from public knowledge. So, is a government just simply declaring that a nation’s currency is now backed by that nation’s gold sufficient for the rest of the world to have faith in that currency? I say NO. And why should we? We have been lied to so many times by those who we entrusted with our financial system. They failed us. I’m looking for the untarnished purity of a financial system instead of the colors of gray that have created doubt like in the Central Banking System.

When the DSC is still competing for relevancy in the governments of the world, how do we know if the truth is being told? Do we really have Gold in Fort Knox as a recent report by VP Pence, the one that failed us in the Election Fraud? Has it been independently audited to know how much is there? And if so, was it by someone as untrustworthy as the Fed to do the auditing? Do we as Americans know how much our real national debt is that we owe to the Fed without an audit? Without an Audit, do we know how much money the FED gave to other nations and their Central Banks that have been charged to our national debt? Why in the hell should we have to pay back funds that were never used by our own government for our needs? How much longer do we have to just simply believe in the words of liars who have deceived us for a hundred years? Is it appropriate for us to simply question those in authority to do the right thing, or should we insist that they are appropriately held accountable by using an independent accounting firm to do the audit? So many questions and so many holes in the old money bucket to believe that we are not being lied to again. So we pray for a sound money system that is secure and free of manipulations.

“Q” has said that Gold will bring down the FED. It is not the Gold Standard that will bring down the FED, it is the Gold that backs the Currencies in the QFS that will bring down the FED. They lost control and can’t compete with the QFS. It is also true for the Central Banking System on a worldwide basis as well. It is a statement that is filled with great expectations for the future, yet all we hear about is the Gold Standard is being applied to the currency of all nations. This is akin to saying the CB can be trusted to do the right thing for the people, and then watch as they pull a quicky on us and create a debt system that has enslaved us. Should we trust them again? Do we have to trust them again? Should we shoot the SOBs? (short on brains)

We were on the Gold Standard when Nixon thought it wise to take us off because it was said that certain large investors were manipulating the gold markets and made our currency volatile. The promised two weeks turned into 50 years. Funny how politicians blame others for what they were doing themselves. Was the FED one of the investors that were manipulating the gold markets? Aren’t they still doing so now? Haven’t we had enough of that? HRC said, “Trump will destroy everything we have created these last 4 years.” Was she a prophet or what? Is the Gold Standard the answer to the financial mess we call the debt slavery system? Aren’t these the same people that said give us two weeks to flatten the Covid 19 fiasco/fraud? So what should we expect from liars besides lies? Nothing!

Let’s be very clear, the Gold Standard is a step away from the irresponsible Central Bank that just prints money as they want, but the Gold Standard is still only Window dressing when compared to the way the QFS uses Gold to really back QFS currency. . The Gold Standard will have to yield to the process of gold backing that is used in the QFS to establish credibility and security in our new financial system. Stockpiles of gold claimed in any country will not affect the value of their currency in the QFS. Those stockpiles become commodities that can be sold.The QFS has forever abandoned even the concept of the Gold Standard as having value and so should every other person in the world. It’s foolish to believe in such a questionable, “Trust Me” financial system that has been proven to create damage to society. So the Alliance has gone to the Digital Gold-backed Certificates used in the QFS. You can’t defraud the financial system when using Digital Gold Certificates. It is verifiable and completely secure, without having to just believe in the Fed or Politicians or Bankers. BTW the QFS is housed in the Quantum Consciousness that nobody can mess with. The QFS is God’s gift to man to be a part of the Golden Age of Mankind.

In my opinion, one central source of Gold-Backing for all currencies is necessary to establish the value of each currency, equally applied for each nation that will be involved in international commerce. This agreement has already been signed during the convention for the Paris Accord on Climate change, although it had nothing to do with the fraudulent DS Accord on Climate Change. There has to be credibility in the process or it will not prove successful. 209 Nations approved the QFS as the world financial system – it is a legally binding Accord voted on and approved by each nation’s government representatives.

Applying the old Gold Standard from the past, for each country requires a massive amount of annual auditing to keep the credibility of value from one country’s currency to another, and still, we have to depend on someone else for that credibility. Which DS Government should we trust? Who can you trust to do such a thing? If one country can go off the gold standard by the stroke of a pen, then where is the credibility in implementing a failed Gold Standard procedure from the past? It is like putting faith in a broken crutch instead of a solid wheelchair to get around until we heal a broken leg. When the system can be broken in the past, why should we go there again? If we can’t learn lessons from the past, then where is the wisdom of reinstating it for our new financial system?

Auditing of a nation’s Gold Standard Stockpiles will not happen in the QFS at all.

The Alliance has not left it up to each country to do this auditing, in fact, there will be no need for an audit at all. The Alliance has created the QFS and singled sourced its stockpile of Gold to gold-back all currencies and YES, there enough Gold to Gold-Back every increment of currency to date and well into the future. The gold is stored in large caverns with a library-type system that can locate a particular Kilo of Gold bullion. Periodic tracing of a gold certificate back to its source of value, a kilo of gold, with the gold Certificate’s serial number requires very little effort and can be done on a moment’s notice to provide accurate and conclusive evidence that the system has not been tampered with.

The word Asset-Backed is often used with Gold-Backed to establish credibility. Do not be confused with the term “Asset-backed currency,” as being gold-back like in the QFS. There may be gold along with other Assets like silver or diamonds, etc., but there is no security in an Asset that can not be specifically identified as backing an increment of currency. Assets can be sold. The term is not specific enough to create value for the currency. The QFS uses “gold-backed,” meaning a specifically “Identified” piece of gold is used to back a specific increment of money. If the gold backing does not point to an “identified” specific piece of gold, it does not “Qualify” as “Gold – Backed.”

The reality of the Quantum Financial System is that it establishes credibility and value for every nation’s currency that participates in the QFS. It is all gold-back from one central secured stockpile of gold with serial numbers identifying each Kilo of gold bullion. Once this value is set and all currencies are on par value with any other currency, then the whole question of disparity between currencies; with one country saying theirs is more valuable than another because we have more gold; is put to rest and there is no justification for such an errant claim. All currencies are gold-backed together from one source and their value is “frozen in” for all time. The question of value is forever settled for each and every currency, regardless of a country’s stockpile of Gold or any other asset they own.

Talking about the Gold Standard, with the possibility of one nation going off the gold standard and printing its own money, it leaves gaping holes in the credibility of the whole financial system. This is the Central Bank as it exists today. Are we not doing away with all of its manipulations and fraudulent activities? The answer is a resounding “YES.” The Gold Standard is part of that old system and will not survive in the new Quantum Financial System with its Real process of Backing with Gold Certificates. This is real currency you can believe in, and it will be the ONLY FINANCIAL SYSTEM IN THE WORLD.

The new QFS is replacing the Central Banking System with all of its extremely negative consequences. Doing away with just one major problem of depending on the Gold Standard to create value in a nation’s currency means we are moving toward a safer and more secure financial system that works for everybody, not just the Global Elite with their built-in financial manipulations. This QFS is something we can all get behind and use for our humanitarian work.

Yes, the Gold Standard is a step in the right direction as far as public optics are concerned, but the real value of the Gold Standard is its stepping stone toward the QFS way of establishing value for all currencies using an internationally accepted standard of Gold Backing.

The pundits that are not forward-looking toward a new financial system using gold-backed QFS currencies, are not on the leading edge of information. Hopefully, they will come up to speed as the QFS is fully implemented and they start espousing the great value of a “sound money system” that exists therein.

Finally, establishing and using “accounts” in the QFS (as of 12-25-21) has not yet been implemented. While certain elements of the quantum consciousness have been interfacing with the Central Bank computers and the SWIFT transfer system for over four years now, the fullness of the QFS has not been activated. When the RV funds are released, this means the QFS has been fully activated and this will trigger the Global Currency Reset where all currencies are reset to the gold-backed currencies in the QFS. This is when we can see that the fullness of the QFS has been implemented and the phasing out of the CB system will eventually give way to the new Financial Service Centers that will be funded by an army of Benefactors. BTW, the blockchain concepts are integrated into the QFS but the Quantum Computer is a 5th-dimensional creation, blockchain is 3rd dimensional and is really inferior to the system the QFS uses. It’s really whiz-bang stuff going on in that consciousness/computer. Yay, God, you did it again.

This information comes from my sources and is my personal understanding; I am not under an NDA so I can talk about it freely.

Ron Giles


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