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With the names.. {Euphrates News} publishes the final list of the winning candidates in the parliamentary elections

The Electoral Commission published a final list of the names of the winning candidates in the 2021 Parliament elections.

The list included 329 winning candidates who will represent members of the new parliament, a day after the Federal Supreme Court ratified the election results and rejected appeals.

Today, the Commission addressed the Presidency of the Republic regarding the approval of the final results of the elections.

To view the names, click here   link

Will the Sadrist movement choose Al-Kazemi to head the government?

Iraq has entered a new phase on the way to forming a government that meets the aspirations of the Iraqi street, after the Federal Supreme Court’s ratification of the results of the legislative elections that were held last October 10.

The new winners

Iraqi analyst Dr. Ali Al-Tamimi said that after the Federal Court ratified the election results, and in accordance with Article 54 of the Constitution, President Barham Salih must invite the 329 new winners to hold the first session of Parliament within 15 days of the court’s issuance of its ruling. Al-Tamimi explained, in exclusive statements, that the first session of Parliament is devoted to taking the oath and choosing the Speaker and his two deputies by direct secret ballot, and this session is run by the oldest members.

He explained that the procedures extend for about 4 days to choose a new president of the republic by a two-thirds majority or by a slight majority, if two-thirds is not obtained.

Features of the new government

For his part, the Iraqi political analyst, Dr. Muhammad Al-Faisal, said that with the approval of the Federal Court on the results of the early parliamentary elections, the ball became in the court of the President of the Republic to form a new government by giving an opportunity for a whole month after concluding agreements and alliances between the winning blocs and parties.

Al-Faisal added that this gives us a hint about the shape of the next government, which is expected to be led by the Sadrist movement, which has more seats in the parliament. He stressed the need for deliberation regarding the talks and dialogues that will be held between these parties and the winning forces. Pointing out that there is international and regional pressure in order to reach satisfactory results that chart the future of an Iraqi government that fulfills its obligations and duties internally and externally to reach an advanced stage of advancement and reconstruction.

Al-Kazemi’s chances

Al-Faisal expected that the new government would come with a program that meets the minimum aspirations of Iraqis, which is what this patient people deserve. There are also global economic conditions imposed by the Corona pandemic, and thus this cast a shadow on Iraq’s economy due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic on movement and the decline in tourism. He pointed out that if the global oil price remained at this rate, the matter would be reflected on the prospective government’s economic program and enable it to fulfill its obligations. Al-Faisal stressed the need for the government to create diverse sources of national income and not rely on oil alone during the next stage, stressing the need to expand exports and combat tax evasion, and thus there will be new incomes pumped into the national economy and make it not completely dependent on oil.

It is expected that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will continue in his position during the next stage, given his close relations with various Iraqi political forces, as well as his strong relations with a number of heads of major countries in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

Iraq has been witnessing a political and social movement since October 2019 to demand better living conditions and a fight against corruption, poverty and unemployment.   link

A Jordanian bank seeks to expand in Iraq and Saudi Arabia to finance trade (12/28)

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Capital Bank of Jordan, Bassam Al-Salem, said that he is seeking to expand in Iraq and Saudi Arabia to finance trade between these countries.

Al-Salem said in a press statement that “the bank seeks to expand in Iraq through its 62 percent stake in the National Bank of Iraq, a retail bank whose assets have almost doubled within a year to $1.1 billion.”

Al-Salem explained that “the Jordanian Capital Bank obtained the approval of the Saudi Cabinet to open a branch of the National Bank of Iraq in the oil-rich country, which will enhance the financing of trade between the three neighboring countries.”

Earlier this year, Jordan Capital Bank completed the acquisition of the Lebanese Audi Bank’s business in Iraq and Jordan in a move to diversify and expand its regional operations.

Al-Salem, the senior banker, said that the assets of the Jordan Capital Bank, whose shareholders include the country’s major industrialists and companies, have grown by 45% since this year so far to about six billion dollars   link

Iraq officially joins the Asian Investment Bank Infrastructure (12/28)

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has agreed to formally join Iraq.

The Iraqi ambassador to China, Shorsh Khaled Saeed, said in a statement today, Tuesday, that “the Iraqi embassy in Beijing received a letter from the Vice President of the Asian Investment Bank for Infrastructure Ludger Schocknecht, which included obtaining the approval of the Bank’s Board of Governors on Iraq’s request to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.”

He added that “the bank, which is headquartered in the Chinese capital, Beijing, provided dozens of loans to its members from countries inside and outside Asia with the aim of establishing infrastructure projects,” noting that “the number of countries acceding to it from all countries of the world reached 104.   link

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