“Death and RV, a Comparison” by Stefan – 12.29.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 11:04 AM EST on December 29, 2021

Greetings from still FRG occupied Germany, dear patriots!

So many times in the past months I am surprised, what I get “entered” at topics for an article. So also today. I only thought about the fact that I have not written anything for a long time. And SWUPS, the idea was there. First I thought, no, this is not a topic for a publication, but then the first sentences crystallized and suddenly I even found the topic exciting. And I’m curious what you think of what’s coming now.

Waiting for the RV, for the improvements of all of our lives, waiting for NESARA/GESARA and the delays that occur again and again, but especially the illogical explanations why something has been delayed again, can already bring one to despair, can’t it? All of our patience is being put to the test again, and in these days probably especially. Because the guessers (that’s what I call everyone who circulates news lately) are also very much on the rise again and post massively what the fingers and the keyboards give away. Many have probably used the Christmas days to rest, only to then assume even more. In the wildest directions.

How could I compare death with the RV now? And what brings me to it? First, let’s get to what the two processes have in common. Let’s start with death, or dying: No one knows when each of us will die, do they? Only one knows, and that is the Creator. And the Creator informs one or two angels (or even souls from our soul family) who will then pick us up on day X at hour Y and accompany us wherever we go then. It is the same with the RV! Nobody knows when he comes, except the creator. And he has taken likewise helpers, who accompany us in this process or also carry out this process. With the death it is so that it comes surprisingly, unforeseenly, also a super trained doctor cannot predict it. Even in the case of a serious illness, the actual time of death remains uncertain or can be delayed.

In the case of a gunshot wound, an identical gunshot wound, one person dies immediately, the other lives longer or may even be saved. It is and remains unpredictable and even in hopeless situations there can always be prolonging measures. And it is the same with the RV. The revaluation of currencies is also unpredictable, it will come as a surprise. And nobody, as much as he would like to, can say or write anything about the right time. No matter how much of a specialist in finance he may be or how much contact he may have with important, high-ranking military officials, the RV remains unpredictable. Only a few know when and how it will happen, they are the creator’s helpers, maybe even military helpers. See, I’m a guesser too.

The next thing they both have in common is that they change something. They end something and start something new. What the new thing is we don’t know, again we can only guess. Death ends an incarnation (we believe) and something new begins, of which we also only get conjectures reported, be it through religions or from other sources. There is no proof, is there? The RV ends our waiting, our poverty, our lack thinking and a new world breaks in. How this new world looks like, nobody can tell us, because nobody has been or can have been in this new world yet. There is no proof, but heaps of assumptions. When death ends our current life, it may well be that we reincarnate elsewhere, either into a better life or into an even worse one. This is determined by our immortal soul with a soul plan (some believe). We can’t remember this life, what ended here, and go through new experiences or lessons.

So death is only ever terrible or bad when I look at it that way, from my individual perspective. From another perspective, death may even be a redemption or solution. So it is with the RV. Couldn’t it be that the long awaited RV can be a disaster for some? Imagine a person going there, wanting to exchange, and being told, “You’ll only get a small rate, you’re not the humanitarian we’re looking for!” It probably won’t happen that way, because I suspect that the Alliance has already tested out in advance who will exchange and who will not. After all, we’ve gotten info that many nasty bankers have already been arrested, at fake RV appointments. But we can’t know exactly. We can only make changes in ourselves and in our thinking so that we are or become humanitarian. Probably that is why the term “humanitarian” has been so fervently “harped on” for months. So whether death and RV are good or bad is always up to the way we look at it, and with both we can’t know what the reason is why one or the other is happening. In these times we really don’t know whether the death of a soldier in the underground or the death of a vaccinated person is exactly the decisive death that triggers the Great Event, the mass awakening, for example.

Let’s get to the differences. We look forward to the RV, we long for it, don’t we? Quite different with death, we fear it. Why is that so? Because we move through different information in different ways of looking at things. Religions have taught us that we will be better off after death if we follow rules. We go to heaven, nirvana, the eternal hunting grounds, Valhalla or whatever. Just keep the rules, commandments, laws, so always be good. That those who have brought us these rules, themselves do not keep to it, that is literally beaten around our ears in recent years. There are also rules for the RV. Be humanitarian, be good, don’t do anything illegal, don’t be greedy. And after that, “Be secretive for a while!” So? Are we abiding by them? Are we being good, humanitarian and not greedy? Are we preparing for an NDA?

Are we being good to our fellow man so we can go to heaven? Are we open, free-hearted, tolerant, respectful so we don’t go to hell? I think there are many, many people who are just not behaving as I have written. Through the flu plandemic they are shown to us, the people. Through the propaganda from above they were divided and they show how they really are. Selfish and actually not able to live in a community. They wanted to have their lives back, put down their logical thinking and thus gave up their personal responsibility. And succumb thereby to a propaganda and go against their fellow men, who recognized the lies. But they go to church every Sunday and pray pious prayers, sing pious songs whose meaning they have not internalized. They sing and parrot everything that others pretend to them and think they are pious or believers. In my opinion, there are more people, percentage-wise, who follow the rules for the RV than the rules to “go to heaven.” Why is that? Why can’t we already behave among ourselves as the Creator and nature intended? In communities where division has no chance? Why do we behave differently at the prospect of money, of wealth? Is it because we can imagine wealth better than paradise?

The problem is fear. The fear of death. The fear of loss. And the DS took advantage of this, especially in the last two years. Actually, yes, the alliance, because the evil, deadly virus was hijacked and made harmless. The schizophrenic thing is that the people who go along with everything lose the very things they were determined to keep. Their health, their freedom and, in the worst case, their lives. Perhaps this also served a selection process to find out those who are allowed to go along into the new world. Those who overcome their fear of death, do not take or regret taking any more vaccinations. Those who died, from the flu or from the vaccination, may have already reincarnated in other worlds. They just weren’t ready for what was coming. And those who have suffered health damage, perhaps they needed it that way, as a last warning, so to speak? We cannot know, but we can consider it as a possibility. If only to make ourselves feel better, especially if they are family members or friends.

If it were up to me, all people would have to go with me to the new world. Those who cling spasmodically to the old world will have to change their thinking on their own, at least that’s how I see it. Also, because it is another kind of division to say that some are ascending and others are not. I mean humans and not clones or biorobots or soulless people or whatever else there is. So let’s continue to try to stay in trust, to keep the faith that the signs we are getting are indications of change for the good. Let’s come out of our fears that only keep us stuck in the old world.

I wish you all a good transition into the new year, no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing. Let us welcome the new year 2022 as the year of change, the year of transition into the new world. Continue to try to remain calm, do not be too influenced by forecasts, assumptions and interpretations. Focus on you and what you would like to have. Go out into nature as often as possible and enjoy the good things our world has to offer right now.

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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