“Final Ending” – RV Intel Update from Holly and Wolverine 12-29-21


Holly Wednesday AM Report:

Good morning roomies 

A special account which I’m not in liberty to tell has been completed yesterday.

It’s an account with the most Gold in the world and what they had to go through to get it completed took them more than 20 years.

Now we begin to get this RV started  

Julian Calendar: 

Christmas (According to this calendar) is said to be January 7.

Happy early Christmas… real Merry Christmas!

Notifications highly possible to come out between now & first of the week! Appointments immediately following!

Looks like it’s gonna finally truly be a Happy New Year!

God Bless you all.


Some Bruce Notes from Tuesday Night

And our Corporation in the US we’ve been under for over 100 years now – end on Dec 31st  – the Corporation will come to an end the Final ending of it – as a result we go into the restored constitutional republic  – so we go back to what we had.  

So I’m not going to depth in that – but the new financial system will start as far as we can see in completion on January 1st  – the USN true asset backed currency and the fiat goes away – but then in a few months when the new USTN  – is out everywhere – but if you have cash – it’s still usable in the New Year for awhile  – so not only do these codes and sequences need to be entered but a two day gestational period to have this happen globally around the globe with each country – it’s far more complicated I’m sure  – but it’s a two day period Sat and Sun –

But Monday 3rd  is very much in play and a True window opens up and from a reliable source we’ve been given before lunchtime on the 3rd and all the way up to January 9th is our next window that we believe for us to get started –

We have all of this now but not even last Thursday – but then I found this out last night and today – so how much this changes and is finally revealed to us  – this makes sense when we have the new system completed by end of the year and the gold standard revisited and Nesara /Gesara kicking in on the first and everything looks like a clean break from the old and letting the old GO and the USD GO and even the old Government GO and look forward to the Restored Republic  – and a new form of law with Nesara and a lot of interesting things start –

We don’t know when the EBS will be utilised but many new things and a beautiful start in the New Year and we are very much a part of that  – and this this all resonates and why we haven’t gone and why the Bond holders haven’t been paid out  – this is really making sense and still we have clean up on aisle three   BIG TIME and is ALL part of the plan – and of course we are ALL part of the plan and with our projects.   

From the intel  we are stepping into the next year and the Blessing coming early in the First Week.   I’m excited and I think this might mean we have a call Thursday and that will be IT  – we know what the timeline is and why  and we pray that everything gets completed according to the plan.

We will send out the toll free numbers as soon as we get them and we’ll keep in touch by email after  the Blessing is Received.  

But please all have a safe sober and happy New Year  – Be Safe – praying out the call thank you for this Platform and possibly just one more call and we thank you we have this to share and come together as a community but we know all things are possible and we know this is happening and  behind the scenes  – but let us believe that everything goes to plan and all those things according to this plan LET IT BE SO in Jesus name Amen and Amen.   

Thank you all for listening and we do appreciate you ALL   – We look forward to sending out those emails.

Source: Dinar Recaps

More From Holly on Wednesday

Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible -unknown

We have our faith and it has not been easy but it is possible because we believe. Keep your vibrations high along with your faith strong and all things are possible!

Please do not be sad or down everyone, instead rejoice for our blessing is close at hand.

This has not been about a particular day or date driven but on completion of certain things. Those things are getting done and so much we are not hearing about is completed.

It is so exciting and you should be feeling the world shift and the new energy come in. One of abundance and freedom.

Be happy and stay positive everyone.

The big reveal is coming soon!


Source: Dinar Recaps


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