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Its passage is awaiting this matter.. the government reveals the extent of the readiness of the 2022 budget

The Prime Minister’s Adviser for Financial Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed today, Tuesday, the status of the next year’s budget and the obstacles it will face

Saleh said in a statement to (Baghdad Today) that “the state’s general budget for the next year is ready, and all budget numbers are ready in terms of the amount of its “.financial total and the volume of revenues and expenditures

And he indicated that “the method of legislating that budget is waiting for the formation of a parliament to choose a new government, and then that government “.sends it to parliament to take the path of legislation without any delay

And Saleh explained that “the prepared budget was realistic and thus guaranteed all “.financial possibilities, and this shows its readiness to vote   link

The dollar and import.. Planning determines the causes of inflation in Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning attributed, on Wednesday, the causes of inflation in Iraq to two main reasons: import and the high exchange rate of the dollar against the local currency.

The official spokesman for the ministry, Abdul-Zahra Al-Hindawi, said in an interview with Shafaq News Agency that “the reasons for the high inflation in Iraq are due to external and internal reasons.”

And he indicated that “all countries of the world are experiencing problems in the shortage of some materials and scarcity in others, and thus led to a rise in their prices globally, such as construction and food materials, and the interruption of supply chains between countries of the world, which led to the rise in inflation indicators worldwide, whether in Russia or America and even in The countries of the region are currently facing the same problem because their economies are linked to global markets, whether they are foodstuffs or others.

Al-Hindawi added that “indicators of inflation in Iraq as an economic system are part of the global economic system, especially since many materials, whether construction or consumer ones, are imported, and as a result, they witnessed an increase in prices at their general rates, especially imported foodstuffs.”

He pointed out that “the other reasons that led to the rise in inflation in Iraq are the large consumer demand for materials and the presence of a large monetary bloc moving within the Iraqi market, in addition to the rise in the value of the dollar and the depreciation of the dinar, which basically contributed to the high rates of inflation.”

For his part, the economic expert, Dergham Muhammad Ali, confirmed to Shafak News Agency that “the increase in the annual inflation volume for the past month came based on the consumer exchange rate, which is affected by the high prices of foodstuffs whose prices are high globally.”

He added that “the other reasons are the cumulative effects resulting from the delay in approving the budget and forming the government, which creates a state of anticipation in the market that results in an economic stagnation that causes a rise in the consumer exchange rate.”

The Central Bureau of Statistics had announced the increase in annual inflation in Iraq for the month of November to 8.4% compared to the same month last year.   link

International finance attracts national investment

The multiplicity of sources of funding, whether through bilateral agreements between countries or international financing companies, is a motivating and competitive factor in entering investments. The multiplicity of sources of financing is a force of attraction for foreign and local investments.

Academic Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Issawi said: {International finance is part of the financing process in its general image, as it is concerned with studying the dynamics of exchange rates and foreign investment and how they affect international trade, projects, the flow of capital between countries, and the trade deficit and surplus.}

He pointed out that the subject of international finance has developed rapidly over the past three decades, as the degree of international financial integration has increased significantly, after major country groups such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Developing Countries and the Economic Transformation Group witnessed a significant increase in the flow of money across their borders. }.

Al-Issawi continued. As for the issue of multiple sources of financing, financing through external loans is one of the most important means of financing that the state resorts to because of its urgent need for capital that is indispensable in economic operations. Therefore, it was important for the state to fill its need from an operation borrowing}.

financial organizations

In a related context, the expert in economic affairs, Dr. Shawkat Al-Talqani, stated that {the second source of financing is multi-stakeholder sources of financing and international financial organizations, such as World Bank loans and regional banks, finance infrastructure projects that generate economic growth. resulting from the application of the financing gaps resulting from the application of programs 

corrective }. Al-Talqani continued, “One of the well-known sources of financing is the bilateral financing that the developing countries benefit from in covering the financing gap based on the political decision of the state for the donor and guided by the opinions of international organizations. A global view if the world enjoys stability, which makes it easier for those who follow the progress of economic, political and social activities.

National projects

Member of the Iraqi Economists Association, Dr. Ikram Abdel Aziz, indicated that {Iraq can benefit from international financing in providing the necessary capital to complete national projects and reduce unemployment rates if it is exploited. 

Funding correctly and increasing employment rates, and then achieving economic development and increasing the welfare of members of society Iraqi}. 

Dr. Ikram continued, as for the importance of international finance at the global level, the importance of international finance from the perspective of international economic relations lies in financing the international trade movement of goods and services and any 

A decrease in the level of international liquidity to finance trade movement leads to a contraction of economic relations between Countries.  link

Let’s be positive! As long as you believed it was coming, the dream was actually on its way. All things in the universe that were required to see the dream come true were gathering for your benefit.

However, and this is where most men fail, the moment you entertain doubt or fear, all those forces reverse and the things, the ideas, the situations, the people immediately draw away from you.

Our negative thoughts actually and literally cause the very blessings we seek to be repelled.

If you can picture what you want, and believe that it is on its way, by God’s law it must come. Hold on to the belief, and in time you will realize it.

So I went to Chase today and asked about the Dong – I was told by the gentleman who is the only one there that you can get foreign currency from that they no longer sell or buy Dong.

I asked that since I bought all my Dong there, how do I get on the list for them to call me regarding the exchange?

The foreign currency teller told me there is no list that too many people bought dong to keep track of. Oh well, I tried….

He told me to call the 800 number like everyone else.

So do you guys think this is it and not another let down?

I think Iraq is in a box and has to rv to get out

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