“Jubilee” – IDC Poem (As We Accept) – 12.30.21



Before he make a brand new start

He has to tear everything apart

Before there can be a celebration

There has to be a disintegration

Before he will make everything align

He will have to break the old paradigm

God’s going to bring the transfer of wealth

There’s going to be new discoveries in health

Cancer. Diabetes, heart disease and AIDS will become obsolete

As new discoveries in medicine are made

Creative ideas and witty inventions

Will take humanity to new dimensions

Governments, healthcare, hospitals and schools

Will be forced to have to change their rules

Instead of the government having its way

We the people will have the say

Individual freedom, personal choice

God’s going to restore the people’s voice

There’ll be volcanoes and earthquakes and floods and shaking

There’ll be hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis breaking

But after the breaking and quaking and shaking

There’ll be another strategic awaking

An age of prosperity, freedom restored

God’s Holy Spirit cannot be ignored

Signs, wonders, healings we’ll see the dead raised

To God be the Glory to God be the Praise

The New World order, the cabal the satanic elite

Will be knocked down, they’ll be knocked off their feet

The devil has overplayed his hand

It’s time for God’s remnant to take a stand

Sickness and disease will become obsolete

As God’s remnant makes the Victory complete

A harvest of souls, a billion or more

Will come into God’s kingdom with miracles galore

Jubilation is a combination

Of Jubilee and celebration

Restoration is a combination

Of resting and restoring to original condition

When the Jubilee comes and it’s coming real soon

Our bank accounts are going to balloon

The kingdom of darkness storing its wealth out of sight

They’re going to be forced to give it up overnight

Jubilee’s coming get your dancing shoes ready

Slow down slow your roll make yourself steady

There’ll be a celebration dancing in the streets

There’ll be ballrooms and laughter and food and meats

And when it is over our voices we’ll raise

We’ll give God the Glory

We’ll give God the praise

Jesus Christ is our Jubilee

He died on the Cross for you and for me

He made the ultimate sacrifice

For our sins and our debts he paid the price

So let’s take the Gospel to every nation

And teach them that Jesus is the way to salvation

We’ll preach the Gospel and we’ll preach it real loud

And we’ll make our heavenly Father proud

We’ll take the good news to the ends of the earth

We’ll heal the sick, raise the dead and teach the new birth

We’ll go on the offensive take everything back

Our heavenly father will keep us on track

All seven mountains will be restored

The truth of the Gospel cannot be ignored

Government, media, arts, education

A new paradigm in our great nation

Family, business even religion

Will have to be changed a lot more than a smidgeon

Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of His Throne

We’re not doing this without help we’re not doing it alone

We’ll preach the Gospel

We’ll preach it for free

Freedom for all men

For you and for me

So don’t give in to discouragement and fear

The return of Jesus Christ is very near

I see the Father on the Throne hitting his knee with a slap

He’s laughing at his enemies with a deep belly laugh

Before creation they had a plan

For the complete and total redemption of man

He would send his Son Jesus to die on a cross

Jesus was willing to suffer the loss

Jesus Christ died on Calvary’s cross that day

Jesus Christ’s sacrifice made the Way

Jesus Christ died to make us free

Jesus Christ is our Jubilee


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