The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from DJ 1-2-22


The Office of POOFness Weekly Report


Today day, the day this is posted, is 1,2,2022, nothing special about the date I just thought it looked and sounded cool. Feb is going to be even better the whole month, think about it.

Why is it that the human brain seems to function at its peak levels when under duress? Why does it always take some drastic or tragic event for permanent or meaningful change to occur?

In theory, a logical person should learn from their mistakes and have an inner database to draw on, to not repeat prior mistakes. The same thing goes with hearing the truth or a lie. It’s how most of us navigate through life and how science actually works.
Yet while we are standing in front of our house engulfed in flames we are told it is just a little smoke. And we believe it! Not until the entire neighborhood is flaming up do we make the decision to get out a hose. Our leaders see the horrific results of war and yet are always considering a new one. We have been told the GCR/RV was going to start, literally a 1000 times, and it doesn’t. Yet we believe it every time we are told it again.

There are so many information inputs these days, there are entire industries designed to do nothing but feed us this information (the media, government, internet, and Intel bloggers) that we, the public, are left in this constant state of confusion. The average person can not discern between the truth or fiction. What is real and what is not. The results of these confusions bleed over into our daily life decisions and we ultimately make more mistakes to learn a lesson than we otherwise would have had to. Instead of hitting your thumb with a hammer and learning the lesson of “pay attention when hitting a nail” you have to smack it 5 more times to figure it out.

At the end of the day, existing in this state of confusion, we find ourselves relying on hope. This “hope” manipulates our perceptions of reality. While hope can be a good thing to soothe a troubled soul it can also be a weak tree limb we grasp onto for survival. Not a good idea! Never confuse Hope with Faith. Faith is for the soul hope is a gamble.

Take this new year and attempt to be more proactive. Make life decisions basses on your own personal experiences not what some Intel source tells you. Don’t wait for some drastic or tragic event to happen to force your eyes open. There is no need to worry or stress it so much when things don’t go right. Life is built on the foundation of failures and mistakes. They are just lessons. And make it happen don’t wait for it to happen.

Remember the quote,” Hope for the best but plan for the worst”



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