“Key Event” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 1-3-22


Monday Evening News with MarkZ 01/03/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Today there was more confirmations of folks being in place for bonds…..they are expecting all of the historic bonds left unpaid to be done between Tuesday and Wednesday.   I am crossing my fingers.

MZ: I do not know what to expect yet from the redemption/currency centers. They do not know what to expect either…but, they do know they will be working all week.  

MZ: I am hearing the new Iraqi parliament will be seated on Jan. 9th…..but they do not have to have the new parliament sat before they release the rate. They can release the rate before they seat the new government.

MZ:I beleive this tells us that “any moment” is in play right now.

MZ: No news on the CMKX side…..Very quiet in Europe.

MZ: the biggest news is from Iraq that they are seating their Gov. on the 9th and they can release the new rate before that happens.

Mr. Cottrell calls in….

MZ: Mr. C I got an obscene amount of emails saying you had been paid this weekend…

MC:  There is a lot of people out there spreading smoke and BS…..I’m sorry but I was not paid….If I was I would be as happy as a clam.

MZ: Have you heard anything at all?

MC: I have heard on the 2nd and 3rd…that there was a shutdown of the tunnels at the victoria station in the UK. And until this was cleaned up they would not do anything. Maybe 10-15 days.

MZ: I am definently hearing sooner than that …I am hearing we should be in our exchange appointments before the 12th. So I think it’s a little early to panic at this point because we can see things playing out.

MC: Nobody is going to know the date except the Golden Dragon and Interpol….and they are not going to release that info to anybody to give the rats more chances to lie, cheat and steal……

MZ: Yes..they do not want us to know the date for security reasons…..all we can do is guess based on things happening all around us. .

Member: Holly said tier 3 next week and hopefully tier 4b the next week. big changes in feb

Member: Holly is probably guessing just like everyone else..

Member: Please stop getting hung up on dates, this will happen on God’s timing, not mans. I have been awake for 20 years waiting for this to happen. It Will Happen!!!

Member: If trump, buffet & our treasury have dinar …. it WILL happen. Hold on!!

Member: It is extremely hard to stay positive, especially with all past events or expecting dates. So I am with everyone that is upset about this not happening. Hopefully this is really it.

Member: Don’t know what is worse the cabal lying to you or the white hats. You expect the cabal to lie to you

Member: Be careful who you get your information from. There’s a lot of disinformation floating around right now. Hard to know who to believe.

MZ: And many are sowing misinformation on purpose to frustrate everyone and make you give up!!

Member: So Mark you are thinking the 12th now?

MZ: No, all my sources say we are at “any moment” …almost all of them say it could happen anytime…..except one Iraqi source thinks it could be as late as the 12th….

Member: IMO too many ducks in a row for this NOT to happen now……positive,ppl

Member: Relax ppl, we’re almost there. It should be this month

Member: Not one person has ever calmed down because someone told them to!!

MZ: I know we are all exhausted from this…..but hang on…we are at the end.

Member: The RV could happen anytime. NO one knows when. Except the GoldenDragons and the Military.

Member: is there a place to find information about what to expect at our appointments?

Member: Dinar Recaps had a great article on going to your RV appointment. Complete list of what to expect, how to prepare and multiple services we will be offered.

Member: Has anyone seen the new rainbow currency yet?

Member: I asked my bank today when do we get the new currency. Teller said she thought they have it now but don’t know when they can release it. Said yo check weekly. Hummmm

Member: Mark have you heard that almost every chain of movie theatres is closed from Jan 6th to the 17th? Even in other countries…They will only be playing a movie called 355 and nothing else.

MZ: I have heard that and it is very unusual…..i checked local theatres and it’s true and very unusual.

Member: 355 was George Washington’s first female spy during the American Revolution. (Just watched the 355 trailer)

Member: As PO’d as I am that this has dragged out- I will not give up!

MZ: Exactly Never give up…..we will get across the finish line.  

Please listen to replay for all the information

The next stream is tomorrow at 10Am est……..

Source: Dinar Recaps


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