“For those Waiting or are in a Desperate Situation for a Medbed” by Dinarmama7 – 1.5.22


Entry Submitted by Dinarmama7 at 9:06 AM EST on January 5, 2022


Anyone can do a duck duck go search for “90.10 Med bed free 8-hour test” on either YouTube or for their general website and get the information on how to get your own.

Anyone can do a search on duck duck go on YouTube for “Tesla Plasma technology” or “Tesla Plasma med bed and get to the other site or videos.  No, it is not multi-level.  There is no compensation to me whatsoever.  I would not accept any.  And by finding it on your own you will know and can say you are not making money on it either. Trust me, someone will accuse you.

Many of us have studied the Med bed possibilities for a long time, anxiously awaiting the time we could lay down on that magic mattress or pod, and have everything fixed at once.  We were told that the new technology would start being available at the first of the year, 2022. So, some of us have been praying for that to be true.

Many of us have a family member or loved one who needs some help NOW. Their situation is desperate.  Especially in these last two years. Many of us have lost loved ones within the last two years and would give anything to be able to have them here a little longer.  Did anyone else lose someone in November or December besides me?  Does anyone else have someone they are close to who has had a stroke or heart attack?  Does anyone else need help immediately to go on a little longer until something will take care of it in a 20-minute session whether finances are an issue or not?

My answer is yes to both.  A dear friend went to the hospital with one condition, and they said he died of something else.  Now his precious wife is a widow.  He had given currencies to numerous friends and family members over the years.  He was the kind of gentleman who plowed every senior citizen’s walkway and driveway on his block of snow in the Chicago winters.  No charge, just to bless people and make their lives easier.  When I was having difficulty due to a minor stroke he would be there to help.  He helped our Pastor in remodeling the Church during the week, while driving a school bus and needing back surgery himself.  You all know someone who is that kind of treasure.  Always the perfect gentleman and loved his wife unconditionally, his beautiful, high school sweetheart.

Many of you either need some help immediately to be able to make it until something better is available down the road, or some do not feel technologically astute enough to know that you can do something on your own and do not have a younger son or daughter or grandchild close by to help.  So that can present a situation that you would need help from someone to navigate through something that to most of us is simple, but when you are extremely ill, is way too much to think about or try to think through or understand.  Perhaps it is cancer, perhaps it is another situation where the pain and struggle are so hard you cannot think it through right now.  Perhaps people know you are ill and do not want to bother you or make you tired and, in that process, you feel alone and helpless and hopeless.  Maybe you know someone like that.

So, you share a Christmas message on the phone in 2021, but people are not visiting, and they do not want to bother you.

Then a friend who has been praying earnestly for you on January 1, 2022, is watching a YouTube video about something else. A suggestion comes up in their list that talks about a free med bed test. Excitedly, you click on it.  It leads you to another.  How do you find this test?  You start searching.  Yes, it is only 8 hours long, but it is free.  It just needs a cell phone with an app from the site one testimonial says.  You are trying to figure this out and relate it to your situation.  That friend starts doing some research and is all excited because it is an answer to prayer that could possibly keep you going a little longer, it could provide some relief.  That friend watches hours of testimonials and hears all kinds of short stories about results and the help that people have gotten for multiple situations.  There are other products available.  That friend contacts the company to find out how much it is to get it permanently installed.  But it is a holiday weekend.  Things are not moving as quickly as promised in the video.  Perhaps people are not working on the Holiday weekend.  It is from another country, are they even working during the holiday weekend?

That video leads you to another technology that is more expensive. Both Companies are out of the U.S.  You call the phone number, find out the costs of both permanent units, but you still want the free one first to help your family member or friend to be able to hang on.  You get an invoice for both, but you still must find out how the test goes and what happens.  You must do the free test yourself so you can answer all the questions for your loved one.  Remember, they cannot think it through right now.  So, this is your temporary full-time project.

Time is of the essence.  And you are 1,000 miles away and cannot do the cell phone thingy to help them.  Your friend says talk to this person.  You do not want to scare the neighbor as they know nothing about this technology.  You leave a voicemail at the number given and introduce yourself and say that you have been a friend of so and so for x number of years, and would they please ask their friend if it is okay for them to call you back.  That way you do not scare them off. They have their own life and family, and it is a Holiday weekend.

Finally, you get the email you have been waiting for to get the free test.  It has a few 2-minute videos to watch for instructions, complete with pictures.  Very simple.  You send it back, get the next email, do the same.    You click the button and submit.  Yeah, you are one click away.

While waiting and researching both Companies, your family member or loved one asks you, “What would you say to the machine?”  Since you are both Christians you pray about it.  You get the answer you need, but your family member is too sick to log onto the computer to get it. Again, that pesky cell phone.  He/she will not be able to remember what you said, and they will be nervous because they were too sick to do all the research that you have done, and you want them to get the maximum benefit out of those 8 hours.

Once you get the phone situation worked out, I would suggest setting up a separate email account that has nothing to do with their own regular email or your own.  Make it simple with a simple password. Leave them a message with the email and password, now only things pertaining to this situation will go in that email.  The person you have enlisted locally can help them then watch a couple of 2-minute testimonials, and answer the few simple questions they will receive from the company to answer the email.  You can send them what to say and when – they can adjust the text to fit their own needs.  And they can read it.  Stress relieved.

The Company is looking for 100,000 people to continue in a research project.  Free med beds for doing that and videoing a simple 2-minute weekly testimonial and submitting it.  The helper can assist with that too.  Yes, it is a virtual bed.  Somehow, they attach quantum technology to your own bed.  Perhaps your loved one needs assistance in getting the blankets and pillows off the bed and taking the picture to upload.  So, you need that cell phone.  Again, read the email, answer two questions, and hit the submit.  Then request to be included in the research study.  Name and condition you are dealing with and submit.  Wait for another email and further contact.  But in the meantime, you can be taking your 8-hour free test.

Is it the answer to all we want immediately?  No, I don’t know.  Some people are ready for Galactic technology, some are afraid, and some know nothing about it.  Some only want Tesla technology.  Be respectful of where people are at.  Remember we want to keep them here if we possibly can and in the best condition possible.  Do what you can.  Remember no good deed goes without criticism.  Ignore the NaySayers.  Ignore the ones who accuse you of trying to make money with a free product.

Help your loved one as much as you can.

Here is what I put for my answer as to what I would say to the machine.  If it helps, good.  If not, ignore it.  That is an individual choice.  Do what fits your own circumstances.  You know what is best for you.

90.10 Med bed Activate

You Father created everything that exists.  You spoke and the worlds were created.  You created all frequencies.  You are energy and frequency and so much more.  You are the Alpha and Omega.  Without You nothing exists.

I thank You for giving Oliver and his team the plans for bringing healing to the world without chemicals and manipulations of our systems with chemical interference and side effects, and the plans of wicked men.  You have known us from the beginning.

You created me.  You formed me in my mother’s womb.  You know exactly what I need and in what order.  So, I thank You in advance, that You give me a wonderful 8 hours of sleep which I have not had in many years.

So, I will list the things I am in need of and trust You Holy Spirit to guide the machine and take care of them in the proper order needed.

Father in the Name of Jesus I plead the blood of Jesus over this bed and all technologies.  I bind every demonic spirit and influence, principalities in high places, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places, everything that would try to interfere with Your word and perfect will for my life and health.  I command them to leave, in the mighty Name of Jesus.

I lose Your perfect will for this session and around this experience. I bind healing to me in Jesus.  I bind this whole experience to the cross of Jesus Christ, and I trust You Holy Spirit to guide me and speak through me to perform Your perfect will for me in the mighty Name of Jesus.  I give You all the Glory.  Hallelujah, praise You Lord and I thank You in advance for wonderful, miraculous results.

90.10 Med bed Scan me

Then list what you need!

Many people do just one at a time. It is your body and it is an individual decision.

Below are some samples of what I heard in testimonials Parkinson’s – side effects; Damage to brain, blood veins; Aneurysms; cells regenerated down to the molecular level; circulatory and neurological and respiratory system healed.

Stem cells released to repair all damage in body; Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism; Bladder issues; restless leg issues; neuropathy; kidneys; liver; cancer; strokes; Heart – veins, circulatory system – normal blood pressure; arteries cleaned out; balance issues; broken bones; skeletal and spinal structure; multiple car wrecks; Chemical balance; sports injuries; hormonal balance; carpal tunnel;

All damage done to lungs after pneumonia, COPD, emphysema, asthma, allergies; chronic bronchitis; damage from antibiotics;

Gut health – prebiotic probiotic chemical balance; Weight loss, skin renewed and young looking; All cells repaired;

Heavy metal detox, pesticide detox, all chemical damage and medical chemical additives removed, all damage repaired; Energy levels, alertness; brain fog;

Anti-aging; Eyesight back to 20/20

If I get up, tell bed to stop bed and upon reentering

90.10 Med bed
Pick up where you left off

8-hour session then it is gone for now but continues to work after. One may want to purchase permanent or other products from their site.

I will not stress about what I feel or do not feel.  I will tell it to increase in energy levels or decrease as necessary.

Work on the most important issues for life now.

Thank you, 90.10 Med bed for healing coming through your technologies through Jesus Christ

I hope this helps someone help someone else or helps alleviate some fear.  Remember people are at all different levels.  Please stop judging and criticizing everyone you come across.  God judges the heart, it is not our job.  For a group of people who are supposed to be so philanthropic and have lofty humanitarian goals, many are afraid someone might make a dollar to help them be able to live in the meantime.  How about helping someone make it now?   I do not plan on posting anymore.

God bless all of you and yours.  Have a prosperous and healthy 2022!!



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