“Watching Closely” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 1-4-22


Tuesday Evening News with MarkZ 01/04/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  more nothing burgers…….any bets? 10 to 1 odds

Member:  Due to a number of chronic back strains, new Goal Post Movers needed. Also positions for Can Kickers (due to sprained ankles/broken toes) needs filled immediately! RV taking too looong

Member: What does the sign say on the front of Marks Screen tonight?

Member: “Please be patient as we transition into a new way of banking “is on the sign

MZ: This sign is making its rounds on the net tonight….this sign was seen in Ohio.

MZ: The only activity I had seen today was on the bond side. A number of bond contacts have reached out over the last couple of hours with expectations they are going to release the rest of their funds this evening. And liquidity tomorrow.

MZ: So I am going to be watching this closely. Especially Europe overnight so I can have news for you whether or not they have spendable funds tomorrow .

MZ: This has come from a number of bond contacts in the last couple of hours.  

MZ: A member of our stream here also got the same news from their bond contacts …so it’s exciting to hear others are getting the same news.

Member: I got the same info on bonds earlier today.

MZ: it really is a relief for me when you guys tell me what you are hearing.

Member: Wow- spendable funds tomorrow is good….movement is good.

Member: When you say “bonds” does this include the Zim Bonds?

Member: He is talking about the German bond and yellow dragon bonds not the zim

Member: No news on CMKX from my DHS and US Marshall contacts …they have not heard anything new.

Member: Frank26 &FIREFLY: Saleh on the news today saying that the next government will make changes to the exchange rate. He also said the 2022 budget is waiting for the next government to be seated …even if approval is delayed current payout will stay until the new exchange rate is presented by the government.

MZ: The acting minister also made a comment there on Sunday that they do not need the government to be sat in order for the rate to change or to “adjust the values” of the dinar.

Member:  in my opinion I think the Dinar will go first then other countries over time

Member: IMO All the currencies will go at the same time. The redemption is for a limited time

Member: I bet it will be a complete surprise when the appointemt finally arrives.

Member: Nick Fleming The payouts for CMKX, for Fines and Penalties, have been confirmed. No More Money on Hold on Account. No more Waiting for Release.

Member:  Yeah Fleming’s post has a lot to it today. He seems to be pretty confident it has started.

Member: My bank said they are closing down to update their system January 15-17.

Member: Lets face it, we’re all looking for SOMETHING tangible to grab onto

Member: this is really beginning to be a bag of holes that the hopes fail through

Member: I want my family to realize that I’m not crazy

Member: We should all know that no one has a. Crystal ball ! They give to the best of their knowledge. Maybe they should say “ hell we don’t have any idea, so just put you currency in your closet? Would that make everyone happy?

Member:  I just want this world free from DS money system fraud. Want everyone live happy and no struggling to pay the bills and taxes. Free us and stop enslaving us.

MZ: I want sanity and want to beleive our best days are ahead of us…..Everyone just stay positive…..we are very close…..

Member:   That’s right Mark you’re 100% right everybody’s got to stay positive learn to get along with each other and know that there are better days to come! Oh I think there’s many a day ahead & gonna be good

Member: I totally believe The BEST is Yet to Come!!

Member:  Enjoy your evening everybody! See you on the flip side

Member: thank you Mark… God bless all

Please listen to replay for all the information

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