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MilitiaMan » January 6th, 2022

Good morning KTFA friends.

To the where we are in this RI / Rv of things. Firstly, the below is a snippet from page for of the UN paper a member kindly sent me.

At first glance the last sentence has my attention. It would appear that the time line for reporting was for January 1st, 2022. Take note the report was before the council 12/29/2021. There is a supporting article out today from the US Embassy about the USA and Iraq multifaceted strategic partnership.

Also, today is a celebration day that got started half past 5 pm in the evening. So, after having met the obligations of compensation to Kuwait, there will and should be that Iraq will be able to interlink global banking and with that comes and international rate to be applied.

The banks are now closed until Sunday in Iraq, if I have that correct and there are no new holidays? lol

Add in, the UAE is to link their monetary, governmental and financial work week with the rest of the world tomorrow.

Also, Frank26 suggests and that there was news from WS (contact) that the education process was now done below the managerial level and into the hands of the tellers, iho. My bank contact who has been trained on currency at similar levels suggests that the tellers if having the NSCNs in hand is telling of a move and quickly now.

So, it is my view that there may still be opportunity for us to see this over with by and or over the weekend into early next week, imo.

The article by Saleh and one by Cougar suggests that we could even see the 2022 budget before seating of the government, as the budget was for the most part done back in March 2021.

That is also supported by the UAE coinciding with the western world for banking and commerce.

So, with that said, there could be similar actions from Iraq in that regard, though they have not publicly suggested they are going to adjust their work week with ours. But, they will regardless interlink electronically with the world and with having the CBIs new electronic system in place to interlink with the likes of; AYSCUDA, BUNA, CBDCs, Government entities, etc.. We will see future results and apparently quickly too.

“Iraq: SG reports on UN compensation fund Resolution 1956 (2010) of 15 December 2010 Para. 6: Requests the Secretary-General to provide written reports on an ongoing basis to the council every six months, with the first report due no later than 1 January 2012, about the United Nations compensation fund, evaluating the continued compliance with the provisions of paragraph 21 of resolution 1483 (2003). The report of the Secretary-General dated 29 December 2021 (S/2021/1102) is before the Security Council.”

I hope the above helps and gives you all some hope that we are truly at the end stage for the re instatement and revaluation of the IQD..

Btw, after further data from PP and his Iraqi contact today that talked about a family member doing business yesterday at the Bank in Iraq that enquired about the new notes.

The tellers answer when asked about the NSCNs was a no to begin with, but, when asked about the timing of him seeing or getting the new notes in hand he became uncomfortable, evasive, defensive, slightly aggressive by stamping his book harshly and tossing the book and money bags back to him with no eye contact.

No eye contact is something that goes against the typical mannerisms of their culture. In essence, a rude way of acting to a regular business customer.

However, if we think about the actions of the teller, it would not be surprising at all. There is an all likelihood that the teller was potentially told to be very careful about talking about the NSCNs until the time is right.

That educational conversation could have been within days and fresh in his mind. He may have been told there could be serious repercussions for speaking out of line and divulging data that could potentially get him fired, fined and or jail time.. A Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) may have had to of been signed, hence the reaction of the teller to the customer. imo ~ MM

Samson » January 6th, 2022

The UAE witnesses a historic day tomorrow

01/06/2022 08:34:16

Tomorrow, Friday, the UAE will witness the first government working day in the country’s history, within a new weekly work system.

Employees of the federal government sector and local governments, with the exception of Sharjah, begin their work for a period of 4 and a half hours, from 7.30 am to 12:00 pm, according to the implementation of the implementation of the new system of weekly work announced by the UAE government, and entered into force at the beginning of the new year 2022, to be 4 working days, from Monday to Thursday, half working day on Friday, and the weekly holiday on Saturday and Sunday, plus Friday in Sharjah.

From Friday, mosques will start unifying the date of the Friday sermon and prayer, so that it will be at 1:15 in the afternoon throughout the year, and in Sharjah, the date of the Friday sermon, prayer and residence will remain on schedule, according to the Hijri calendar.

The new work system will include the possibility of applying flexible working hours, and the remote work system on Friday in the federal authorities, provided that the federal authorities approve the implementation mechanisms, as required by the interest of the workflow in these authorities.

The new weekly work system will enhance the UAE’s position on the business map as a global economic center, as it will contribute to strengthening the integration of the national economy with various economies and global markets.

And it enhances its important and effective strategic position in the global economy, especially since the new system of weekly work ensures that the days of exchanges and commercial, economic and financial transactions are identical with the countries that adopt the weekly holiday on Saturdays and Sundays.

The adoption of the new system of working days and weekly holidays will support the financial sector, as it will harmonize with working days in international stock exchanges and financial markets, in addition to international banks, and thus the new system will enhance the performance of the stock markets, banks, insurance companies, and foreign trade of the UAE.  LINK

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