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Samson » January 10th, 2022

The outlets announce an agreement with the customs to activate the customs and tax receipt program

01/10/2022 15:01:27

A team meeting that automates customs and border outlets. 

Today, at the headquarters of the Border Ports Authority, a team meeting was held to automate customs and ports via closed circuit television. The previous procedures and recommendations were reviewed, with an emphasis on implementing the drawn plans according to the strategy prepared by the team.

The most important thing that was agreed upon is to activate the customs and tax receipt program prepared by the cadres of the Border Ports Authority and to send a joint team to start the program at all border crossings, which will have an important impact in preserving public money and ensuring the collection of real money for the state.

The meeting also witnessed a response and convergence of ideas from all members of the team, which will reflect positively on the reality of electronic work at all border crossings.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the team leader urged all members to submit insights and suggestions that contribute to activating and succeeding e-governance and introducing it into all aspects of work. Preventing fraud and manipulation of public money, with the need to gradually develop it.  LINK


Ports confirm the activation of the customs receipt program and the continuation of electronic work  LINK


MilitiaMan » January 10th, 2022

This to me suggests there is a game plan to going international.

They tell us the most important thing agreed upon is to activate the tax receipt program at the Border Ports Authority. The need for preserving public money for the state is definitely a serious issue. 

The have had closed circuit TV meetings to keep things private for likely security concerns. There will be many that have smuggling as a business practice.

That gravy train is about to cease to exist, hence, the mention of preventing fraud and manipulation of public funds.

All of this is timed to be ready for the new system to be activated.

The CBI has told us they have a new electronic system that is one of it’s kind and has interlinked with government entities already. We also know that AYSCUDA has a contract for this very subject and that the WTO is working to support Iraq in her ascension along the way.

As a reminder, it is estimated that the taxes, customs and fees will equate to billions of $s in value from their Oil income, annually. That over time will be in the tens to hundreds of $ billions in revenues..

So, do I think that the new potential parliamentary folks are going to hold up the money flow? I am not buying that at all, even if there are articles to suggest it or not, as there are both views on the matter in them. 

The devaluation was over a year ago. So was the inter linking with the AMF / BUNA Platform for clearing regional and international currencies, securities, etc., that  have yet to be activated, but, the platform was successfully tested and with the IQD, imo.

The devaluation of the IQD has created an overnight 23% decrease in purchasing power real close. It also, created an inflationary environment and with that they have a shortage of small notes to make change with.

The articles all make that very clear that the citizens are getting slammed.. With the antics we witnessed yesterday in parliament, the assassination on Sadr’s second hand man suggests both that there is no clear sailing into nirvana with this new parliament, yet to be fully seated.

That may takes months. It would in my opinion be more prudent to use the care taker government in place as we speak.

The automation of the systems that are to be interlinking and activated seems to suggest that is exactly what they are doing.

They are gearing to activate systems. That activation is imo going to require an international REER (Real Effective Exchange Rate) in place. 

We know they have the CBI system tested, we know that Kuwait is paid in full early, we know Iraq meets the Chapter 7 obligations, we know that the AYSCUDA is at the borders along with the WTO helping them along the way.

Time is money and the CBI is not in the business to lose money over large amounts of time.

There are already laws in place for Iraq to change the exchange rate, they did it in 2020. They were in place when they devalued for crying out loud, imo.

With the pressure now to help the citizens and to alleviate suffering, it would likely behoove the CBI to let the ripples settle on the assassination of Sadr’s second hand man and also to take note and respect the good Dr. Shabbi having had passed. 

Once a reasonable time has come on gone, then, there may very well be time to game that income at the borders, increase the purchase power for the people and go into the world banking system that the have told us they would and with a strong and stable exchange rate that is internationally accepted and defendable. imo..

We shall see.. imo In short order too. ~ MM

According to the Ministry of Finance and its standards, the country should receive 7 billion from customs annually, but in fact, only 12% of customs resources reach the Ministry of Finance, and the smuggled funds since 2003 amounted to 350 billion dollars, which is equivalent to 32% of the revenues Iraq in 18 years. The question is, was the smuggled plus the seven billion annually in customs waste sufficient to prevent the dinar’s value from depreciating? Let’s prepare for our oil resources with which we will compete with oil countries in OPEC, and allocate a special fund for lawsuits to follow up on smuggled money in safe and unsafe international havens.

We can also reach an understanding with the Turks with a reasonable commercial offer in exchange for water that has been reduced by half to secure our food security, which is not only represented by wheat, but also related to Devices and equipment that raise the level of our agriculture while it faces a water crisis in any case, despite the presence of an advanced Iraqi industry for sprinklers in Alexandria factories.

An equal economic relationship with neighboring countries, in general, may develop from barter valued in dollars, then move towards monetary exchange in national currencies, in addition to political and security stability and the consequent of integrated projects bilaterally or regionally in the light of international projects, which enhances a stable dinar. 

In any case, the process of floating the dinar was and still does not reflect the accounts of the threshing floor, but rather the calculation of a field that has long been exposed to the factors of corruption, and the result was an increase in the poverty rate while we face the challenges of organized smuggling and the water file, meaning that monetary policy requires transparency through which it is presented in the next budget and a return to the system of opening credits Documentary, to end the stage of exceptions and emergencies, which have become a fundamental reason for the fragility of the dinar. LINK

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