Final Wakeup Call: The Khazarian Mafia Rules the World


The Khazarian Mafia Rules the World

By Peter B. Meyer

  • Disclosure brings light, change and healing for mankind and our planet
  • The real reason, why Jesus Christ was crucified
  • Today’s Money Changers Operate out of Public Sight
  • Money replace religion as the new control mechanism
  • Babylonian money-magic
  • The British Empire
  • Victory is Ours

The ancient Khazar Empire

The beginning of a domino effect; riots collapse corrupt Government of Kazakhstan. Soon other dominos will fall, and precious metals like gold and silver will rise, when people flight to safety. People are upset with their never ending debt and have become over-stressed, they are addressing their anger in street protests.

Kazakhstan is the cradle of the global financial mafia, it has seen a wave of unrest, which began as mass protests officially triggered by a twofold hike in liquefied petroleum gas prices at the start of the new year.

Though, nowhere in recorded history was the art of making money out of thin air more developed than in the ancient Khazar Empire, which evolved from nomadic raider clans, operating on the west caravan routes in the Caucasus Mountain region, North of Iraq and between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea region. By the tenth century the Khazarians had created a wealthy empire that stretched from north of the Black Sea to the Ural Mountains and west of the Caspian Sea to the Dnieper River.

The Khazarian Warlords decided that exchanging and loaning money would be more profitable and less hazardous than raiding caravans. There was one problem. The Khazar Empire was almost evenly divided amongst Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Both Christians and Muslims believed that charging interest on a loan, then called usury, was a sin. Only Jews could openly charge interest on loans. Whether they did it out of practical consideration, or actual religiosity, the Khazarian aristocrat professed a conversion to Judaism.

Disclosure brings light, change and healing for mankind and our planet

The modern “magic” of creating money out of thin air had its roots in the ancient city of Babylon, some 600 years before the birth of Messiah – Yeshua, commonly known as Jesus Christ.

Handlers of this craft were historically known as “money changers”, more precisely; “change your money from your hand into theirs”. When Yeshua stormed into the Temple with righteous anger, overturning the money changers’ tables and whipping them severely about their heads and shoulders, they ran out of the Temple, whilst Yeshua declared “make not my Father’s house a house of merchandise.”

The real reason, why Jesus Christ was crucified

These same money changers called for His death days later. So, the real reason, Jesus Christ was crucified was because his intension to reveal and eradicate the Money Changers!

Jesus Christ and his followers were Crucified for speaking out boldly against these Evils of the Romans and their False-Israelite Pharisee Puppets. The Romans were already followers of those same Babylonian Slave-Trading Codes. This indicates that the connection between the Roman Slave-Traders and the Pharisees was more than a mere coincidence. This indicates that at some point in ancient history; the Roman Slave-Traders and the Phariseers of Israel were of Common Cultural Ancestry.

Before Jesus Christ, at around 50 B.C. it was Julius Caesar who was assassinated when attempting to take control over the money system of the kingdom by minting coins to be used in daily commerce. With plentiful supply of real money, the kingdom prospered, business flourished and everyone benefited. Everyone but the money changers that is, whose livelihood was turned upside down as their control over the nation’s finance was stripped from them.


Fortunately just in time, now, our World is changing into a wonderful place awaken to the truth of our history. To learn about the existence of the Universal Cosmic Principal of Free Will.

The realisation hereof, is our power as we push to create the world we envision, as opposed to slaving forth in apathy. Full Disclosure is on its way, even as the GCR, NESARA/GESARA, with gold-backed currencies; and enormous advances in technology. Poverty and famine will be wiped out.

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