“Keep the Tension on” by Radar Rider – 1.13.22


Entry Submitted by Radar Rider at 3:34 PM EST on January 13, 2022

Keep the Tension On.

Regardless of who ‘occupies’ current or future positions of power on this planet, or any other, they are only there TEMPORARILY. 

They are custodians. 

Their ‘power’, ‘influence’ and ‘reach’ have a limited shelf life. Some last longer than others, and some are gone just like that. History.

The smartest ones understand this and use their time wisely. They don’t get complacent, they don’t get too comfortable, and they know the clock is ticking. 

Sometimes that ticking sound is just a clock, reminding them that they have a job to do and not to waste any valuable time.

Sometimes that ticking sound is a bomb. One that was placed to disorient, distract, or completely destroy everyone and everything in its path. One fatal slip, and we all pay the price.

This planet, and the entire universe, has been living with (or, on top of) that ticking bomb for a long, long time. The evil ones built it, placed it, and set the timer.

The good ones apparently diffused it with literally seconds left. Some say there was only ONE SECOND left before it blew. Does that mean we’re all safe? That we can all go back to doing the things we’ve always done?


Inattention kills. Complacency kills. Assuming kills. 

Don’t take anything for granted. Ever.

Don’t assume we can take our foot off the gas because we’ve been ‘saved’ by the White Hats. Most people don’t have a clue that there was ever a bomb in the first place! According to some experts, most auto accidents occur 5 to 15 miles from a person’s home. Why? Because people go on ‘auto pilot’. They relax because they’re in familiar territory, they’re not expecting any surprises, so their situational awareness isn’t operating at peak performance.

I’m not in the military, but I have family members that served in the army and the navy. I understand being aware of your environment, being situationally aware. I’d say that most people, at least in my part of the world, operate at DEFCON 5. I try to operate at DEFCON 4. 

Sure, I understand people get tired and miss things sometimes, we’re all imperfectly human. However, the thing that keeps me anywhere between ‘concerned’, and flat-out in ‘panic mode’, is most people are blissfully unaware – ALL of the time! DEFCON 5 is their default setting. The only time I would consider myself being at DEFCON 5, is at night, when I’m SLEEPING!

Those of us who are aware, awake, and assume NOTHING get this. 

So, whenever the hammer falls, the trigger is pulled or the switch is flipped, let’s do our best to help those at DEFCON 5. Let’s help them to see and understand that we came THAT close to losing it all. And, that we could end up going through this all over again.

Let’s remind them that it can be a fatal mistake to blindly accept what they’re told, especially by those ‘in power’. 

Remind them (and ourselves) to stay aware, to ask questions, to dig deep, and to keep our faith in God, because God is the light, and God shows us the way.

GOD is the ONE and ONLY power.


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