Dinarland Highlights for January 13, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 1.13.22


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We are hearing fantastic things out of Iraq as they seem to be pushing for this weekend…I have a lot of expectations for this weekend around Jan. 15th…

Lots of articles out of Iraq talking about the need to change the exchange rate of the Dinar. From my contacts they had hoped it would have been done on Wed. (yesterday)  but they are still looking for it by the 15th…I think we can stick it with a fork…it’s almost done. We are expecting iraq’s rate change at any moment.  

There was a rocket attack in Iraq today…over Baghdad and a number of areas…I am told this will not affect the RV release so do not be worried about that…my contacts at redemption centers have been told they are absolutely on call this weekend and possible working on Sunday…Everything is positive and all are pointing towards a possible very exciting weekend for us.


Frank26 (KTFA)

Changing the exchange rate…economic additions and dangerous social effects

the mother of all posts had a baby post.

[Bank experience]  BRIAN:  I went to BOA.  I’m in the north east part of the country…my goal was to…find out if they exchanged currencies… My first question was do you exchange foreign currencies here.  He [teller] said, ‘We absolutely do.’  My second question was could you get me an appointment/name of the highest banker that you have at this…branch?

…He picked up the phone and made a call…I really didn’t expect to get to speak to someone…His official title was Officer of the Finance Center and Branch Manager.  I explained to him I was part of a group that had invested in an undervalued currency...

[Bank experience cont.]

…I said we had a significant amount of this currency and…if we were able to put a significant amount of dollars in his bank what are the things he could do for us that would make us want to select Bank of America to move forward.  He was very receptive of it…He finally asked what is the currency you’re looking to exchange? I said it’s dinar, have you ever heard of it?  He said no…But later on… he says, ‘…I think I have heard of this.’…I asked if he had a De La Rue machine.  He said no...I asked if they charge for a spread…He said they don’t…But…they do charge for whatever the exchange rate is.  I asked if that was negotiable.  He said absolutely in the right scenario


Adam Montana

[…Once they open this window I believe this will grow overnight and not be able to hold the value down very long, who knows how high it will grow unless the CBI puts a cap on its growth.]

…Whether the CBI would put a cap on the growth or not… I am inclined to agree that they will. But there’s a strong argument for that cap being $1.


Vital Brad

I think we have a front row seat to some really really big things coming.  I really do. I think we’re on the brink of watching a major change happen.  If we are looking in the right place we’re going to watch it unfold.  Where most people have no clue what’s even happening/what’s going on, their heads are so far up their own tailpipe.  They’re so sucked into the news and the media…they’re so lost and caught up into what other people are saying…you have to have your own opinion…



Kuwait didn’t [RV] and there is a significant difference [between the Iraq dinar and Kuwait dinar situations]… Kuwait has around forty billion dinar in circulation and Iraq has over 100 trillion.


Mountain Goat

There is not much more to say about the reinstatement (A.K.A. RV).  We are pivoting right at the window now. We know that the plan is to shortly conduct the project to delete the zeros and them follow up with the reinstatement on to FOREX…finally. Nobody really knows the exact timing. I have not heard anything currently that is holding it up… There is not much more I can tell you at this time except the citizens in Iraq are absolutely being told that the currency redenomination will happen in the next days. We all know what this means. I am VERY excited!


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

[a member] of the Board of Directors for the GCC states it’s time to adjust the exchange rate and enhance the national currency of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.  You can’t make that up.  It’s what the people in the region are talking about…

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