“Ready and in Place” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 1-14-22


Friday Evening News with MarkZ 01/14/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good evening tier 4-B Patriots! Praying for notifications to set appointments at the redemption centers this weekend! ……. ALREADY!!!

MZ: The calm before the storm?

MZ: It has been pretty quiet today as everyone is where they need to be…in place.

MZ: I did get reassurances today from paymasters and group leaders that everything is set and they now have a schedule.

MZ: I asked about the schedule and was blatantly turned down. Lol.   Of course they cannot mention what that schedule is. But, since they are not leaving and now have a schedule I am guessing we are pretty close.

MZ: Redemption center folks are on call tomorrow and most likely be working on Sunday.

MZ: I plan on doing a short update tomorrow at noon Est……hoping I have more then.

Member:  Ed, reported, at 4:02 PM. EST on 1/14/22:The US Treasury in coordination with the security teams. We ARE on schedule. Ed reported at 4:33 PM EST. No cracks.

Member: Any news that we are getting closer to NESARA/GESARA Mark?

Member: a friend found out that her student loan debt is gone today.

Member: So did my son.

Member: The currency lady at Bank of America told me she couldn’t discuss anything smiled and ask her oh they got you on a NDA and she smiled and said yes

Member: Mark: I received a notice from PNC bank that many of their locations will be temporarily closed for the next several weeks.

Member: I asked the teller at my bank if she was giving me the new US Notes or the old Fiat money. She said it was whatever came out of the machine. I doubt they know.

Member: If they are going to release the rate back to a previous era…are they going to figure inflation into it?

MZ: That is usually what occurs with an RI or Reinstatement. The Question is are they going to do an RI or an RV (revaluation) or perhaps they will first do an RI followed by an RV? It can get confusing and I think that is why we are being offered a contract rate.

MZ: I have heard from a Iraqi banking source that they may RI domestically in Iraq and the contract rates for all of internationally will be based on the higher RV rates. They are also seeing some rates in the $10-$11 dollar range…..I hope that sticks.

Member: If the dinar goes at a $10/$11 rate- will vnd goe at about 90% of that or still be around $2.25?

MZ: Im afraid to tell you what the dong rates are on the bank screens recently. But I’m mostly hearing it could be around the $4 range.

Member: Estimated: Dong – low to mid $2, Dinar – $6.00 (up to $11.00???), Zim – .30 (per million) without projects, higher rate with projects only for projects, Indo Rupiah $1.47 *********

Member: The Dong will be no lower than $2 behind the Dinar. That has come from several sources. Holly also personally expressed that same fact to me on a conference call 2 weeks ago

Member: NO DONG available. Just walked out of my Chase Bank, Spokane, WA. Said NO DONG available. Said it is turning into the DINARI (?).

Member: Is there a different 800 # for Canadians..

MZ: As I understand it you will get a secure link…..when you click it -based on your IP address…you will get a 800 number for you to call specifically based for your area……this is the same for all other countries. Spain, Canada, Mexico…wherever you are. So be sure to turn off your VPN when you make your appointment.

Member: I’d think we’d be on Quantum banking system. Secure transactions.

Member: Should we bring in our old fiat cash at our exchange apt to exchange it for new rainbow currency?

MZ: No, I am told there will be no cash on hand at redemption centers….. You will have plenty of time to do that at later appointments.

Member:  I have a feeling that the golden egg will go into labor any day now…

Member: See you all at noon tomorrow. Looking forward to it……

Please listen to replay for all the information

The next stream is tomorrow at 12 PM Noon est……..unless……

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