“Matriarchs Rising” by Sariah Oksana – 1.19.22


Entry Submitted by Sariah Oksana at 1:19 AM EST on January 19, 2022

Dearest Sacred SweetheARTs of eARTh and Other Holy hOMes ~ HA*HA !

Fellow StOrm Riders, please note, the intel I share 2day comes from the gracious sharing of John Lamb Lash. He has dedicated a great pART of his precious Life peeping in Rabbit Holes regarding The One Who Has Been The # 1 Target for Cancel Culture ~ The Womb Of All CreaTion~

***SOPHIA*** The aEON>>>>

In my humble opinion, his work illustrates how simple it is to have direct contact/CommUnion, with Our CreaTors, and Other Family Members, in Other Dimensions.

He is also super Sciencey. Like MotHer~FatHer Nature Style. Combining Herstroy, History, Astronomy, Astrology, Gnosticism, and Other Forms of Divination, he seamlessly blends Spirit and Science, ( just like my fav rock band TooL). Moreover, Mr. Lash highly encourages One and All to Test The Waters, Experience Your Own Majick For Your*sELF. He Cheerleads 4 Co~CreaTion, as do I !

Like Mr. Lash and mio, my BEloVEd Hueman Father PeTro, is also a Lifelong Seeker of Truth and BEauty. He has introduced me to so much, such treasure, like Christianity, our Family was raised in The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We kept adding to the story, Enter, Heavenly Mother, aka Mother eARTh, Eve, Gaia, Eden, ‘Evening’ ~ a name from The One and Only, ***Thomas King*** , SHE Has Infinite Names. We Keep Coming Up With Them. 😉

What I’ve shared from John Lamb Lash, can be found in the link I’ve posted here.


*Outrageous Freedom*

~ John Lamb Lash

‘ ***The synergy of love and the supernatural generates power of unimaginable intensity and scope: power to play, not control, to dissolve, not dominate, to enhance and enchant, not seduce, to teach and inspire, not deceive, to direct, not manipulate. One of the open secrets of Planetary Tantra is this: such power becomes available only to those who no longer care about having it. Traditionally, since the inception of Mahayana Buddhism around 150 CE, the Bodhisattva Vow has expressed the primary aim of Buddhist practice: namely, to strive for the liberation of all sentient beings. But in the closing years of Kali Yuga, this proposition becomes obsolete due to the chaotic decadence of the human condition. Under Kali and the Gaian Dakinis of the Shakti Cluster, the power required to liberate all sentient beings comes with the freedom to use it any way you like. Any way. How ultimate freedom of desire aligns with planetary magic is the sweet short secret of this Tantra.

Planetary Tantra is a path of outrageous freedom, celebrated with outrageous love but absolutely without any obligation to love. This path has some precedents regarding spiritual orientation and technique, but it is without precedent in actual practice. Parallels with Indian and Tibetan Tantra can help to elucidate its unique nature and show how it is custom-made for this moment in historical time, right now. It is not a timeless method, but a tactic for near instantaneous change. As such, it may also be called Kala Tantra, the Tantra of this instant: in Sanskrit, kala, “the present moment of time, right now. ‘ ****

Closing of Mr. Lash’s insights. Thank~you.

I would like 2 add that what I see is a healthy way 4ward, a society wherein both Patriarchal, and Matriarchal expressions, and actions coOpeRAte, working in concert, governed by the notion that All Life Is Sacred and Shall be treated Thusly.

*Sitting Here, Choosing 2 Put All That Is,

In The rOsy~gOlden~LoVe~Light of The BEautiFULLY~BEnevolent ONE, CreaTor, That’s You, and Me 2oo.

Where We Go ONE, We Go ALL>>>>

Sariah okSANA 


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