“The Tasks I Called!” by Stefan – 1.20.22


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:19 AM EST on January 20, 2022

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

In the first years of my awakening process (about 2007/2008) I hoped that everything I read about alternative news would hopefully come true soon. It was too good to be true, what I read again and again. Mainly these were channelings from the Galactic Federation, Mike Quinsey, Blossom Goodchild, Matthew Ward and many others. There was also a SaLuSa. And I read, read and read, but became more and more disappointed. Because nothing showed up on the outside. So it was with information about the state simulation FRG Germany. Everything in trade and maritime law, everything fraud and deception, but everyone plays along. At the top consciously, on the next level partly consciously, down to the bottom unconsciously, because there are only orders or commands for the lowest. Past times reprocessed, because we had this in Europe already once, from 1933 to 1945. And afterwards nobody wants to have been it. That will also repeat itself. Still in this year. For many perpetrators and accomplices, repentance will come too late.

Over the years, I have called tasks to me that have often harmed me more than I would have liked. The point was that this fraud system was so sophisticated that there was no way out of it. And fighting it, as right as it was, was unfortunately always in vain. I fell for many things, for many alleged ways out of the system, for even more websites. At some point the “pathfinders” left you hanging, didn’t answer any more questions, didn’t answer any mails or simply disappeared. I was left alone all these years with my (also new) problems, with my opinions and views, because I could never prove any of them. And at some point the pressure, including family pressure, becomes so great that you decide to keep playing the game. In retrospect, it was a right decision, because the much lauded Ubumpu was sitting in the white house, with all his fellow criminals. Dear me, yes, I too fell for him. Matthew Ward very often referred to him as the savior of humanity in his channelings.

When “Sheriff Trump” was elected, I couldn’t believe it. I knew that actors could become presidents or governors in America, but that blew me away. Today, I can only laugh at Stefan at the time. If I could meet him, I would hug him and encourage him. This Stefan of 2016/2017 was quite naive and a burnt child when it came to truths. Nobody believed anything I said even then, I already said it, I always lacked evidence. Does this sound familiar to you? Even today, we lack evidence for certain claims. And even if we have or would have them, nobody would believe us. Today, while shopping, I made some people think again. Folks, you can see the cogs starting to turn and you can literally hear it crunching in your brain. I only asked once where all the dead people were after two years of the “deadly virus”. In the second store, when the cashier asked me about the business app, I said that I didn’t want it because I could die of the virus tomorrow. It grated, believe me, and two customers standing behind me could barely stifle a laugh.

Today I know that all this had to happen for a reason. Otherwise I would never have started to deal with the spiritual world, to have conversations with the spiritual world, to pay attention to the signs and indications and thus to get more and more of them. In the beginning of my currency exchange story, I was again naive, ignorant and full of unanswered questions, just like everyone else who contacts me now. And here, along with a personal development I never thought possible, came the first task I called upon. Namely, to pass on the knowledge I have acquired over the years. When I thought up and worked out project ideas, I often had to start all over again, because new ideas came up at the end, which many a time threw everything out of whack again. So project designs were a constant work, a regular work.

To make the LWS better known (also a contact to Ron Giles did not come by chance), the next task came. To start a telegram channel. There are now over 3300 subscribers, and I thank everyone for being there and picking up knowledge. Of course there are fluctuations in the numbers, yes folks, that’s just the way it is. No one can please everyone, right? These are the times we are in. Everyone suspects, only a few know the plan, and not everyone goes along with everything or can comprehend everything. Our awakening levels are too different for that. There are enough doubters and people who need proof for everything. Look around yourselves, in your environment. After a proof for the existence of a state FRG, however, strangely nobody asks, right? Or after the evidence/proof for the existence of viruses? No, there everything is believed, not questioned and blindly.

The third task I have called is to keep as many people as possible in trust, faith and confidence. And this is the most difficult of all tasks. Because I have to cover a huge field of opinions, thoughts, views and problems of understanding. And at the same time I have to keep all positive feelings high myself. The energy I put into an article must never be low or vibrate low. It has come across that way a few times, though. But, I submit that I am also just a human being, or an incarnated star seed in a human body, I don’t know. I do ask the spiritual world, but I don’t get an answer yet. The time is not there for it yet. I also, just like all of you, have my highs and my lows. The lows are not as deep as they were months ago. The highs are also getting shallower, it feels more and more like the path is becoming a plain, with only slight elevation changes. Since I always ask the spiritual world for support, it is probably due to their assistance. I firmly believe that we all have our very own guides, spirit guides, or even angels, who set us on the path or accompany us along the way. Kicking us “in the butt” when we stray from the path. I believe in many things firmly, meanwhile, unshakably. Maybe that’s why I see more than others. And become even clearer because of it.


What could be your tasks that you can call? People, we all have to do something and everyone can contribute. We could start by raising our tolerance. Let’s allow other opinions to be valid, no matter how outlandish they seem to us. The divisions of the last years, especially the last BOTH years, we can heal ourselves. Each one for himself, all by himself. We only have to start. During the walks (German name for demonstrations, long story…..) the participants realize again what it is like to be in large groups and together for something. A feeling of togetherness that they haven’t had for a long time. It doesn’t do anything upstairs, but it does something among themselves, and that’s the main thing. Moreover, the alliance has been sitting on top for months and is happy about more and more walkers.

Or just tell the truth, without fear, without remorse. That will come in the future anyway for all of us: Tolerance and speaking the truth. We no longer need to hide from anyone or hold back. Let’s start with it, very small, in baby steps. Every day a little more. Smile when someone comes at us foolishly. Each of us can do something right now that we will only do in the new world. Let us also be tolerant of those who think they are above us again because of the exchange. Let us be tolerant of those who think they have to tell us limitations in the exchange. Let’s also be tolerant of those who want to do projects that still belong in the old world. It’s hard, I know that. In fact, it’s super hard to have that kind of tolerance. Especially when I want to bite the edge of the table because it just won’t be understood.

The simplest and easiest task for each of us would be to stay calm, to take a few days out of all the news chaos. Trust that everything will be all right, that there will be a good end. That we are entering a new world that we can even help to shape. And firmly believe in it! Then the when becomes uninteresting. Try it. Every day a little longer, a little more often.

None of us will ever be above another or be anything better again. NO ONE! We will all be equal, have equal rights and be sovereign. And together we will all tackle future tasks, no matter what it is, no matter what it takes, each doing what we want to do and what the community needs. There will be division only in chopping wood, if we still need firewood. Although………., such a fireplace has something, right?

Folks, dear fellow readers, enjoy with me and with all the intergalactic spectators who are holding out around the planet, the end of the show that started so many years ago, that cost so many victims, that was so nerve-wracking. After that comes a big sigh of relief, a few days, maybe weeks to relax and recharge. Then we spit into our hands and get down to the tasks for which we all came here. Yes, you can also continue to doubt it. Everyone as he wants, OK?

NCSWIC, is all I say to that!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!


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