Dinarland Highlights for January 20, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 1.20.22

Mountain Goat

…prior to the 1991 Gulf war with Iraq the dinar was over $3. If you go back to the late 1940’s it was over $4.  So, what has changed?  … it seems to me the only thing that has changed in Iraq is in even a better economic position now then in the early 1990’s or 1940’s.  Iraq is now even by far a richer country so why do they still suppress the RATE of the currency if the VALUE has risen so much?  …Yes, it is being intentionally suppressed. But why? …we know once they move the dinar to the global trading platforms i.e. FOREX, the ability to manipulate the currency is restricted. This restricts corruption and stops much of the stealing of the Iraqi wealth…


Frank26 (KTFA)

The central bank hits the government’s most important justification for changing the exchange rate”

The auctions now belong only to the CBI!  And they are pithing 1%-2% compliance!  But more importantly…Iran is gone from the auctions.  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.

We know we’re all set with the monetary reform and we’re waiting for the government to sit itself down, pass the laws, open the budget because that piñata – as soon as they bust that budget open it’s going to spill candy all of over the place for everybody in Iraq…We’re waiting for them to move their “REER”!   : )


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Demanding action to release frozen assets abroad

The release of frozen funds may have a profound impact on the REER (Real Effective Exchange Rate) imo… We have heard there is in the tune of $100s of billions in wealth. Reactivating banks abroad is not imo going to be a with a program rate. They already have good reserves, adding more just makes the pie all the sweeter. imo…


Nader From The Mid East

The foreign reserves gone up to 200 billion.  It’s going to come out soon.



The policy that I follow is watching Parliament, the Ministry of Planning and the Minister of Finance, the CBI and watching what they do that’s in relation to the GCC and how it expands their markets because that’s the only way they’re going to be able to have enough of a base to be able to be outside of the energy market and maintain the rate that they told the whole world they want.  Nothing more…Iraq is doing good.  


Vital Brad

Will there be redemption centers in every state? A redemption center that’s just where you go and trade your money right?  Won’t you be able to trade it at a bank?”

Yeah…even a state like…Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho – wherever you might be you’re going to be able to take that money down to the bank and exchange it at the going rate.

You’re gonna want to have plans as far as trusts or different banking partners because they’re going to want to get their cut on it.  The international rate is going to come out at whatever rate it’s going to come out at but they’re going to try to take points off of it and put it in their pocket.  I think it could come down to what you’re willing to take, what you’re willing to negotiate, how much you have.  It’s going to be an interesting process as we’re trading it in, exchanging it.  Definitely have yourself some good lawyers, a good team of financial [advisors], CPAs – a good team behind you before you do anything because we’re going to be blessed with wealth.  How quick is it going to be gone…?



We do not know yet what the timing is for us with currency …but it is certainly very close…



the Iraqi dinar more than likely will float and the dinar will gradually appreciate over time as Iraq’s economy grows and prospers…the IMF has directed Iraq to float the currency when the conditions are appropriate so that it can gradually rise over time. That is what’s going to happen.  Take the time to study this investment learn about the rebuilding of Iraq, learn about the reconstruction of the financial system. Creating a private sector economy. The dinar is not a lottery ticket.


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

About 4 times they changed it [the dinar exchange rate since 2003]…when they change the exchange rate it never goes through parliamentwho changed the exchange rate?  The CBI…we want the parliament seated…because we need the laws that opens the budget that gives us what we want.  But it is extremely important for you to understand that the parliament has no authority whatsoever in changing the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar.Why?  Because they have no say in the monetary reform.  It’s solely their job to do the budget reform with the new exchange rate…the budget they have right now it is impossible to fulfill it at a program rate.



…The political scene – elections in Iraq were a mess. Maliki (Iran’s choice), was elected as one of three presidents this year. In his new role of President, Maliki has brought suit to stop the Central Bank of Iraq from revaluing the Dinar which was fully underway… Truly, CBI doesn’t need the government’s approval…Yet Maliki and with Iran’s support, did not agree. Maliki wants the value to remain at the present “fixed rate” and is testing the waters…Maliki has lost his position as president and this lawsuit is dropped…All challenges have been handled by this evening, on January 19, according to Ministers in Iraq, along with all Iranian banks, removed from Iraq….How quickly they can get their political house in order still remains to be seen…

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