Sierra (NZ): Channeling on Jab, Trump, EBS, GCR, and Landings


Channeling: Jab/Trump/EBS/GCR/Landings

Last night I facilitated a regression session with my friend Emma. She was in a deep trance and brought through information about the jab…President Trump…the EBS…the RV/GCR…and Galactic landings. Here are excerpts. Please use your discernment, as with any channeling. We are just the messengers.

The truth about the jab – it will be only weeks until the shock starts to filter out. It’s going to be like a wave. People are waking up in a wave. We Light Warriors need to be careful. Some of them (jabbed) are going to be crazy. And they’re desperate. The jab is changing them. They are very angry. Some will be very sad – a lot will take their lives.

It’s going to be such a BIG shock to SO many people. Their whole reality is going to fall down around them and they won’t know where they are anymore. They will be desperate for answers.

The hospitals will be absolute carnage. People will flock to them. It will be a shit-show. It will be overwhelming and the military will have to take over. The military will take control. They are in place now in all countries. This will happen soon and for the next six months. It’s going to take the military a while to get control of it.

I don’t see an EBS. The (jabbed) people ARE the EBS. Trump will be back. He’s going to step in and calm the people because those who rejected him before will now realize that they need to listen to him. It will only be weeks before he’s back, not many.

The financial system change is not as noticeable as everyone says. The RV/GCR, all that is likely to happen. It’s happening now but we can’t see it yet. There will be humanitarian projects. People’s awareness of the RV/GCR lies in their ability to wake up. It’s already here. People are still stuck in slavery so they can’t see that there is no lock on the chain anymore.

The Galactics will show themselves to people within a year. It won’t be a big event that people will see together, en masse. They will show themselves in people’s MINDS. They will show themselves telepathically. Because it’s in their minds, people will only have two choices – accept it, or reject it and go crazy. It will be the Pleiadians who first show themselves to people. They are excited! (Emma’s channeling)

After the channeling, Emma and I read excerpts from Dolores Cannon’s book The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth. It backs up exactly what Emma channeled…

‘..The chaos, the madness of people running around in confusion because all of their illusions have been shattered. That will be the time of the test of the strength that needs to come forth for those of you who are here to help in the process. There will be a time when people are running in the streets confused and in fear…it will be worldwide in most cities.

That fear could lead to madness or schizophrenia or other types of reactions….The ones who are prepared to see these changes and not crumble in fear will be the pillars on which others will lean when nothing makes sense to them. It doesn’t mean you will provide the truth to them. It just means you are not falling down like they are.

When you are not losing your mind and you are calm, it doesn’t matter what you do. People will see that in you and seek that in you because they don’t know what to make out of what they’re seeing. And you may not know what to make out of what you’re seeing, but you have been prepared. Therefore, you will know and have some sense of trust that things will be okay. You are not crazy.

The chaos is caused by the belief systems being challenged and brought down to a place of a complete blank slate. And that is the chaos for many. Don’t look back…It’s not that you cannot look back, it’s just that you cannot change other people’s choices. And therefore if you’re looking back and it is causing you grief, it is only slowing you down.

It’s not like one day to the other there is a new world…There is a process. Eventually things will change, but in the small process, whether it lasts one month or five years, you are still part of it….It is your job to keep the grounded energy for those who are in confusion. Once the actual shift happens, even if you wanted to be here, you couldn’t. Those who have raised their vibrations will go on…’ (Dolores Cannon)

The story is now consistent. Whether it was Dolores Cannon eleven years ago, or two channelings that I facilitated in my own home within the last six weeks – the message is the same. Be prepared, Light Warriors. Our time has come.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


Source: Stargate Newsletter


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