“God Give me Strength” by The Highlander – 1.28.22


Entry Submitted by The Highlander at 3:25 AM EST on January 28, 2022


Firstly I would like to thank DE and M for the private messages and Patrick for forwarding them on to me, Thank you also to MJ for your lovely feedback on the last post.

Sending love light and prayers to James J. Can’t imagine what you must be going through right now. So sorry to hear about the tragic accident.

They did say things might go a little crazy towards the end but failed to say it would fall into total lunacy!

Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Thurs. 27 Jan. 2022


“As of last night Bruce and MarkZ stopped giving their regular reports on the Global Currency Reset, with no explanation given.”

Yes…..So where did this come from then?

“Still on Track” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 1-27-22

Is there any explanation for this? It certainly does not seem that MarkZ has stopped giving his regular reports…..For what they are worth.


“I have not seen any bad news……unfortunately I’m still serving up nothing burgers.”

Yes Sir. They are as tasteless and worthless as the intel?

“Member: lots of talk, talk, talk out there. Not much walk, walk, walk!

Member: Yup….We need something real to actually start so it can be seen by us all.”

Seems the followers are getting a little antsy as well!

“Asked to Keep Quiet” – RV Intel Update 1-26-22

So why more drivel?

“All is in Process” – RV Intel Update 1-27-22

This comes from someone telling us to keep our vibrations high whilst the gurus serve up their daily nothing burgers.

It seems you know very little about vibration or at best have some superficial knowledge. Most likely gained through the garbage published 20 years ago later found to be unfounded.

For a real understanding of vibration you need to read the works (based in science and spirituality) of Dr David Hawkins, Greg Braden and Dr Bruce Lipton, amongst others. It takes weeks, months or even years to grasp these concepts and an understanding of the Map of Consciousness.

Dr David Hawkins wrote “emotions are energy levels which vibrate at various frequencies, and can be measured”.

I think many people are too emotionally drained at this point, making it nigh on impossible to keep any vibration at any level even close to high.

It has also been scientifically proven that you need a certain percentage of people to hold that vibration in meditation. Since this is a global event, the number is way more than that of the people reading these articles.

In short, telling everyone to keep the faith and keep your vibration high is futile and just another nothing burger.

I wish I could tell everyone that this was going to be the week but my gut and intuition tells me we are heading for yet another next week.

How many more next weeks will there be? I have no answer to that question either.

All I can say is:

Trust only in the light and love of GOD.

The Highlander


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