The Atlantis Report: Inflation is Already here, Why they Didn’t See it Coming?


The Atlantis Report
Jan 28, 2022

I saw inflation coming the second they locked down the world. Especially after all the bailouts during 2020.

Infinite QE, money printing, bond buying, Increased spending, printing billions, running up debt…

Eventually the FED was going to run out of bullets.

Nah! Who could see inflation coming?

The biggest economies in the world were paying people not to produce goods and services (or just boarding them into their homes in China) yet no idea why this inflation fell out of the sky. People often don’t see what they don’t want to see. Because people were so blindly taking handouts.

Because 99% of people trusted their government and their fake consumer price index. Because political pressure to keep the false economy afloat is significantly more important than a solid currency that doesn’t rob the middle and lower class via cost of living. Hell, make them more dependent on the government while you’re at it – more votes!

Because they have to print. If they stop, the house of cards falls. They literally can’t stop printing now. It’s too late. And it’s been too late for a while.

But Biden just said inflation is an asset.

This is what dumbing down a population looks like. The ending of the destabilization phase and entering the chaos phase. It’s called how to communize a nation through central banking.

The Fed created the word “Transitory” then removed it from existence.

Who? Who didn’t see this coming? Who is responsible? Who benefits?

Only those doing as they were told and following orders wouldn’t have “seen it coming”. They’re still wearing the masks which have been effective as both a muzzle and blinders.

Doesn’t really matter whether they saw it or not as they have chosen to keep the poor poorer and the rich richer by keeping rates at 0%. I would not be surprised if the federal reserve pushes back on interest rate rises tomorrow and blames it on the economy while carrying on printing trillions.

Treason has infested our republic as government laughs behind our backs! They are all GUILTY!

The classic definition of inflation “ increasing money supply “ has been hijacked also to mean rising prices….. we knew inflation (classic) happened and were simply waiting for it to affect prices……

They saw it coming. Their aim is to collapse the currency. This is intentional. We are being moved into a CBDC slave system.

Anytime they print trillions of counterfeit dollars, we’re going to have huge inflation!!!

Anybody with two brain cells to rub together who

Wasn’t blinded by mainstream media garbage saw inflation coming.

The most laughable part of this whole ordeal is that the Fed literally set a policy to pursue inflation. Jerome Powell said they would begin seeking a multi year average CPI that is 2%, instead of an annual CPI of 2%. He was quite clear that this policy would result in inflation that was substantially higher than 2% for a period of time.

Only War will save the Feds from having to raise interest rates.

This inflation is not transitory. This is here as long as rates are low and money is printed. Largest debtor in the world is the US government and they will not let rates go up that much, and Wall Street survives on that printed dollars. So guess who get screwed? Middle-class and poor. Like always.

Inflation hidden is a tax and a way to punt responsibility. So convenient that when the war talk is kicking up right when

We are discounting all the dollars that have been created out of thin air through deficit spending, and all those coming down the pork barrel pipe. As depression sets in, asset classes will deflate because people can’t service the debt, consumable commodities like food and clothing are only going to skyrocket.

They saw it coming and they didn’t care. It gives them the chance to steal everyone else’s property and money. Inflation is taxation without representation, legalized stealing by the government. Pretty soon no one will own their own home in this country, we will be a nation of renters, beholden to the government. for every part of our lives, in other words, Tax Slaves.


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