The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 1-27-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 1-27-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday January 20th and you’re listening to the Big Call –Thanks everybody for tuning in yet again – Thanks for listening whether it’s live or on the replay – I’m excited and let’s have a great call tonight

There has been a lot of things happening and a lot of things that are going to happen here in the next few days or so let’s try to capitalize this and put this out where everybody gets an idea of what is really going on

First of all we know that – remember when we had 1.424 million emails that were going to go out through the Wells Fargo Servers – then that number got increased to 2.61 million – then that number got reduced to about 2.585 million emails and just most recently in the last several days Redemption Centers staff was brought in to go through somewhere in the vicinity of 1200-1400 emails each – and just go through those for duplicates – to find if there were any problems anything considered not a “good” email

The staff of the redemption centers all across the country were going through this and determining if they could find any improper or negative emails – something that was going to throw it out – they’ve got that narrowed down I think they cleared up 20-30,000 emails that really weren’t supposed to be there   I thought ok finally that’s done –

Now – right now there’s a lot of little pieces that are starting to show up and come together to make everything happen for  us – First of all we have the concept of – and we’ve been looking for this for a long time – we’ve been looking at the possibility  of the United States Treasury Note – our new money –  USN – ok – and for that to show up we need to go back to the gold standard – we need to have an asset backed dollar instead of the fiat dollar that we currently have in our pockets –

So that is in the process of happening and I believe they have made sure that certain things aren’t in the way of that happening – are no longer going to be an issue and between I am going to say  between now or tomorrow  – because I really think we’re looking at after an hour after the markets close tomorrow- on Friday – the USN – our gold backed currency will start to make progress and it should occur between that time tomorrow – markets close at 4 – after trading till 4:30 – so let’s say an hour after 4 s- 5 PM Friday – all the way to – oh guess what?

The first of February is Tuesday – I think it is going to be significant and I believe they’re going to try to see if they can get the USN to be a live currency for the United States by the morning of Tuesday February 1st

That is one of the things that needs to happen – that is a part of NESARA – it’s also in a larger sense a part of GESARA – as well  and I believe that is a major –  major deal that is going to happen –

Let’s go a little further to where we are with the fiat dollar – you know we’ve got a non-asset back dollar we’ve been using for so many years now and that fiat dollar is being used less and less globally but it will  –

We have a system where we’re using the SWIFT System – remember that? For sending bank wires – that SWIFT is “almost” but not completely done away with – and there are some reasons why they continue to have it in use and South and Central America but the primary reason is in vogue right now is just to be able to catch anybody that is trying to abuse the system and steal from that system – That should be going away by Monday night –

The SWIFT System is to go away in its entirety by Monday night and that would be the 31st of January – This coming Monday night –

Now let’s talk about the bond holders- some have been receiving emails – giving them access to funds in the last day or so – and they are getting access to 5% with the remaining 15%  – total 20%  by or on Tuesday the 1st

So they are finally seeing something come through in their emails –and there will be more emails going out to them overnight tonight and tomorrow night – so everything is sort of linking for position to get those emails out to those individuals – the tier three bond holders –

Alright – then there’s us Tier 4A and tier 4B – remember Wells Fargo is considering us the same as tier 4A for their purposes – even though the internet group is a completely different animal than the Admiral’s Group –

But we will see activity and we should see these emails coming to us on Monday sometime – in which case – when the emails come out Monday the 31st – we should be setting our appointments for Tuesday the 1st of February –  remember we should have a new asset backed dollar – we should have our emails coming to us where we can set those appointments and so that  – even though we know this is digital –  we know that it’s you know – not going to matter  as much but we want – just like the bond holders want to be paid in USN – we also want to be paid in USN when we go in for our exchanges – and we have our appointments – so we should be able to set our appointments on Monday to start Tuesday – That‘s what I was getting this afternoon and that’s a compilation of a lot of different information that came through to make that happen for us –

Now there should be a really exciting weekend this weekend coming on – and let’s just leave it at that – we’re going to get some pretty interesting information coming out I believe we’ll see something Saturday – it could be very interesting for us to witness and we should see actually the start of the Emergency Alert System starting sometime next week  – might be included in that form of disclosure and that could be very interesting for all of us to witness that –

I am still hearing that there will not be a disruption of internet or cell phone service  for us – Will NOT – Will the television service be disrupted with the EBS? Quite possibly it would be – we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes – I don’t have any idea how many days it would go how long it would go – what would be included??  What would be contained?  It’s just something we have to see it when we get it   

But this is the culmination of everything we have waited for and it seems like it’s finally coming to fruition – starting this weekend and we should see a good result by Monday night for numbers for our exchanges

So this is looking like we’ve got a few more days to go before Tuesday – and with what I’m hearing I don’t expect to have  a call  – If we get numbers on Monday we will set our appointments for Tuesday  – Everything is coming together in terms of what Iraq has done – Iraq plans to have their government in place and announce that on Sunday – I think everything is lining up in that perspective – Beautifully –

We know we’ve got several countries out there that have their currencies asset backed – primarily gold backed – we’re sort of coming up behind a little bit in terms of getting ours out there – but we’ve had some issues  and I think we’re finally catching up to China – Russia –  India – to the other Brics nations –  etc etc

Everything is coming together – nobody is going around us – or anything like that – we’re just making sure that everything that we have is solid – it’s all good and I would say – stay tuned for an interesting Saturday and possibly Sunday as well – let’s see what manifests that way for us –

I’m excited about where we are now finally – I think I wasn’t really sure until yesterday and then now today it all makes much more sense to me – the timing – the dates – everything we’ve been looking for – I think we’re really finally apparently there –

So everybody stay in faith for the manifestation of this to come from the weekend to next Tuesday – cause that’s where I believe we’re going to notice the numbers on Monday and set our appointments – and start on Tuesday – That so far at this juncture – as of this afternoon – that’s what we’re hearing – so let’s just believe on that and thank God for everything happening –

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins:  1:03:00

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